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THE VOICE -- "Live Cross Battles" Episode 1612A -- Pictured: (l-r) Rebecca Howell, Beth Griffith-Manley -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Tonight, The Voice will continues a new twist called the Live Cross Battles. For the first time in Voice history, the coaches – Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton – go head-to-head, each selecting one artist from their team to compete against an artist from an opposing team in a Live Cross Battle performance. And for the first time, America’s vote will ultimately decide the winner of each Cross Battle and who earns a spot in the Top 24 live show.

The Voice 16 Live Cross Battles Twist – NBC Reveals All the Details

Sixteen remaining contestants vie for your votes. Host Carson Daly will reveal the winners during Tuesday’s results show. Each coach will have one save and one steal. For how to vote this week and beyond, check out our The Voice voting guide:

How to Vote on The Voice 16: Everything You Need to Know

Tonight the cross battles continue!

The remaining artists will face off:  Blake has one steal, Kelly & John each have a save.  Voting is open right now because the 16 contestants who will be competing are already known.

Team Adam down to 3 contestants picks first and he picks LB.  Adam challenges Kelly.  OOO Kelly picks Jej, good luck LB.

LB Crew (Team Adam) vs.  Jej Vinson (Team Kelly)

Quick recaps of their journeys before the battle begins.  LB starts by singing “Wade in the Water.” He’s really tearing up the stage, he has a backup gospel choir.  Audience loves it.   That was really good, a little overdone but very well sung.

Jej is up next with his smooth style.  “Versace on the Floor”   He’s crooning to Kelly in his trademark style, she’s dancing.   Jej was a little boring after the energy LB brought.  This too was a good performance from Jej, but a little overwhelming.

Adam loved LB’s composure, his depth, going forward, he’s blown away. Kelly tells Jej his runs are incredibly powerful and seamless.  She’s so impressed.  John tells them both they are fantastic four-chair turns.  His preference was just slightly LB due to confidence and command of the stage.  Blake did not expect that level of greatness from LB, he would give it to LB as well.  I think the audience will probably vote for Jej, due to team KC but we’ll see tomorrow!

Adam has to pick AGAIN, and he picks Kalvin.  He challenges John Legend.  (Weird that they are putting all Team up early?)  John picks Julian.  Oh, this could be good.

Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam)   vs Julian King (Team Legend)  

Kalvin is up first with New Rules.  This is pretty good, he sounds a little nervous.  He has such a smooth R&B voice, this isn’t energetic but it’s very passionate.  He breaks into runs, and then talks through the rhythmic part of the song.  Kind of a weird ending but solid performance.

Team Legend’s challenger after the break!

Julian takes the stage singing Hello.  Oh, an Adele song is risky.  This could be really good, or really bad.  He starts off with runs and singing in Spanish, he has too much vibrato for my taste.  Back to English for the chorus, very strong belting, still hard to do an Adele song. He hits some big falsetto notes, and then falls a little flat.  He’s overdoing the runs a bit, and is going off pitch.  Brings it home at the end, but the middle of that was a mess.

Adam tells Kalvin he went to frontrunner status, he was unreal.  He has poise, turned it on its end, brand new.  John says he’s happy to have Julian on his team, he made outstanding choices.  Kelly thinks there are great singers in this building.  It will come down to song interpretation and selection, Kalvin won that a bit.  Blake thought Julian went for more then Kalvin did, he swung for the fence.  But Kalvin took that.  (I agree with the coaches Kalvin won that, Julian was a mess).

It’s Blake’s turn to choose an artist.  Blake chooses Carter Lloyd Horne and challenges John Legend. (Adam was actually begging Blake not to pick him this time.  haha).  John picks Jacob Maxwell.

Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)  vs.  Jacob Maxwell (Team Legend)

Battle after the break!

Carter is singing “Way Down We Go”  His beginning is very quiet and sounds off-key, might just be the volume.  This is a weird song.  He has a smoky tone to his voice, very comfortable and confident on stage.  The ladies will like this performance.  He does an interesting trill at the end of some of his words.  That was pretty decent.

Jacob is up now with “You’re Still the One.”   Horrible, horrible song choice.  Really boring, but he has a good voice.  Zzzzzzz  this song isn’t going anywhere.  He hits some big notes, but is it enough to save this overall?  He should not have tried to sing Shania, it wasn’t that good.  I give this one to Carter, personally but John is standing so maybe it’s just me.

Blake says there is something vintage about them both.  Blake gives the audience his go back and watch Carter in the blind auditions and see how far he’s come speech.  He’s got a rich, baritone voice that is so unique.  John tells Jacob he has a rich, special tone despite the lack of fireworks.  Kelly thinks they are both mysterious.  They skip Adam’s comments.

Straight ahead, Kelly is in the hot seat!

Kelly decides to hear The Bundy’s harmonies.  Oh wow, I feel sorry for whoever has to go against them.  She challenges Blake, calling him Elmer Fudd.  Blake picks Andrew.

The Bundy’s (Team Kelly)  vs.  Andrew Sevener (Team Blake) 

Poor Andrew going up against this.  The Bundy’s take the stage singing “The Letter”.  Very upbeat, high energy performance.  The harmonies are so good, this is well done.  Solid performance you can tell they sing together a lot.  Nicely done.  Audience loved it.  Kelly is on her feet.

Andrew is singing “Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde”.  Traditional country sound, very deep, rich voice.  Demo will eat this up.  Audience is on their feet.  He’s awkwardly dancing while he sings, totally comfortable.  On pitch, and a lot of energy to this performance.  Big whoo at the end.  Blake is on his feet.  I think Andrew will take this, but they are both deserving.

