The Voice Season 16 Top 13 Results: Top 8 Revealed Live Blog


Tonight  The Voice Top 13 will become a Top 8.  Now that viewers have voted for their favorites, 7 will automatically advance to the finals. The bottom 3 will be automatically eliminated. Singers in 8th, 10th and 11th place will sing for the Instant Save. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend are done advancing contestants. For the first time, it’s all up to America.

The Voice Season 16 Recap – Top 13 – Live Blog and VIDEOS
The Voice 16 Top 13: Poll Results and Predictions

Wow so we say good bye to 5 contestants in one week.  Anyone else not loving this format?

We are live with the results and the coaches are already seated tonight.  We have the return of the instant save and John and Blake will sing with their teams.

Results, and the top 13 take the stage!  Congrats to Maelyn Jarmon who was the most streamed artist last night (well deserved btw!).  Oh no the return of the creepy questions.  Carson asks Jej what his family’s belief in him means.  He says that it means everything because they left everything in the Philippines for him.  Carson asks Dexter what he wants his fans to know about him.  Dexter says they are the reason he’s here and he’s blessed and happy to be here.

The first two artists who are safe and moving on…

America saved….  from Team Legend…..  Maelyn Jarmon  (John is standing and cheering).

America also saved…. from Team Blake….  Dexter Roberts (cheers from Blake and hugs from his team).

Maelyn and Dexter are the first 2 semi-finalists.  11 artists to go when we come back 2 more!

Celia, Maelyn, Shawn and John Legend take the stage with I Say a Little Prayer.  They are all wearing white and John’s on the piano.  This is a pretty good, even Celia doesn’t suck on this. Everyone had a chance to shine, and John didn’t hog the spotlight.  Nice job from the team!

It’s time for more results… the remaining 11 artists come out to the stage.

Another quick question to LB, when you thought your journey was over what did you want your fans to know about you?  LB says he loves and appreciates them, they are the reason he’s here.  He gives all of himself every time for his fans.  And now a question for Kim, what does America support mean to her?  Kim chuckles and says it means a lot, to be able to step up here and be herself.   She is in tears and thanks America for loving her the way she is.

The next three who are safe…

America saved….. from Team Blake….  Gyth Rigdon (no shock there)

America also saved…. from Team Kelly…. Rod Stokes (yep also no shock)

America also saved….. from Team Legend…. Shawn Sounds 

Blake has 2, John has 2 Kelly has 1 of the top 8. Will Adam get 1 artist in the top 8?  A performance from Team Blake and more results after the break.

It’s the return of the duets next week with songs by The Beatles.  Oh great can’t wait to hear the country guys sing the Beatles.

The remaining 8 artists come out, and we will find out the last 2 saved by America.  But first a question for Andrew, tell us about your community of Alvarado and what they mean to you.  Andrew says it’s a great little town and he’s so blessed and couldn’t ask for anything more.  And now a question to Oliv, how much has the support of her sisters meant to her?  Oliv says she’s happy that they are here, she loves them, and it means the world to her.

The next 2 in the top 8

America saved…. from Team Blake….  Carter Lloyd Horne (another country dude, seriously?)

America also saved…. from Team Blake… Andrew Sevener (the 4th country artist from Team Blake to advance).

Blake has 4, John 2, and Kelly 1 in the top 8.  Hm… me thinks Blake could end up with the top 4 at this point.  Blake’s team sings after the break.

And now Blake Shelton the most winningest coach who will probably win again takes the stage with his team, they are singing George Harrison’s “I Got My Mind Set on You. ” This is a weird song given the style of most of his singers.  At least we get to see Oliv and Kim sing again who knows one of them might be in the top 8.  Only 1 girl so far… But for the most part, Blake’s team is boring.  Kim Cherry was playing the sax and she was really good.

And now the remaining 6 come back for more results.  Another question for Celia, what does she hope her fans saw in her performance?  She said that they see that she loves doing this and will continue to do it no matter what, she loves them all.  And now Mari what message do you have for your fans?  Mari says she encourages them all that they can be what they want, be themselves and thanks everyone.

There are three artists who will be performing for the instant save, and the remaing 3 artists will be leaving tonight.

The first artist performing for the Twitter save is…  LB Crew (well what do you know Adam might have a chance)

The next artist performing for the Twitter save is…. Mari (Team Adam)

The last artist performing for the Twitter save is….  Kim Cherry (Team Blake)

Oliv, Jej, and Celia are eliminated.

One artist will be saved through Twitter save now.

First artist up from Team Blake… Kim Cherry.  She’s singing No You’re Never Gonna Get It.   Hm.. not sure this is a good for a save song.  She’s singing it okay but she sounds nervous and it’s an awkward song choice.  She does hit some big notes, and does some of her signature talking.  She does go a little flat in places, but tons of energy, she puts everything into it.  Will the Blakesters show up and vote for her?  Blake is standing up.  Blake says he can’t believe that’s she is even in the Twitter save, she owned the moment and embraced it.  He prays she gets voted through, she needs to be here.

Next artist up from Team Adam… Mari singing Latch.  Um, this started off rough the key is too low and you can barely hear her.  She’s obviously nervous.  As she warms up this is better, she is giving a tender performance, but this lacks the energy we are used to seeing from her.  She’s focusing on the vocals, adding some runs and some of her own flavor to it.  That was decent but not sure it’s enough against LB.  The piano was a mess.  However, all 4 coaches are standing.  Adam says that performance should be enough for her to move on but her performances always are.  Adam says America should have never let this happen, this girl deserves to go through, he’s in shock and doesn’t understand.  Mari looks like she’s about to cry.

And now the last artist from Team Adam… LB Crew singing Better.  This is also an interesting song, he tells the audience to put their hands together.  I dislike it when they do that.  He is adding some yeahs, and a lot of runs.  I’m not digging this from LB.  It was okay, not his usual energetic performance.  I expected a lot more but up against Kim and Mari it was probably enough.  He end it with some thank yous.  Adam on his feet.    Adam feels exactly the same about LB as he does about Mari.  He’s an unbelievable artist, he wants to see them both move on.

Carson asks Kim what she would like to say to Blake.  She says she has no regrets, and she loves him.  Mari tells Adam thank you for inspiring and encouraging her to be a better artist every day.  LB says thank you to all the coaches and the fans, he appreciates the support and speaking to his character.  Now we hear from the coaches again.  Blake says he hopes this isn’t good bye for Kim, and this was a meant to be coaching relationship.  Adam says as much as it doesn’t feel like there are things beyond this right now, it’s been life-altering, but at the end of the day this is a tiny blip on the scope of their careers.  He is so excited to see what is beyond this for both of them.

The artist moving on who was instantly saved by America is….  Kim Cherry from Team Blake.

Mari and LB are eliminated and Adam does not have an artist in the top 8.  Blake has 5, insane.

The top 8 are:

Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)

Shawn Sound (Team Legend)

Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)

Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)

Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)

Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)

Kim Cherry (Team Blake)(Instant Save)

Rod Stokes (Team Kelly)

Eliminated tonight:

Oliv Blu (the only artist from Team Blake eliminated)

Jej Vison (Team Kelly)

Celia Babini (Team Legend)

Mari (Team Adam)

LB Crew (Team Adam)


I’m sorry but what a mess of a season!  See you next week where the top 8 become the top 4.


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