Idol Headlines for 3/13/08

”American Idol”: Bottomed Out

Viva Wide Stance! Long live Krazy Eyes! And tell that lonely barrel horse, wherever he is, that he’s gonna have to wait at least one more week ‘  ’cause Mama’s not comin’ to get him…yet!

Indeed, despite the fact that her country-on-speed rendition of the Beatles’ ”Eight Days a Week” was uniformly detested by the American Idol judges (et tu, Paula?) and TV Watch readers, Kristy Lee Cook will live to strut the newly renovated Idol stage again ‘  presumably in an incongruous blouse-jeans combo ‘  and take another vicious swing at the Lennon-McCartney songbook next week.

Entertainment Weekly

Idol Tracker: Do You Hear the Drums Hernando?

Talking with another reporter outside the Idoldome after the execution of David Hernandez, we shared the sense that capturing the life of the Idoldome this year already is much harder than it was last year ‘ a year in which ironically the contestants were far less interesting. The problem: Two shows into the Top 12 competition, the contestants almost to a man seem completely at home on Idol big stage. They are almost entirely without the squirmy tensions that fuel the sort of hard-nosed reporting we Idol beat gumshoes live for.

LA Times

First contestant stripped from pack on ‹Idol

The …American Idol judges had nothing but nice things to say about the audience this week. Not only did Simon Cowell acknowledge that American singers were better than the Brits, a response to a viewer question that may well cost him any chance at knighthood, the judges also thought the voters got the bottom three right when they placed Syesha Mercado, Kristy Lee Cook and David Hernandez in danger.

Hernandez ultimately got the boot, to the disappointment of very few aside from perhaps the patrons at the establishment where he used to work. Cook, who joined Hernandez in the bottom two, was so unsurprised that she asked host Ryan Seacrest where her microphone was before he even could tell her she needed it. Each of the bottom three got the chance to sing again, so she wanted a head start to get ready for her close-up.


‘American Idol’: First Finalist to Go

The first “Results Show Product Pimp-athon” of a new “American Idol” edition is always one of the TV season’s most eagerly awaited events.

Can the producers possibly top last season, fans wonder. Is it possible to jam any more product placement into a one-hour program?

This year’s debut “Product Pimp-athon” begins auspiciously.

The animated characters of the new flick “Horton Hears a Who!, ” all rabid fans of “American Idol, ” gather to watch.

“Horton Hears a Who!” is Hollywood’s latest defiling of a children’s classic. This time by — well, will you look at this — Fox! The same company that airs “Idol.” Happy, happy coincidence.

Washtington Post

Recap: ‘American Idol’ Cuts to 11

Tuesday (March 11) night’s tribute to Lennon and McCartney may have brought out the best in the American Idol Top 12, but somebody still has to go home. And it isn’t gonna be me. I’m already there. So whose Idol dream ended on Wednesday? Let’s find out…


David Hernandez Stripped from Idol

In the end, 29 million Americans couldn’t come together in support of David Hernandez.

After a foray into the Lennon-McCartney songbook resulted in a changing of the guard as far as American Idol’s talent-based frontrunners are concerned, it was the 24-year-old Arizona State student (and, one more time, former stripper) who was forced to take an early bow.

“Things happen for a reason, ” Hernandez mused after learning he had been eliminated Wednesday. But “you’ll see me at the top. This isn’t it for me.”


American Idol: Horton Hears a Shameless Plug

1. Can we please do away with the FOX promotional tie-ins? For one thing, it reeks of desperation. For another, it forces some poor Idol fan, who was so excited to be making her first journey to the Idol studio, to sit behind Jim Carrey and his obnoxious elephant hat.

2. During the group song, Archu-D2, Michael, and Chikezie got huge cheers. Hernandez? Nothing. Foreshadowing ¦?

3. Sanjaya in the hizzou! Did anyone notice how fervently he cheered for kindred spirit in suckiness Kristy Lee Cook?


American Idol Beatles Week: Exercise in Excellence

I was looking forward to Wednesday elimination round of American Idol with anticipation. But I was also filled with dread because one of the Idols had to go home this week. The suspense was eating away at me all day!

Unfortunately, David Hernandez was sent home this week. I guess all good things must come to and end. I thought David rendition of …I Saw Her Standing There was a home run, so America must be tone deaf. Either that, or people just dont see good talent when they hear it.

OMG. I loved the …On the Air with American Idol segment. Taking live phone calls for the Idols is the best idea ever! Why didnt I think of that?! It just like a radio show with people calling in, except it on ¦ American Idol. Showing the callers questions on the screen before the callers asked them kind of spoiled the fun, but I dont want to sound like a negative jerk (like Simon Cowell.) Ha ha


American Idol: Top 11 Revealed

For the first in a season full of hour-long American Idol results show, I’ll give Idol credit for filling it pretty well. It was nice to see past runner-up Katharine McPhee perform on the Idol stage again, as well as the video footage of the Idols reacting to their sudden fame. What they need to do is turn the Results show into more of a classic variety show. And keep those past Idol contestants coming, too. American Idol has been around long enough now that it has it’s own legacy and tradition, so keep honoring that.

