The Voice Season 16 Finale Results Live Blog – Winner Revealed!

THE VOICE -- "Live Finale Results" Episode 1616B -- Pictured: (l-r) Gyth Rigdon, Maelyn Jarmon -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Now that viewers have voted for their favorites, The Voice season 16 winner will be revealed.  Who will take the crown? Will it be Maylyn Jarmon, Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts or Andrew Sevner? We find out tonight, amid a ton of guest stars, including BTS, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers and more. Coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend will be on hand, along with host Carson Daly.

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Adam is saying goodbye to his dog, and then a dog comes in named Legend and two other dogs.  Oh, the dogs are all named after the coaches.  Blake Jr is trying to open a bag with no thumbs.  Dog Adam is saying clean up the water.  Team Kelly dog says she’s the most fun coach ever.  Dog Legend says she talks too much, and then starts to sing you talk too much.  Dog Blake is eating a pillow and Dog Adam says his owner is a moron.  It’s showtime!

We are going to kick things off with Andrew Sevener and Travis Tritt singing TROUBLE.  Kelly is already is on her feet dancing. Travis is a good duet partner, he is not hogging the spotlight.  I think Andrew sounded better on his other songs but this is an upbeat way to open the show and Travis Tritt is a country legend.  Good pairing.  Travis is a true master of singing and performing.  They are getting the crowd involved.  I enjoyed that.

Taking the stage with their new single Cool is the Jonas Brothers.  One of the brothers is sitting in a lawn chair holding a drink.  There are pools and blow up pool toys on the stage.  The dancers have beach balls.  I guess this is a good summer jam?  I am not a huge fan of this song, but the Jonas brothers sound good.  That was a weirdly staged performance.

And now a special message from Blake Shelton.  A commercial for a product called Manure (Ma new ray) by Blake Shelton.  What is the essence of a cowboy?  Fertilize your senses, life is a ride so giddy up.  One spritz will take you to the rodeo.  Manure, everywhere I go there I am.  Blake is spraying it on Kelly.

Coming up Onerepublic, Hootie & the Blowfish, and more.

The theme of the finale is pets, and we are seeing a preview of The Secret Life of Pets 2 as we go to commercial.

Up next with “Talk” Khaleed who was an advisor this season for Team Legend.  This is a massive hit song, it’s a radio friendly R&B number.  Khaled has a smooth voice.  This was a refreshing performance in a country heavy season.

When this country rocker from Alvarado met Blake Shelton the relationship was perfect.  Blake says Andrew is always glad to be there, he’s funny, he makes you laugh a lot.  Andrew is always cracking jokes, funny clips of Andrew and Blake cutting it up.

Up next a duet of Mari and Kim Cherry.  Interesting pairing.  I do not like this song, but it does allow Kim to show off her rhythmic skills, but it doesn’t do much for Mari.  Meh. At least they brought the finalists back this season.  As Mari and Kim finish that um, interesting performance.. enter the finalists’ men Shawn Sounds, Kalvin, Matthew, Jej,  & Domenic singing Prerogative.  Kelly is dancing, good energy but a bit messy vocally.

BTS, Toby Keith, Taylor Swift and more later.

Another promo for Songland with Will I Am.

With Rescue Me is One Republic.  Lots of guest performers tonight.  They got some really big names.  The opening of this song sounds like he’s talking.  I don’t have much to say about this, not fan of the song usually like One Republic.

Here’s a behind the scenes look with a great surprise around the corner.  The top 4 takes us behind the scenes to the stage rehearsals.  The top 4 all worked so hard thanks to our friends at Toyota they each won a brand new RAV4.  They are so excited, they thought it was their last Carson interview and it was a surprise to them that they would be getting cars.

Now here’s Hootie and the Blowfish with let her cry.  This is my favorite Blowfish song.  The staging is more subdued for this song.  This doesn’t sound lip-synced, it’s live and it’s really good.  I have enjoyed this the most so far.  Nicely done.

Sarah McLaughlin singing with Maelyn and BTS when we come back.

And now it’s Sarah McLaughlin and Maelyn singing Angel.  The two ladies dressed in sparkly gowns standing in front of a white piano.  They sound beautiful together, it’s a very angelic performance.  They blend and harmonize nicely.  They both have some beautiful solo parts as well.  The song is a classic and it was a perfect choice for their duet.

