The Voice Season 14 Recap: Knockouts 3 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Knockout Rounds" -- Pictured: Sharane Calister -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Knockout rounds end tonight (April 9) on The Voice Season 14 with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and American Idol OG winner and newbie Kelly Clarkson.  Carson Daly returns as host.  Join us as we LIVE BLOG the results and every performance.

The Voice Season 14 Song Spoilers – Knockouts 3

For the first time ever, each of the coaches will enlist the help of former The Voice winners to help team members prepare their performances. Team Adam has enlisted the help of Season 9 winner Jordan Smith. Team Blake has joined forces with reigning champ Chloe Kohanski, Season 13 winner Chris Blue has lent a hand to Team Alicia and Season 3 winner Cassadee Pope has helped Team Kelly.

By the end of tonight’s telecast, the Top 24 will be revealed before competing in next week’s LIVE Playoffs for a spot in the Top 12.

The Final Knockouts will be fought tonight!  Kelly is the only coach with one save and one steal left.  Blake and Adam both have steals, it’s the biggest night of Knockouts!

Team Alicia Knockout:  Britton Buchanan – New York State of Mind vs. Dallas Caroline – Bless the Broken Road

Alicia paired them because they both have a folky vibe.  Britton says it’s meaningful to have Chris Blue in the room.  Britton is from a slow town in NC, his family is supportive.  Britton says Alicia is one of the greatest people he’s ever met.  He is singing New York State of Mind, and it fits in with his singer/songwriter vibe.  The song reminds him of his trip to NY.  Chris Blue says Britton has  bluesy out of this world swag.  Britton is playing the piano!  Dallas says Britton is confident and amazing.  She is singing Bless the Broken Road, she likes the song because it’s classic country and she wants to bring that sound to modern music.  She grew up surrounded by music, she was grateful to work with Blake and she thinks being the only country artist on Team Alicia gives her her own lane..  (Um, me thinks Alicia stole Dallas to have some fodder, but we’ll see how this plays out).  Chris says that Dallas is vocally great and young, but then he compliments Britton again.  Chris tells them both to believe in themselves.  Alicia says the winner will be the one that wows them the most.

Britton is up first.  He starts at the piano, very strong voice yet has a tenderness to it.  After the first verse he leaves the piano, he’s walking the stage and doing some ad-libs of yeahs.  He was better at the piano.  He ends at the mic stand.  Nice performance.  Adam says he loved that.

Dallas is next.  She is standing at the mic stand after Alicia’s suggestion in the rehearsals.  She is doing some different things with the melody.  Now she is moving around the stage, her voice is a little shaky.  The nerves are getting to her and she goes flat in a few places.  She ended good, but that performance was pretty iffy over all.

Adam starts by telling Britton and Dallas that they both broke his hearts, and he sees progress in both of them.  Gives it to Britton.  Blake tells Dallas she has a pure tone and did a great job.  Blake says to Britton there’s something about him that is undeniable but he would give it to Dallas.  Kelly says Britton has an old school type thing, and Dallas is a story-teller, if she can reign in her pitch she could do cool things.  Says Dallas has a lane in country music.  Alicia tells Dallas that she did a beautiful job and listened to her advice.  Gives Britton props for trying something new, she is proud of them both.  The winner of this Knockout is………… Britton!   Not a huge surprise there honestly.  Alicia says he shocks her when he opens his mouth because years of feelings come out.  Dallas thanks Alicia for helping her with her confidence.  Blake comments that he didn’t steal Dallas back because she needs about another year.  Dallas Caroline is eliminated.

60 second commercial break…. NICE!  Maybe we won’t get a montage this season…. um, yeah….

