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Tonight, The Voice season 16 Top 4– Team John Legend’s Maelyn Jarmon and Gyth Rigdon, Dexter Roberts and Andrew Sevener from Team Blake Shelton–will perform three songs for your votes. The artists will perform a new cover, a duet with their respective coach and an original song. Coaches Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine have no artists in the final.

Apple streams will count as votes. Limit ten streams per eligible song per Apple ID. The artist with the most streams on their eligible song(s) at the close of voting period will receive an Apple Music Bonus. There is also a cumulative bonus for finalists songs streamed since May 6. Check out all the song spoilers, with links to iTunes below.

The Voice 16 Top 4 Song Spoilers – What Will the Contestants Sing?
How to Vote on The Voice 16: Everything You Need to Know

Voting is open now for all performances.

Maelyn Jarmon Original:  “Wait for You”

Maelyn’s original is up first.  She says the distance has been hard on her and her boyfriend.  Wow, the only non-Blake contestant goes first… Hm…  Rehearsals sound good.  John says the song is right in her vocal pocket.  The staging is white with large white drums, as Maelyn comes out.  She’s dressed in a beautiful purple pantsuit.  Se sounds good as always, don’t like the song but she can sing it.  She puts so much emotion into everything she sings.  The lyrics are kind of boring but it has some places for her to show off her range.  These original songs always suck.  Weird dancers around her now, as she sings.  Big notes, and she moves into the audience.  John is on his feet so is the audience.  Has the winner ever opened the show?  That was a good performance from Maelyn.  John, Kelly & Adam on their feet.  Crowd LOVED it.  Adam says everyone in the finale is fantastic but he thinks she should win this thing.  It has nothing to do with the coaches he loves her and think she’s incredible.  John loved the song, it was the perfect choice, it was sung with so much heart.  Flawless.

Up next Andrew & Blake’s duet  Oh man we have to sit through so much Blake tonight.

Andrew & Blake’s duet: “All Right Now”

Andrew said it’s outside of his comfort zone, but Blake says there is no comfort zone for him.  Blake likes Andrew’s voice and personality.  They are both standing on the stage with guitars, smoke behind them.  Andrew sounds pretty good on this gives him a chance to show off his smoky tone, but he also sounds shouty in parts.  I have a hard time staying awake through Blake duets unless they are with Chloe Kohanski.  This is a good song choice, good duet.

Up next Dexter & Gyth

Now Dexter’s cover and his interview.  Dexter says the whole journey has been overwhelming.  Dexter was the only 4 chair turn that Blake got.  He was blown away by his accuracy of his voice.  The three doors down Dexter wanted to show America he could sing more than country.  He wants to sell out arenas and have his music on the radio.

Dexter Roberts Cover:  “Anything Goes”

Blake says the song is perfect for him because he pours his heart and soul into it.  Dexter reminds us that he got super sick a year ago and he never expected to be here.  It’s a dream come true.  He saved this song because he started with a Randy Houzer song and he wants to end with one.  Blake says Dexter is more of a Ronnie Milsap type voice.  He has a real shot at winning.

The lights are out, and it’s just Dexter and the guitar standing at the mic.  This is a really good song choice for Dexter, it allows him to hit big notes and show off his range.  He has such a clear tone.  The demo will eat this up.  He is really singing this, sounds really good.  Not a fan of the song, but he brought his A game tonight.  Violins and keyboard on the stage now, good staging and strong performance from Dexter.  Standing O from all 4 coaches, the audience loved it too.  Kelly says this was her favorite, she loves the soulful country music, he sounds very contemporary.  Adam says greatness is genrless, he has that in spades.  Blake says watching the package it was the perfect song choice for him.  He pours his heart and soul into everything, he is the next George Strait.  Um, no but good job of promoting him from the coach.

Up next Gyth & Blake on deck Andrew and Maelyn

Could it be more obvious that this is Blake’s year?  When the only non-Team Blake contestant will have both her solo performances over before 9:00?

