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THE VOICE -- Battle Rounds -- Pictured: (l-r) Cecily Hennigan, Selkii -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 16 Battle Rounds CONCLUDE tonight. The coaches will prepare their teams to do battle with the help of celebrity advisors. Adam Levine will work with pop hitmaker Charlie Puth, iconic country duo Brooks and Dunn will join forces with Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson has invited tour mate Kelsea Ballerini to help out, and R&B producer/artist Khalid will lend a hand to new kid on the block, John Legend. Carson Daly serves as host.

Teammates are paired up to perform duets. Afterward, the singers’ respective coaches choose a winner who will move on to the LIVE Cross Battles, beginning next Monday. The loser is eliminated UNLESS they are stolen by a fellow coach. Each coach gets 2 steals.

The final night of the battles starts now!

Team Adam battle:

Andrew Jannakos vs. Patrick McAloon “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Adam says this is going to be a tough battle.  Andrew is a country singer, and Patrick is a lifelong musician.  Andrew grew with old country, but he doesn’t dress like he sings country music.  Patrick has been touring for 25 years singing background vocals and playing guitar.  His daughter auditioned this season but didn’t get a chair turn.  This is for her.  This song is right in Patrick’s wheelhouse, will be interesting to see how Andrew handles this.  Patrick needs to add fire, and Andrew shouldn’t overdo it Adam tells them.  Andrew is intimidated by Patrick’s experience.

Coming up, the fight to move on amplifies!  Who will get the last remaining steal of the battles?  1 minute break…

The battle starts right now..

Andrew starts off not wearing a traditional country outfit.  He sounds smooth.  Patrick’s voice is a little better suited to this song.  They sound good together on the chorus.  It’s a little more subdued than I expected.  Not much energy but technically good.  Patrick is doing some interesting notes on the harmonies.  Andrew has a really high, powerful range.  

Blake tells Patrick he remembers him from the blinds, he’s a fan but Andrew was a discovery, he soared on the chorus.  Kelly thought Andrew was great, in the blinds he was good.  Patrick’s more her style, but she would choose Andrew based on the surprise of how great he did.  John was also shocked at Andrew’s range, he loves the character and individuality in Patrick’s voice.  Adam thinks they are both amazing, when it comes down to a moment like this (awe from Kelly), Patrick has a great, unique voice.  Andrew was a revelation by nailing the high notes. The winner of this battle is…. Andrew!  Adam picked him because he shocked the panel.  I’m slightly surprised cause Patrick is more Adam’s speed.  Adam is worried for the other teams…  Patrick thanks Adam for the time.  Patrick McAloon is eliminated.

Welcome back to the battles.  The guys are giving Kelly a hard time about being the only girl.

Now onto Team Blake battle for the night:

Cecily Hennigan  vs. Selkii “Head above Water” by Avril Lavigne 

He paired them together because of their ranges.  Cecily studies music at an art school, she learned music from her Dad.  She made a video singing her order at a drive through and it went viral.  Selkii is from South Africa, and she met her husband while working on a cruise ship.  Blake gave them an Avril song that will show the intimate sides and ranges of their voice.  Cecily is melodic while Selkii has angst.  Blake says it will come down to whoever is the most believable.

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The battle starts now..

Selkii has a hat on and is standing at the mic with her guitar to start.  Selkii has a raw, painful voice and Cecily’s is pure and powerful.  This is pretty good, their voices balance it each other.  Selkii is doing some ad-libbing and runs.  Selkii is not playing the guitar anymore at the chorus.  Cecily is so mature for 16, it’s hard to believe she’s that young.  Her voice is so powerful for her age.  Strong ending.  