TV Squad

David Archuleta’s So-Called ‘Stage Dad’?

Was there more than just nerves behind 17-year-old DAVID ARCHULETA’s shaky performance on last night’s “American Idol”?

The early favorite was definitely off his game and even forgot several lines during his version of THE BEATLES’ “We Can Work It Out.” Sources are telling ET the singer may be feeling the pressure from his “stage father” JEFF ARCHULETA, who reportedly yelled at David during a recording session Monday. Sources say Dad wasn’t happy with his son’s singing — and even brought him to tears. Neither Jeff nor reps for “American Idol” would comment on the alleged incident.


Idolbot: Is David Archuleta the Greatest ‹American Idol Contestant of All Time?

Has there ever in American Idol’s history been a better contestant than David Archuleta? It’s not just that he’s the most vocally gifted of this year’s finalists; it’s also that ‘  by nature, design, or mind-blowingly aggressive stage parenting ‘  he embodies more winning characteristics than virtually any other hopeful in the show’s previous six seasons. Sure, his performance last night may have been less than perfect, but we think he’s still a lock for the win. Archuleta almost seems to be built from all the best spare parts of lesser Idols. Is he human? We’re not sure! Can anything stand between him and victory? Probably not. Five reasons why, after the jump.

New York Magazine

Idol Revelation: David Archuleta Is Human After All

I’d like to formally recant my previous assertion that David Archuleta is a doe-eyed, ever-smiling, Small Wonder-like robot.

As we learned tonight, he is not perfect. He does make mistakes’ including even the most blasphemous of all American Idol sins: forgetting the words. And yet, dangit…Wait a minute…That somehow manages to make him all the more appealing, does it not? Curses! There is no escaping the undeniable charm and overwhelming talent of boy wonder Awwwrchuleta.

And I’m gonna call it now (so you can ridicule me later) and predict that David Archuleta and Carly Smithson will be the final two (even though I love Jason Castro and Brooke White wholeheartedly’ I even cried when she cried!).


Little ‘Idol, ‘ Big Voice: Malubay, Baby

When Ramiele Malubay takes the stage on “American Idol, ” the 20-year-old with punkish blond streaks in her dark hair comes off as bubbly, polished and even a little edgy. That’s not exactly the young woman her friends and family say was too shy to sing “Happy Birthday” a few months ago.

When her parents tried to get her to sing a karaoke version at high school friend Arthur “A.J.” Ke’s birthday bash, the 20-year-old Malubay just hid in the corner and rolled her eyes.

“Since it was a really cheap karaoke machine, a bunch of the words were spelled wrong, ” Ke said. “But once she was up there, we were all cracking up, and we all ended up having a great time.”

Associated Press

American Idol: Rowlett High watch party video

Here it is, Jason Castro fans. A couple hundred of you came out to Jason’s alma mater last night for a watch party, and we’ve got the video.


Abdul confident about her looks

American Idol judge Paula Abdul knows she oozes sex appeal because she forever attracts attention from young boys who wish their “mom looked that hot.”

The 44-year-old is confident about her body image, thanks to friends and fans who tell her she’s at her physical peak.

And the Grammy-winning singer/choreographer isn’t bothered about her wobbly bits, insisting she constantly has young admirers staring at her fantastic form.


“Idol Tonight” Returns For Second Season On Wednesday Nights

If watching two episodes of “American Idol” each week isn’t enough for you, then the TV Guide Network is here to help. Starting Wednesday night, the network is returning with “Idol Tonight.”

The show stars hosts Rosanna Tavarez, Justin Guarini and Kimberly Caldwell. Kicking off its second year, the “everything idol” show has the hosts reviewing the show play by play.

The hosts will look at the season so far, giving their views on the best and the worst in everything from pitch of voice to choice of wardrobe.

They will also discuss the judges’ opinions and what America is saying about the top 12.

Hip-hop Elements

American Idol finale finds a new home

As reported on last night’s Top 12 performance show, this year’s American Idol finale has found a new home, leaving the Kodak Theatre for the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live. The 7000 seat venue opened in November 2007, and stands adjacent to the Staples Center. Both the performance show on Tuesday, May 20th and the two hour grand finale on Wednesday, May 21st will broadcast live from this state of the art facility. While there’s no mention of tickets being for sale for the event, I’m sure mine are in the mail. The rest of you guys will just have to watch at home. For more pics, check out the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live official site.