Gyth & Blake Duet:  “Take It Easy” 

Gyth loves Blake’s charisma.  Blake loves Gyth’s willingness to embrace the Amish country.  He doesn’t sound like anybody else.

Oh Lord how long til this is over?  Another duet both standing at mics wearing jackets and playing acoustic guitar.  Gyth is not that good of a singer I don’t get the hype for him at all.  His audition was his best performance.  Blake sounded decent Gyth was not good.  It sounds like Gyth maybe has a damaged voice.  At least they picked a good song and it was upbeat.

Coming up Andrew, Maelyn, and Dexter

Andrew Sevener Original:  “Rural Route Raising”

Blake tells Andrew he will miss him.  It’s a current song but has old time rocking country.  Andrew says it’s hooky and everything about it is him.  He wants a flame thrower to perform this with.  Blake says it’s a good song right down his alley, and Andrew will be singing with Travis Tritt on the finale.    And of course, Andrew is wearing his cowboy hat and his guitar.  The song is a little low for his range, but it’s got a good beat to it.  This song will do well with the demo too, a song about Jesus, and it’s got a rock country beat.  Blake yelling yes!  Kelly says she’s so excited about Travis Tritt, he has a line between old and new country.  It’s a killer sound for him.  John says he’s really in his zone, he can relate.  Blake says he will be singing the song for the rest of his life.  That was his performance of the season.

Straight ahead Maelyn & John duet, then Gyth and Dexter up

As we go to break the final 4 team up with Chevel to do a Toyota commercial.

And now John & Maelyn’s Duet:  “Unforgettable”

Maelyn says it’s a Dream come true and John’s voice reminds her of Nat King Cole.  John says he won a singing contest this with song.  It’s them holding mics with a piano, and full orchestra.  Nice staging.  This is a classic song, but a bit sleepy for a duet.  They both sound really good on it, John is giving Maelyn a chance to shine and he has moments too.  This is the duet of the night so far, Maelyn is killing the adlibs and a beautiful last note.

Right away Gyth & his coach interview next

Gyth says it’s hard to make dreams happen from a small town.  Blake’s first impression of Gyth’s voice was that he was desperate for him because he thught he could win.  Gyth’s first concert was a Blake one.  Gyth says that Lee Greenwood tweeted him after last week.  Blake says he’s not afraid for Gyth to sing any song.

Gyth Rigdon Cover:  “Once in a Blue Moon”

Blake says he won’t be surprised if Gyth wins.  The rehearsal doesn’t sound that good.  It’s just Gyth sitting on a stool with a giant blue moon behind him.  Wow, he sounds off-key and nervous.  They are doing close-ups on his face, but this is not good at all, he can’t stay in tune.  The song is also boring and it’s going nowhere.  Now he’s standing but it’s not helping I don’t understand why this guy is so popular.  That was just all sorts of painful.  Kelly says this is her favorite song choice, smart song selection.  Oh and he looks nice.  John also comments on his tux.  John says it was challenging and he handled it well.  Blake says the country fan base and Earl’s family is so proud that he honored him.  Haha they couldn’t really comment on his singing.

Up next Dexter’s original and a performance from Andrew

Dexter Roberts Original:  “Looking Back”

Blake feels like this song is in his wheelhouse.  It’s a fun song.  The recording session sounds good.  Blake says he’s a talented dude. Once again dark stage, Dexter is standing at the mic again with his guitar.  He sounds a little flat, but this is a pretty decent song.  As he gets further into it he still sounds off-key, this song doesn’t allow him to show off as much of his range but it sounds like a current song you would hear on the radio.  The ending was to low too.  Not Dexter’s best.  Blake & Kelly standing.  Kelly loves his voice, he’s her favorite country artist and he’s an authentic person.  Adam says he’s a solid human being and a fantastic artist.  Blake believes he’s 100% ready to go make an album with this song, he’s the most ready to step in and become a superstar.

Is it just me or does this feel like we keep hearing the same song?

Up next Andrew, Gyth, and Maelyn

Now joining Carson the producers of Songland.  Songland premeires next week.