Team Kelly Knockout:  D.R. King I Know I’m Losing You vs. Tish Haynes-Keys – Lady Marmalade

Kelly tells Cassadee that she loves that she was on Team Blake but now she’s on her team.  Kelly says she put D.R. and Tish together because no one else has that power and she wants it to be fair.  D.R. gives props to Cassadee.  Cassadee tells them to let people to get to know them.  D.R.  is singing I Know I’m Losing You, he chose the Temptations version because he’s a rock/soul artist.  The song will show that side of him.  He’s been hustling and working music the first five years.  Kelly says D.R.’s range separates him from everyone else on the show.  Cassadee tells him he’s a beast.  Tish says she has to bring it because D.R. is a force.  She is thankful that Kelly stole her.  She had a daughter at 15 and now she’s a full time Mom to 6 girls.  She’s singing Lady Marmalade, this song is over done but Tish can do it.  She chose it because she loves powerful songs with big notes.  Kelly is up dancing during rehearsals and Cassadee is bowing.  Kelly says you have to experience Tish’s voice in person you don’t just hear it you feel it.  Cassadee says she can tell her story through music.  She says they are so good they inspired her to get better.  Kelly says she’s 100% sure one will get stolen.

D.R. starts it off.  He is very comfortable on stage and that is already coming out early.  This is a soulful performance, but not sure I like the song for a knockout.  He’s really getting into it and showing his range.  Big note at the end, Kelly on her feet.

Now it’s Tish.  She has such a big voice, it’s already filling the room early.  She isn’t moving around as much, but she is still definitely comfortable behind the mic.  Her money is definitely in her upper register, as the lower parts aren’t as strong.  She is tearing it up in the middle of the song, big notes.  She really SANG that song! 4 coach standing oviation for that performance.

Alicia says she’s speechless. D.R.  took that song to a whole other space.  Tish has sass, booty shaking.  Adam says D.R. did a different version of the song and in any other situation that would have been the illest thing he’s ever heard in his life.  Then he says Tish had to ruin that, he loves and misses her.  Adam says both phenomenal Kelly can’t go wrong.  Blake says they are world class talent.  Every time D.R. is on the stage, it’s something exciting.  Adam interjects Tish just won the whole show in the knockout rounds (Blake didn’t get to finish).  Kelly says they both freaking killed it.  The winner of this Knockout is…… D.R. King!  Hm… I think Kelly picked him knowing that Tish would be stolen, cause honestly Tish should have won that.  Kelly says D.R. just did an insane version of the song.  Kelly immediately hits her SAVE button and Adam pushes to STEAL.  Kelly tells her that she knows she was trying to do something different and Kelly wants to be a part of it.  Adam appeals to her telling her she’s a fun, positive human being, and it’s wonderful to be around her.  He wants her to push herself to change it up and blow people away.  Tish chooses to remain on Team Kelly!  D.R. and Tish both advance to Playoffs on Team Kelly.  Tish says Kelly understands her heart.

Team Blake Knockout:  Dylan Hartigan – You Are the Best Thing – vs Wilkes – The Climb

Blake paired them together because they have rock elements.  He’s looking for the most well-rounded performance.  Dylan was excited to get tips from Chloe since she was also stolen during the Knockouts.  Chloe tells them to be the best version of them as an artist as they can be, anything’s possible.  Dylan thought he was going home in the battles.  He’s been singing since he was 14, recently left his band to go back to school.  He’s singing You Are the best thing.  He chose the song because he wants to be a folk/rock artist, not someone who goes crazy on riffs.  Chloe pushes her button during his rehearsal, says his voice is really unique has a soulful, breathy sound to it.  Wilkes says Dylan’s swaggery stage presence is a challenge.  Wilkes goes to Nashville once a week, and spends the rest of his time at home being a Dad.  He is signing the Climb, because the lyrics tells his story about his experience in the music industry.  Hmmm…. I wasn’t a huge Sundance fan but he completely owned this song in Season 11, gutsy choice.  Chloe says Wilkes was soaring through the notes, and gave her chills.  Blake says he loves Dylan’s confidence and how Wilkes comes alive when the band starts.

Dylan kicks it off.  He is definitely swooning on stage, the ladies will eat this up.  His voice is very smooth, he’s not big-voiced but he is selling this song with his smoothness in his tone.  He does some crazy notes in his head voice at the end, and ends low. Very strong, confident performance.  Kelly is on her feet.

