The Voice – Tony Lucca, Chris Mann – The Plant Report!

The Voice coach, Carson Daily made no bones about the fact that some of The Voice contestants were “invited” to participate on the show. Yep, “WE GOT PLANTS! WHAT OF IT. HM?”.  Today’s featured plants are ex-mousketeer, Tony Lucas and ex-Glee Warbler, Chris Mann.

At least the producers are up front about their plantiness, rather than creating some phony story arc about a hopeful who just fell off a turnip truck, when really they’ve been in the biz for years! *coughidolcough*. Although, I’m not sure how I feel about a singing competition “casting” hopefuls. It feels a little manufactured. It’s more compelling when a person has gone through the audition gauntlet to finally compete live center stage–whether they have tons of experience or none.

Tonight, look for Danny Gokey’s best friend from Season 8, Jamar Rogers, who was cut in Hollywood. Jamar came back in Season 9, but dropped out because he was working on an album with producer, Phil Ramone (Billy Joel, many others). Guess that didn’t work out. Also, Jordis Unga from Season 1 of Rockstar INXS is auditioning too at some point. ! LOVED HER.

Last night’s plants! First up is Tony Lucca. His family was soooo expecting Christina to recognize her former cast mate from the Mickey Mouse Club,  and seemed a little disappointed when she didn’t. Sads.

If Christina were a fan of indie music, she might have been keeping up with his career. Dude has several albums on iTunes, and has toured with *NSYNC, Josh Hoge, Sara Bareilles, and more. His music has been featured on TV shows such as Friday Night Lights, Brothers & Sisters, Shark and Felicity.

Dowload Tony Luca albums at iTunes

Here’s his song from Friday Night Lights called “Devil Town”

Chris Mann’s most recent gig was playing “Warbler #6” on Glee. He has also sung background vocals on Glee songs (You don’t actually think the cast has time lay down all those bvgs do you?).  He became friendly with many of the cast members, including Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Kevin McHale.  You can read a blog Chris M. penned a few days before Darren Criss and the Warblers debuted.  Read it Here.  Also there’s an interview Chris did with his hometown newspaper.

There were no “good luck” tweets from his Glee buddies last night (because y’all know I obsessively follow them. Heh.)  I wonder if they know he’s been cast?

Chis auditioned as a “pop opera” singer, and launched into an emotional speech about how he’s made his voice “smaller” in order to make himself current and acceptable to pop music fans. Although, I have to wonder if he’s really sincere about that.  Was he just creating a compelling backstory by singing in a style that would get him noticed?

Check out his cover of “Heartless”. It’s an interesting arrangement, but his vocals are indie/modern rather than operatic. I’m betting he’s more than willing and probably will switch up his style to a contemporary pop style if he progresses in the competition.  In the meantime, you’re gonna remember this dude in a way you would not have if he had sung like every other guitar strumming guy out there.

Triple worlds collide! Chris Mann sang “The Prayer” with Katharine McPhee on one of David Foster’s specials. He’s singing in Italian in the pop opera style he employed during his audition.

Total FAIL in choosing Christina as his coach. She’ll have no idea what to do with him.


The Prayer with Katharine McPhee

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