Andrew Sevener Cover:  “Lips of an Angel” 

Andrew Sevener’s package and interview.  He says the camera adds ten pounds.  He seems funny.  Blake says he felt like he knoew this guy and he knows what drives him.  He has country with a rock slant to it.  Andrew was a one chair turn, but Blake says every song pushes him a little bit more.  Andrew says without Blake’s belief in him he wouldn’t be here.  This could be Blake’s 7th win.  Again dark lighting and just Andrew and the guitar at the mic.  My signal keeps going out.  This isn’t his best either, he sounds nervous.  He really could have slayed this, he’s doing okay but he’s been stronger in other performances.  It was still better then most of the others tonight.    All 4 coaches on their feet for that.  Kelly says that was so good, it was great.  She looks at Blake and says this is hard.  John says if he had to pick among Team Blake he would pick Andrew.  Blake says he doesn’t know what’s happening right now but this is his night and he’s killing it.

Up next Dexter’s duet with Blake, Gyth, and Maelyn I’m sorry but this show so far is kind of sleepy.

Long promotion of the new NBC show Songland premiering next week.

Reminder that both the original and cover streams count for votes.

Dexter & Blake Duet:  Hard Workin Man 

Blake says the song takes him back to High School and Dexter back to the womb.  Another country duet, Blake starts and this song is good for his voice.  This is a good duet choice, nice upbeat song that is good for both Blake and Dexter’s voices.  Blake is always good to his contestants too.  Song is not my cup of tea, but they are doing a good job with it.  Dexter was the best of the country mafia tonight IMO.

Straight ahead Gyth debuts his single that he wrote and Maelyn closes the night.

Gyth Rigdon Original:  “Proof I’ve Always Loved You”

Gyth is excited to see the song come to life.  Gyth co-wrote the song and Blake says this is the first time that has happened in the finale.  Gyth wrote it for his wife when they first started dating.  Man this started off rough too, the key is very low and off tune.  He sounds better when he gets into his higher register.  It’s too bad that he isn’t singing this very good because it is a decently written song.  Gyth is not having his best night.  He might still win but he doesn’t deserve to after tonight.  He tries a little harder to pull it out at the end, redeemed himself a little but overall still not great.  Maybe I’m just in a bad mood but I didn’t like that.  Blake is shouting yes.  Kelly says it was really cool that he wrote it himself.  Adam says Gyth has it all, he was born to be here in this moment.  It’s evident he should be here.  Blake says that added another level to the finale, he raised the bar. Oh and did you know that Gyth wrote the song?  He’s a total package.  He could win this thing.

When we come back the closeout by Maelyn Jarmon

Maelyn Jarmon’s interview and package

She can’t believe that she’s here.  John said she’s been pitch precise in every peformance.  She’s deaf in one ear.  Maelyn says during the colplay song she lost herself in it.  John tells us she puts her own spin on every song.  She attacked the notes in Stay.  John says they started and ended together, and they are winning together.

Maelyn Jarmon Original:  “Hallejuah”

Maelyn says the song is longing and regret.  The NY music scene is difficult.  She used to sing this song in a little bar in NY and to sing it now is an honor.  John says she deserves this win.  This is his first season, she was his first artist and she should be first place on the voice.  Maelyn is dressed in a flowing gown and standing on some stairs.  This song has been so overdone, but she is a stellar singer.  She starts off quiet and tender but she breaks into the goose bumping moments a few times.  This was a different almost heartbreaking rendition of this song.  Some big notes, some pain, some angst and quiet ending.  She just schooled every one of Team Blake off the stage.  She should win after this but we all know the country army will be out in full swing.  The audience is exploding and John is standing and chanting yes yes!  Adam says that was insane, and he doesn’t know how it would be possible for her to not win this show.  She is an angel from heaven.  John says it was stunning, she was amazing, transfixing performance, America please vote for Maelyn.  She deserves to win the voice.

Who should win Maelyn?

Who will win probably Dexter…

See you all tomorrow night for the results!

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