TV Squad

‘American Idol’ Standout Sanjaya Malakar Was Surprised By The Focus On His Hair

Sanjaya Malakar has a single regret about his experience on “American Idol” last season: He wishes he would have waited a year.

The fact that contestants got to tackle Beatles songs and are able to utilize instruments for their performances has him feeling like maybe 2007 was the wrong year for him to make it to the show’s top 12.

“A totally different aspect of being a musician is your instrument, ” said the singer with the wild locks, who was banished by the “American Idol” voters nine weeks into the competition. “Some people can just use their voice. Some people can use piano, some people can use guitar. It broadens your ability to promote whatever energy you’re putting behind a song, and some people are more comfortable behind a piano and a guitar. They are able to perform better because they have that kind of safety blanket. Me? I would have loved to be able to go up there and use an instrument, because it’s comfortable ‘  it’s comfortable to have something else that you are controlling, that is accompanying you and that you are putting energy and emotion into.”


Sanjaya and I are not related, OK?

MTV news superproducer Vanessa White Wolf leads a charmed life, and over the weekend she was blessed to have the most charming experience of all: an afternoon and evening with Sanjaya Malakar. Now, this wasnt just any date. Last season …American Idol cast-off was in town to play Rachel Bat Mitzvah (we dont know who Rachel is, but thanks for letting us crash your birthday party) on Long Island. At a castle. (Hey MTV Development, can I get dibs on …My Sweet 13 ³?). And we were there to cover it.


Carrie Underwood is Living the ‘American Dream’

Carrie Underwood looks like an all-American girl: dyed-blond flowing locks, sculpted eyebrows and aw-shucks Southern appeal. But this Oklahoma gal’s rise to stardom is one of those only-in-the-USA stories that brings on the goose bumps – or gag reflex, depending on your relationship with pop-culture juggernauts like “American Idol” and FM country radio.

“I’m constantly pinching myself, still, ” Underwood said while prepping for a “Saturday Night Live” appearance a couple of weeks ago.

“In general, there’s not that much time to sit back and think, ‘Wow, look at where I am. Look at what I do.’ But when I do have time … I always pinch myself then to remind me that it’s all real.”

Press Telegram

Idol finalist Chris Richardson coming to Seattle

Seattle American Idol fans — still recovering from David Archuleta’s stumble and Chikezie’s notice-me performance? Here’s another bit of news: Season Six finalist Chris Richardson will be in Seattle next Wednesday — promoting ice cream.

That’s right. If you though Idol mania had invaded every corner of American cultural life, it’s now in your grocer’s freezer.

Dreyer’s Ice Cream is releasing a new line of flavors inspired by the show and Richardson is headlining the promotion on the Dreyer’s Web site.


Vancouver woman wins visit with American Idol standout

When Alison Van House of Vancouver entered the Dreyer’s Slow Churned American Idol contest, she never really thought through what it might be like to win.

“I never thought I would have about 24 hours to get the house ready for a party.”

The Dreyer’s concert promised the winner an ice cream party and a personal concert by Melinda Doolittle, one of last year’s top-5 finishers on “American Idol.”

The Columbian

Longmont woman wins contest, has ‹American Idol finalist sing at her home

Brittany Thorngren was already a big …American Idol fan. She just became a bigger one.

Thorngren, you see, just won an online contest. First prize was a 25-person Dreyer ice cream party at her home with Chris Richardson, one of last year …Idol finalists.

The party was Wednesday night. Thorngren found out Tuesday afternoon.


Bice stretches career beyond ‘Idol’ role

After serving time as an American Idol, Alabama-bred musician Bo Bice is back to doing what he does best — playing Southern rock.

Mr. Bice, the first runner-up in the fourth season of American Idol, will perform Sunday at the Columbia County Amphitheater.

“Everything I write, everything I play, is from Alabama, ” Mr. Bice said in a recent telephone interview. “So yes, it does have a very Southern feel. I did not invent Southern rock and I’m not bringing it back. It never left. Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker gave me my career.”


Daughtry tours with musical hero

It was the world’s first big glimpse of Chris Daughtry: the barely known, gritty-voiced singer performing a Bon Jovi cover song on “American Idol.”

It was far from the last.

What a run it’s been for the North Carolina resident with the famously shaved head: His self-titled debut album, which stacks pop-ready melodies atop its guttural metal riffs, was last year’s top-selling rock record.


Katharine McPhee: Looking For Work

Wearing heels and a cute summer dress, Katharine McPhee was spotted arriving for an important business meeting in Santa Monica on Tuesday (March 11).

After making her way inside, the American Idol runner-up was later seen making a barefooted dash out to her car to grab some CD – leading to speculation that she now ready to shop around for a new label.


