The Voice Season 16 Results: Cross Battles 2 Live Blog

Last night, 8 more pairs of singers from across Team Kelly Clarkson, Team John Legend, Team Adam Levine and Team Blake Shelton battled for a spot in the Top 24. Viewers voted overnight for their favorite singers. Tonight, the winners will be revealed.

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The Voice 16 Cross Battles 2 Poll Results, Predictions

Tonight we find out who moves on!  John & Kelly have their saves available and Blake has his steal.

And season 14 champ Brynn Cartelli is performing yet AGAIN, I bet the other winners wish they could come back this much.  She’s singing her new single, at the piano.  She sounds okay, I’m not a huge Brynn fan.  She has her age going for her, and this is a decent song.  It’s also very long.  Overall, nice performance from Brynn.

Results time:

LB (Team Adam)  vs Jej (Team Kelly)

Hmm. This was the first battle, but they obviously want saves/steals here.  Adam tells LB he really wants them to stay.  He’s sad he’s out of saves.  He believes LB deserves to move forward.  Kelly doesn’t want either of them to see this a loss, she thinks they are both brilliant.  America saved…….  Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)!  No surprise, Kelly vs. Adam will always win.  Jej didn’t deserve that after that mess last night.  LB’s ten second clock starts, he says it was a pleasure and he’s thankful.  LB is eliminated.  

John & Adam each have 3 artists, Blake & Kelly each have 4.


Kendra (Team Adam) vs.  Jimmy (Team Legend)

Hmmm.  Kendra deserves this, but I think Jimmy will take it because America hates Adam.  Possible steal here from Blake?  Adam says Kendra is incredible, gifted and talented.  Kendra was unbelievable last night.  John tells Jimmy it’s been fun working with him and watching him grow.  America saved…… Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend).  Seriously??  Kendra thanks Blake for turning his chair in the beginning and Blake uses his steal!  Kendra Checketts is now Team Blake!  Blake says it’s time for Kendra to come home.  Blake is glad to have her back.  All steals are now no longer in play.


Shawn Sounds (Team Legend) vs.  Karly Moreno (Team Blake)

Um, Shawn is winning this.  But America is voting weird tonight so let’s see.  John loves working with Shawn, he continues to surprise and impress him.  Blake says Karly makes everyone happy when she gets on the stage, she’s different and he hopes she stays.  America saved….  Shawn Sounds (Team Legend).  There are no steals, so Karly says she was blessed to have this experience, it was helpful and amazing.  Karly Mareno is eliminated.  


Carter (Team Blake) vs.  Jacob (Team Legend)

I think Carter wins this.  Time for results.  Blake thinks Carter is on the right path, and music is what he should be doing.  John hopes he can continue to work with Jacob he has a great future and he wants to work on a record with him.  America saved…. Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake).  No shock here, although this was the right choice.  Blake now has 6 artists in the top 24.  Jacob is available to save…. John Legend uses his own save.  Jacob Maxwell stays Team Legend.  John loves working with him and he has more in store.

So far, these choices are wrong overall for me, but America usually votes for people I don’t.

Team Standings:

Adam 3 artists

John & Blake 5 artists

Kelly 4 artists


Kalvin (Team Adam) vs.  Julian (Team Legend)

$10 says Julian wins this because Kalvin is Team Adam.  Kalvin tells Adam he did his best job at the most important time, and he blew everyone away.  John loves working with Julian he’s got a beautiful heart and the mind of an artist.  He has a future no matter what.  America saved…… Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam).  Wow, didn’t see that coming!  Julian wasn’t great last night but I thought Julian would win that for not being Adam’s.  Julian tells John this has been a sweet chapter in his life, and this will last a lifetime.  Julian King is eliminated.  


Rebecca (Team Kelly) vs.  Beth (Team Legend)

I think Beth wins this, but who knows tonight?  Kelly thinks they are apples and oranges.  She’s thinks they are both fantastic and she believes in them both 100%.  (Weird words were to both).  John tells Beth her performance last night was so special, she dazzled. He’s rooting for her.  America saved…..  Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly).  Wow, power to the Kelly voters.  Another result that is not right IMO.  Beth tells John he was an amazing coach, she’s blessed and she’s not done yet.  Beth Griffith-Manley is eliminated.  Tragic that she went home after that amazing performance last night.

Here’s some footage of the coaches being silly behind the scenes, making faces, dancing, silly expressions like toad suck.


Gyth (Team Blake) vs. Abby (Team Kelly)

Hmmm the battle of the power voters.  I still think Team Blake takes this, but Kelly has peeps.  Blake tells Gyth he’s a star, he’s glad he’s on the show.  His journey shouldn’t end here.  He’s proud of him.  Kelly loves that she has someone like Abby who represents rock and roll country on her team.  It’s so fresh, she’s very proud of her.  America saved….. Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake).  SHOCKER, nah not really.  He’s probably the winner.  Abby’s 10 second window starts, and as she starts to thank Kelly she uses her final save.  Abby Kasch stays Team Kelly.  Kelly didn’t want to risk losing anyone, so she used her save she’s excited for next week.

Haha Blake is going to have 8 artists in the top 24.


The Bundy’s (Team Kelly) vs.  Andrew (Team Blake)

Kelly hopes America chose them.  She thinks they are so talented, sibling harmonies were on point.  Thanks them for picking her.  Blake tells Andrew, he wouldn’t change one thing.  Andrew is a monster of a vocalist, he’s got some gigs for him if this doesn’t work out.  Andrew is winning this.  America saved…  Andrew Sevener (Team Blake).  Yep, not shocked.  The Bundy’s are eliminated.  They think Kelly for the opportunity as the credits role, they tells her she’s a kind-hearted, generous person they’ve ever met.  (The show ends before they are even done).


Team Adam (4 artists total):

Kalvin Jarvis

Team Blake (8 artists total);

Carter Lloyd Horne

Gyth Rigdon

Andrew Sevener

Kendra Checketts (Steal from Adam)

Team Kelly (6 artists total):

Jej Vinson

Rebecca Howell (Coach Save)

Team Legend (6 artists total):

Jimmy Mowrey

Shawn Sounds

Jacob Maxwell (Coach Save)


LB (Team Legend)

Karly Mareno (Team Blake)

Julian King (Team Legend)

Beth Griffith-Manley (Team Legend)

The Bundy’s (Team Kelly)

Next week it’s the live top 24!  I’ll actually be traveling Monday so MJ will be with you live blogging all the action!


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