We now get clips of the John/Maelyn relationship.  Maelyn is so grateful she chose John Legend as a coach.  He makes her laugh, he has amazing style.  The journey has been a dream, and it’s magic.  John makes her feel validated.  Everything is right when he gets to listen to Maelyn’s voice.

Now BTS sings Boy with Love.  Giant pink neon heart with LOVE on the stage.  These guys can really dance, my signal keep kept going out so couldn’t see the whole performance.  What I saw was good.

Blake dog says BTS stole all their dance moves from him.  Team Kelly dog says he’s the worst dancer as we go to commerical.

Now Dexter’s package is airing.  Blake says of course he’s from Fayette, Alabama.  Blake says it’s hard to be around Dexter and not like the guy.  Dexter is singing a duet of Toby Keith’s new duet with him.  I do not like htis song, and it certainly doesn’t show off Dexter’s voice at all.  Words are terrible.  That was country, bro.

Coming up a performance from some of the girl finalists, they are dressed like zombies.

Tonight Halsey premieres her brand new single Nightmare.  She is wearing suspension cords it appears.  Lots of dancers dressed in dark clothes around her.  This is certainly a nice break from the country dominance.  I like her voice, she has a smoky tone.  Very high energy performance and was entertaining.

So the only artist we haven’t seen is Gyth.  Wonder if he is the winner?

Kelly says it’s been challenging to be the only female coach this season.  She’s walking by a giant fort that says Boys Club:  No Girls Allowed.  They are teasing her as she tries to get in by reading in a male voice, impersonating Carson with a moustache.  She’s going to start her own clubhouse.  Clips of her building to Girls just wanna have fun.  Now she’s standing at her pink girls club house and tells the guys they can’t come in.  They don’t care and walk off but then we see Carson in there.

Please welcome back Betsy, Celia, Lisa, and Presley.  These outfits are different.  They are singing Edge of Seventeen, a little overdone for group numbers.  Presley sounds the best, she should have gone so much further this season.  Still don’t like Celia’s voice.  I enjoyed that overall, good group performance.

Coming up Hootie and the blowfish sing with Gyth, and Taylor Swift.

The moment Gyth met Blake they formed an instant bond.  Blake says Gyth looks like a country star.  Gyth has been called Garth and Gwenyth.  Blake says this means everything to Gyth, America connects with him.  He’s a powerhouse vocalist.  And tonight Gyth joins forces with Hootie & the Blowfish singing Hold My Hand.  Gyth’s voice still sounds shot, like he has having vocal issues but he is keeping up with Hootie and the guitar.  This is a good song and I like that they broke up all the country and did something a little different.

When we get back Taylor Swift and Brendan.  20 minutes away from the winner reveal!

10 time Grammy award winner Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie singing Me.  Lots of music tonight from guest performers tonight.  I know Taylor Swift is massively popular but I’ve never been blown away by her.  This song is just okay.  It adds to the variety on the show but the song is a little repetitive for my tastes.  I usually don’t like the most popular songs so no surprise.

Now our newest coach came to the show ready to dominate but Adam, Blake, and Kelly had other ideas.  John is singing block around the clock.  Clips of John getting blocked.  Carson says it’s been amazing having John here.  Carson asks John what’s it been like to be here and before he can answer Carson screams let’s bring out your four finalists……

Dexter tells Blake thanks for everything.  Andrew says it’s been an honor to work with Blake, he’s an amazing coach and human being.  Gyth says Blake was an idol/icon and he still is but now he’s a friend and an inspiration.  Maelyn tells John he’s been a dream to work, it’s gone and above her expectations.  He’s a phenomenal human and musician.

One of these four is The Voice.  But first the fourth place artist is…………….

Andrew Sevener Team Blake (not a big surprise there).

The finalist in third place is……….

Dexter Roberts Team Blake 

Either Gyth or Maelyn will be The Voice when we come back!

One of these two incredible artists lives are about to change forever.  Carson congrats Blake on a great season.  Blake says it’s stressful and this calls for a drink.  John says he’s grateful he got to work with her, and thanks her for being so great.

The winner of The Voice is……….

Maelyn Jarmon Team Legend!!!  

Confetti is falling and John is ecstatic!

Carson asks her how it feels, she says she owes it to all who voted and streamed.  She’s grateful to everybody and to John!

I couldn’t be happier with this result Maelyn definitely deserved this win.  100% the right result!

I’ve enjoyed being with you this season.  That’s a wrap for season 16!


Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)


Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)

3rd Place:

Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)

4th Place:

Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)


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