Kelly says the sibling harmonies of the Bundy’s is just unbelievable, beautiful.  Blake tells Andrew he strolled around the stage, and burned the place down with his voice.  Adam says Andrew acted like he was three people up there, it was awesome.  No comments from John.

Up next John chooses Shawn Sounds and picks on Blake too.  Blake only has two artists left and he picks Karly.  Um, bye Karly.

Shawn Sounds (Team Legend)   vs.  Karly Moreno (Team Blake)

Shawn is crooning this song “Lay Me Down” to America.  He hits some deep, low notes and moves into a higher key effortlessly.  Great song choice for him, he’s really getting into it and his energy is making up for the few missed notes.  John is on his feet.  Lots of runs, and he takes off his hat as he finishes the song.

Straight ahead… Karly…

Karly takes the stage with “Down.”  She doesn’t have much of a shot.  Her voice is so unusual, this song is a jazzy, subdued performance.  She has an angelic yet dark tone to her voice.  It almost sounds like she is scatting.  A very solid jazz performance but has no shot against Shawn.  Weird song choice, team demo is going to vote for Shawn over this.  Blake and Adam are both on their feet.

John had no idea that Shawn had a baritone voice like that, it floored him.  Blake thanks Karly for bringing a breath of fresh air, uniqueness to the show.  It was her best performance. Adam thought it was Karly’s best performance tonight, she was amazing.  He loves Shawn too.  Now, Carson decides to go back to getting all 4 coaches and asks Kelly for comments.  Kelly says it’s a unique pairing.  She loved Shawn’s spirit.

Adam’s last artist is up!  Kendra is next.  He challenges Team Legend.  Jimmy is picked by Coach John.  These are some weird battle pairings.

Kendra Checketts (Team Adam)  vs.  Jimmy Mowery (Team Legend)

Up next!

Kendra takes the stage first with “Cold Water.”  I love the tone of her voice, good solid start.  She is killing this, hitting powerful, solid notes.  Her voice is hauntingly beautiful.  Moving around the stage, and not losing a beat.  Big, big note hit perfectly, quiet tender ending.  Nice job, three coaches on their feet.  One of the better ones tonight.

Jimmy is singing “Mercy. ” Good song choice let’s see what he does with it.  I don’t like this guy’s voice.  I’m sorry but this is horrible.  It’s not on key and it  sounds like he’s straining his voice.  He does hit some big notes but this just sounds messy to me.  Ewww off key in the chorus too.  Gets better at the end, but overall not very good.  I think Kendra took that.  But Adam and John are both on their feet so maybe it’s just me.

Adam says Kendra has one of the most powerful, and beautiful voices in this competition.  She’s amazing to watch.  John tells Jimmy he’s proud of him, he made great choices.  Blake brags on Kendra.  Kelly thinks Kendra’s tone is super-captivating, and the pain bleeds through her voice.  She was a surprise for Kelly tonight.

Team Kelly after the break (only John & Blake have artists left).

Kelly picks Rebecca Howell, and she challenges John Legend.  John only has one artist left, and that’s Beth.  Wow, poor Rebecca.

Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly)  vs.  Beth Griffith-Manley (Team Legend)

Oh wow, Rebecca is singing Shania’s “Any Man of Mine.”  She’s got the energy and even gives a wink as she starts.  It’s risky to sing an upbeat song against someone like Beth.  Will the country demo eat this up?  She hits all the big notes but does sound like she is running out of breath in the lower parts.  Long held notes, Kelly is dancing.  An interesting mix of country twang and belting.  Decent performance.  But enough Shania tonight please.

Beth after the break… (Wow, we are running out of time).

Beth is next with “I Put a Spell on You.”  Um, yeah good luck Rebecca.  Great song choice, it fits her voice very nicely.  She has a strong, lower register and this song shows that off as well as her richer high notes too.  She’s wailing and taking this song to church.  Huge notes at the end, the audience is on their feet as well as John.  Her performance was all in, even how she acted it out was spot on.  Yeah, Beth took that.

Kelly told Rebecca that she did a killer job, great vibrato.  John says Beth gave everything, raw energy.  Blake tells Rebecca she took that song to the next level, and Beth was so good.  Adam thinks Beth is incredible and put on a clinic out here today.  Rebecca was the shock of the season for him, she’s the strongest country singer of the season.

Final cross battle of the season

Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake) vs. Abby Kasch (Team Kelly)

Carson asks Blake for his thoughts, Blake says this guy is unbelievable.  Kelly says Ms. Kasch is taking names, and she kills this song.

The last battle after the commercial.

Gyth is singing “Goodbye Time.”  I’m sure this guy will get lots of votes from the demographic.  Powerful, emotional performance.  I like this better than his last performance.  A little overdone for me, but enough to get votes.  Decent job on a har song.  This guy will probably be in the finale.

Abby is up with “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun”  What is with Team Kelly doing all these upbeat songs?  She has a ton of energy and is rocking the stage.  Good song to end the night on, not sure it’s enough to beat Gyth.  Weird song choice but she’s doing a good job with it overall.  She performed it well.  Kelly on her feet.  Blake loves the song, and he loves that he did old school country, he’s going to be in the finale (yep).  Kelly says Abby’s song was in her element, rock/country.  Adam thinks Abby was fantastic, and the only problem is that Gyth is going to be in the finale.  (haha!)  Abby does not look happy that she was paired against the golden boy.  Can’t say that I blame her.

Noteworthy that Kelly has a save, John has a steal.

Oh, shocker Brynn Cartelli is performing AGAIN tomorrow night, they are still pimping that girl having her back so many times when most winners never get to come back, or maybe once.

Reminder, voting has been open all night and the show is an hour later tomorrow.  See you then!

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