Kelly tells them they are different, Selkii is raw, rocker vibe, and Cecily is more polished.  She’s impressed with Cecily’s age.  John says Selkii has a little more definition of who she is, but Cecily is younger.  Selkii broke Adam’s heart in the blind auditions by picking Blake.  He gave the advantage to Selkii, but Cecily sang the crap out of it.  I think Selkii won this, and think that is who Blake will pick.  Let’s see if I’m right…  Blake doesn’t know what the right thing to do is.  He decides to go with experience… the winner of this battle is… Selkii!  Not surprised.  Cecily thanks Blake for the experience and she will always cherish it.  Blake says Selkii knows who she is an artist.  Cecily Hennigan is eliminated.


Carter Lloyd Horne vs. Lili Joy  Winner:  Carter Lloyd Horne  (Team Blake)  This battle didn’t sound good, can see why it was montaged.

Alena D’Amica vs. Karen Galera Winner:  Karen Galera (Team Kelly)  Kelly said she picked the person who thought she could handle the nerves better, sounds like their nerves may have got to them.

Team Kelly is the team to beat this year, she says!

Another commercial!

Welcome back to the battles and let’s check in with John and Khalid as they prepare for the final battle!

Kayslin Victoria vs. Oliv Blu “Location” by Khalid

She’s a normal High School kid who sings for fun and in choir.  She volunteers at a horse farm, only 16.  She’s ready to work for this.  Oliv was a one chair turn.  She has a twins sister who sings back up for her band.  Their band plays around Chicago, she loves jazz.  They both freak out when they see Khalid.  No pressure giving them a Khalid song and having them sing it in front of him.  John says Kayslin has power and she is clear as a bell, very confident.  Oliv has a super cool vibe, this song is right in her wheelhouse as a song stylist.  Khalid vibes along to the song as the ladies rehearse.  Khalid says Kayslin is radio ready, and Oliv is reinventing something that needs to be relevant right now.  It’s a clear stylistic difference.  John wants to see who is the most compelling.

Sneak peek of Mr. Link… and then another commercial.

Welcome back to the final night of the battles!  And the battle begins..

Oliv opens she has a such, cool jazz voice.  She’s wearing a funky green jacket and yellow pants.  Kayslin looks very pretty and she sounds really good.  Oliv has interesting pronunciation and she starts to scat.  Kayslin is very comfortable on the stage.  This is good, even though they are different singers they are feeding off of each other.  Kayslin hits some impressive notes and runs.  They both have times to shine.  Oliv is scatting again, she reminds me a bit of Haley Reinhart.  Obvious steal here since it’s the last battle of the night.  

John is on his feet.  I think Oliv won that but they were both really good.   Adam says he liked it, and it was close.  He liked Oliv’s scats, and Kayslin was good.  Stylistically different.  Blake says it’s going to be tough for John.  Kayslin is only 16 and Oliv has a different style.  Kelly tells them she was hanging on every single syllable of Oliv’s singing, and Kayslin has such a big voice for such a little human.  John is up in the air, Oliv owned every moment with such confidence and swagger.  Kayslin feels like a natural (yes they mention her age again).  I think John will  pick Oliv. The winner of this battle is…. Kayslin!    Oops got that wrong.  John picked her because he doesn’t have anyone like her, and he wants to watch her grow. Team Legend was nothing but impressive, John says.  Oliv is available to steal.  Audience clamoring for a steal.  Oliv thanks John and starts to leave and hug him.  Right as she is leaving the stage, Blake hits his button!  Blake says he stole her because there is no one else like her in the competition. Oliv Blu is now Team Blake!

Blake has an extremely diverse group, the other coaches better watch out for Team Blake!

Next Monday and Tuesday The Voice introduces the cross battles!  The coaches get to save someone, steal someone, America chooses the next.  The contestants won’t know who they are battling until they show up.  Hm.. not sure about this one.


Team Adam:

Andrew Jannakos

Team Blake:

Carter Lloyd Horne

Oliv Blu (steal from Team John)


Team John:

Kayslin Victoria

Team Kelly:

Karen Garena


Patrick McAlroon

Cecily Henningan

Alena D’Amica

Lilli Joy

Blake heavy night, a couple of stand outs tonight.  See you next week for the cross battles!

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