The Voice Season 15 Top 10 Results: Top 8 Revealed (VIDEOS)

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 10 Results" Episode 1517B -- Pictured: (l-r) Dave Fenley, DeAndre Nico -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Join us as we live blog The Voice season 15 Top 10 Results. Tonight, the Top 8 will be revealed. Who from Team Adam Levine, Team Blake Shelton, Team Kelly Clarkson and Team Jennifer Hudson will survive?

Plus Kelly Clarkson performs her latest single, “Heat.” Additionally, Anne-Marie and X Factor 2012 winner James Arthur will join forces on stage to perform their hit duet “Rewrite the Stars” off  The Greatest Showman – Reimagined album. And former The Voice coach Gwen Stefani drops by to sing “Feliz Navidad” off her new holiday album.

James Arthur and Anne Marie kick off the show with a duet they performed on X Factor UK finale on Sunday. Interestingly, that show is broadcasting as we speak over on the AXS cable channel! Anyway. Kinda old news. Still. Good version. (Kelly’s got a cut on this album too–a version of  “Never Enough.”)

Time for Results! Let’s bring out YOUR TOP 10. Oh. Chris Kroeze was the most streamed artist of the week. I was not expecting that. After winning the 5x bonus, he’s probably safe this week. Also, Reagan Strange isn’t feeling well. She’s in the building, but not on stage. Hm.

Dumb questions: It meant everything to Kennedy Holmes to be able to perform and dance last night. She wanted everyone to see her fun side. Being a pop star is her goal. Jennifer compared her team member to some of the great singers, and MaKenzie Thomas never imagined being talked of in the same breath as some of her favorite artists.  America saved…from Team Blake…Kirk Jay! America also saved…from Team Jennifer…Kennedy Holmes!

Time to chat with the judges (TIME WASTERS!) Blake Shelton and his mother produced a movie called Time For Me To Come Home For Christmas. Or something. He’s not quite sure of the title. Blake is not doing a very good job of pimping his project. Blake feels good about his team. He’s pretty sure they’ll be safe. Jennifer tells her team to “be true to themselves…stay focused.” Blah blah. Too many dumb questions tonight. Kelly tells her team to make sure and enjoy every moment. Adam tells his team to focus on the moment but don’t get focused on the competition. What?

The remaining 8 artists take the stage. Chris Kroeze says Team Blake is full of camaraderie. They’re mad  at Kirk though. He’s just kidding! America saved MaKenzie Thomas from Team Jennifer. Her team is totally safe! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Chevel Shepherd

Now, it’s time for the irrepressible Kelly Clarkson to perform her latest single “Heat” from her latest album The Meaning of Life. Good stuff.

The remaining six artists take center stage. Actually, Reagan Strange is still offstage. DeAndre Nico says last night was “really different.” I’m not sure what he means? He says the song “opened himself up.” I guess he’s not used to singing uptempo songs? Sarah Grace says as an artist, it’s her duty to be a risk taker. She thanks America for making her song No. 3 on iTunes. America saved…From Team Kelly…Sarah Grace! YAYYYYY. America also saved…from Team Blake…Chris Kroeze.

Now, Gwen Stefani joins Chilean artist Mon Laferte to sing the classic “Feliz Navidad” from her new holiday album You Make it Feel Like Christmas. Boyfriend Blake Shelton seems very excited. 

The four remaining artists take the stage. Well….still no Reagan Strange. Dave Fenley’s dad sang in a gospel quartet. He was a big musical inspiration. Kymberli Joye feels so close to everyone in the competition. “We feel like family.” America saved…Kymberli Joye from Team Kelly! 

Dave Fenley, Reagan Strange and DeAndre Nico are in the bottom three. BUT HERE’S THE THING. Reagan is too sick to sing. Only Dave and DeAndre will sing for the save. BUT Y’ALL CAN STILL VOTE FOR REAGAN. Hoo boy. Unless she receives massive pity votes, Reagan is done.  

Aw. There’s Reagan off-stage. She’s in a bathrobe sitting with her mom. 

THE VOICE -- "Live Top 10 Results" Episode 1517B -- Pictured: Reagan Strange -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Dave Fenley – Amazed by Lonestar –  Dave sings a popular country ballad, with feeling. It’s sounds off key and forced in spots. Kelly calls the song choice “smart.” She loves his tone, calling it “big and round”–Calls it the “blanket of goodness.” Blake says “Everytime you get on stage, your voice absolutely floors me. God gave you this gift and it’s on display each time you sing.” He just can’t understand how he ended up in the bottom 3. Erm. A ton of bad singing, Blake.

DeAndre Nico – All of Me by John Legend  –  This is a credible, if straight ahead rendition of the song.. He’s no John Legend. Not sure if that was enough to save him. Between DeAndre and Dave, I’d call it a draw. Jennifer says he sings like he meant every single word.

Adam calls Nico an “exquisite” singer. Still can’t believe he’s in the bottom. Adam puts in a big word for Reagan who cannot sing. “I don’t know if I have the heart…I have a very special relationship with Reagan.” WOW HE’S THROWING DEANDRE UNDER THE BUS. WOW WOW WOW. YOU SUCK ADAM LOL. He’s literally telling people to vote for Reagan and not DeAndre. Unbelievable.

Time to vote #VoiceSaveDave #VoiceSaveDeAndre #VoiceSaveReagan. On the chyron now: Dave – 26%, DeAndre 36% and Reagan 38%. And the last shot of the chyron: Dave – 24%, DeAndre 37%, Reagan 38%

Kelly has competed on a reality show and she knows how BRUTAL the process can be. She would never cut a team member off at the knees the way Adam did DeAndre. She jumps into the conversation to stick up for him, while Adam looks on guiltily. “You just sang the hell out of that song!” Seriously. HE SANG. REAGAN DID NOT. Good for Kelly.

Dave thanks Blake for a “hell of a ride.” He’s taking his inevitable elimination well.  DeAndre looks upset, but thanks Adam for his support. Blake believes in his heart that Dave is going to the semi-final. Erm. No he’s not. Adam says, “Everyone loves to win.” Adam advises DeAndre to go for it after The Voice regardless of what the outcome is. 

OK. The RESULTS. America INSTANTLY SAVED…Reagan Strange. WOW. DeAndre Nico and Dave Fenley are eliminated

Adam Levine just pulled a horrible dick move on DeAndre. First of all, if a singer lands in the bottom 3 and they can’t sing, that should be an automatic elimination. Or at the very very least, the playing field should have been kept level! Adam is such a freaking weirdo. He gets attached to singers who aren’t even all that talented. Reagan seems like a sweet girl, but she’s a few years away from being ready for the big show. In the end, neither would have made it past next week. But it’s about being fair. And about a coach treating a team member with respect. Adam totally disrespected DeAndre by telling viewers not to vote for him. There might be some cold comfort in the fact that he came close to winning the Instant Save. But still!

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier in my prediction, I figured if both members of Team Adam ended up in the bottom 3, there would be shenanigans played to keep one in the competition. But I never imagined Adam throwing DeAndre under the bus. There have been coaches who have delivered passive-aggressive kiss offs when their team members fates’ were on the line, but never so blatant or humiliating as what Adam just did tonight to DeAndre. 

Top 8

Kirk Jay – Team Blake
Kennedy Holmes – Team Jennifer
MaKenzie Thomas – Team Jennifer
Chevel Shepherd – Team Kelly
Sarah Grace – Team Kelly
Chris Kroeze – Team Blake
Kymberli Joye – Team Kelly
Reagan Strange – Team Adam – Saved by America


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