On the Scene: ‘Idol’ Top 12 performance night

Before I say anything else about what it was like in the audience of last night’s American Idol Top 12 show, I feel I must say this: Blame Nigel Lythgoe for the swaying hands. Well before the show launched into full swing, the exec. producer took to the sparkly new stage (plenty more on that in a second) and demanded that either every single one of us keep our arms in the air at all times during the performances, or he was going to unleash Paula Abdul’s head-popping arms on little David Archuleta. Well, okay, he actually said, “We would love you all to be a part of tonight’s show, ” but we could all read between the lines — especially when he asked us to clap only with our hands above our heads “because it gives a much better image.” By the time he commanded asked us all to practice the hand swaying for him — “Wonderful! That looks like a sea of people!” — I could just picture poor D’Archie cowering as Ryan and Randy held back a salivating Paula, waiting for the go signal from Nigel.

Entertainment Weekly

‘Idol’ Tracker: Stunner in the Idoldome

This day had long been promised. After the ups and downs of Season 6 and its mixed post-mortem; after the greatest minds in entertainment convened to regroup, retool and restock the most powerful franchise in television history, showing its first hints of wobbly mortality; after the back-to-basics audition tour and the no-nonsense Hollywood week; after meeting and saying goodbye to a dozen hopefuls in the Top 24 level; after the boy who lives in his car, Danny Noriega, Kady Malloy, the David Hernandez revelations — at last we return to the Idoldome.

And what looks to be the most exciting season in “American Idol” history, can finally begin. (Side note: If this is the most powerful season in “American Idol” history, and “American Idol” is the most powerful show in the history of television — in terms of rating impact relative to the playing field it surely is — and if television is the most powerful entertainment medium ever invented — communicating simultaneously with more people than anything previously imagined — then can not one empirically state that we are about to witness the most powerful 22 nights of entertainment since the dawn of civilization?)

La Times

America ranks the Top 12 (after they performed)

What a difference a day makes. After the surprising performances on last night’s Top 12 performance show, AOL’s American Idol poll has shown some significant shifts. While David Archuleta has been a strong favorite across most polls, I don’t think anyone can argue that last night he had a pretty dramatic misstep, forgetting lyrics and generally turning in a pretty bad performance.

TV Squad

‘Idol’ Banter: A close reading of Chikezie Eze

Chikezie past as …the guy who tells you to throw away your water at the security checkpoints of LAX got the …Idol reveal last night, as did his mama funky knowledge of pop and his (so far, undetectable) early schooling in Nigerian juju beats. Photos of the rambunctious soul-man singing in the MTA choir had surfaced on the Web a week ago — in the instant-messaging age, the show behind-the-scenes movies cant tell us anything new. (Or, in the case of David Hernandez coy biopic, with nary a whisper of …gay or …stripper, they can evade what we already know.)


Reality Check: The ‘Idol’ Battles Begin

We’re down to the Top 12 on “American Idol, ” which means that battles aplenty are waging. As far as I’m concerned, we can break them down into six main struggles:

Ryan vs. Simon: Our “Idol” boys are back at it again, which means that they’re either back to their verbal warfare because they actually dislike each other or back to their verbal warfare in order to make it look like they dislike each other.

Fox News

‘American Idol’ Recap: David Archuleta Debacle Caps Night, While Brooke White, Chikezie Shine

As some of you may have noticed, Jeffrey Christian so kindly filled in for me these past two weeks while I was busy working on a million different projects. But now I’m back, and it feels great to be home.

And what a week to return! Yes, for the first time in “Idol” land, it was Beatles night. But don’t cash that royalty check just yet, Ringo. Seacrest made it clear that the songs would be from the Lennon/McCartney songbook. You’ll just have to live off those “Shining Time Station” residuals a little bit longer, Mr. Starkey.


Idol Wanted to Know if Their Birds Could Sing

Tuesday’s performances ranged from the sublime to the absurd to the “whaaaa?” But which was which?


‘American Idol’: Chris Sligh on Top 12 Week

I must start off this week by apologizing to David Cook. In my first column for, I doubted his talent, and for that I was wrong.

Top 12 week is perhaps the most stressful week of any that you deal with during your run on American Idol. Thursday night, you find out you have made the top 12 and, after you say goodbye to your friends who got cut, you are whisked away to your first ”red carpet” (although the top 24 got one this year as well). Your picture is taken thousands of times, and you do several interviews. By the time you make it into the party, though, everyone else is leaving, and then you have to go home to your hotel.

Entertainment Weekly

Review: ‘Idol’ Wii Game a Bit Off-Key

For all you amateur singers thinking “I can do that!” every time you watch “American Idol, ” here’s your chance to show your stuff ‘  or at least get personally berated by Simon Cowell.

“Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore” for the Wii (Konami, $59.99 with USB microphone) puts the mic in players’ hands and challenges them to stay in tune while singing 40 hits from various decades.

In the main mode, users pick a character and an outfit and select how many songs they want to sing during their quest for stardom.

Associated Press

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