Now Wilkes takes the stage.  He is standing planted at the microphone.  He also has a breathy edge to his voice.  He is telling the story of this song, not trying to put big notes in it.  He definitely has a rock feel to his voice and style.  This is  not a copycat version of the song at all.  Kelly dancing at the end…. he ends with a big, strong note.  3 coaches on their feet.

Kelly says What??? to Wilkes and the song shows that he is not a one trick pony.  Kelly tells Dylan she loves his range, and she would go with Dylan.  Commends them both.  Alicia tells Dylan that he is super dynamic and Wilkes has a secret weapon with how he dials it back, and then wow.  Adam says Dylan every time you sing we notice you more, and Wilkes is so crazy with his range.  Adam says he might go with Wilkes considering the song, but Dylan is ridiculous too.  Blake tells them they both did everything they could do.  Tells Dylan he has a lot of personality never met anybody quite like him.  Comments that Wilkes may not be conscious in between songs, and saves allt eh energy for that moment.  The winner of this Knockout is………….Wilkes!  Blake chose Wilkes because he has no limit to his range.  Dylan tells Blake he appreciates getting another shot and he is humbled to have performed on the stage.  Right as Dylan is leaving, Kelly is contemplating whether she should steal because she has so many guys, and right at the last moment she hits the STEAL!  Dylan returns to Team Kelly.  Kelly says she couldn’t let him go home, he’s so good.

Team Adam:  Gary Edwards Many Rivers to Cross vs Rayshun LaMarr – Fallin

Adam says they are in a similar lane so he wants to only take one moving forward.  Rayshun says he was excited to see Jordan because the dude can flat out sing.  Gary is singing Many Rivers to Cross.  He’s an assistant choir director at church.  He also worked as a janitor so he can pursue music.   The song talks about his journey, finding a way forward from stumbling blocks.  He’s doing a gospel spin on the song.  Jordan says it’s good to do his own thing at this point.  Rayshun recovered from cancer and overcame not knowing if he would live.  He was working as a bank teller and in a band.  He’s singing Fallin by Alicia Keys.  WOW that is aggressive.  He is singing it because it talks about one of his relationships.  Risky to sing this song in front of Alicia Keys.  Adam says his voice just crackles and sizzles.  Jordan tells him to go for it!

Gary takes the stage.  He is standing at the mic to deliver this song.  He has such a smooth, gospel, soul voice.  He can really sing.  It has a desperation to it, powerful performance with lots of energy and emotion.  That was really good.  Adam says church, Alicia whooping.

Rayshun is up!  Alicia lets out a big smile when she realizes what song he is singing.  He is starting off smooth, but he has such a presence on stage.  Ton of power and energy in the chorus.  He is owning the song.  Adding unique runs and really getting into it.  VERY nice job!  Alicia and Adam on their feet.

Kelly tells Rayshun he is  ballsy for singing that in front of the singer and songwriter with insane vocals.  Gary has buttery low tones, she says would go with Kelly because it was hard song.  Blake tells Rayshun he is full of energy and passion.  He tells Gary he sang the hell out of that song.  Alicia tells Gary he did a beautiful job, loves his pure tones.  She loves that Rayhsun could hit those notes.  Adam gives Rayshun props for hitting the notes, and Gary was a transformation.  The winner of this Knockout is………… Rayshun!  Adam says Rayshun swung for the fence and he had to award that.  Gary says to Adam this has been the toughest thing musically he has ever done.  Blake hits his button for a STEAL!  Adam is excited!  Blake says he has been a fan since day one!  Gary advances to the Playoffs on Team Blake.  

Team Kelly:  Jorge Eduardo – Adorn vs. Alexa Cappelli – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

She paired them because they both have soulful voices with popular sounds about them.  Jorge remembers Cassadee’s YouTube videos of the Voice.  Alexa is singing Good Bye Yellow Brick Road.  She likes the classic because her Dad influenced her taste in music.  She has geared up to this moment her whole life.  Cassadee says it’s a big task to sing Elton John.  Kelly says she has insane control.  Cassadee tells her to switch it up.  Kelly says she’s bold and super talented.  Jorge is singing Adorn.  He wants to do this genre of music.  He is from Mexico and completed on the Voice Mexico came to the US for opportunity.  Kelly did not know that Jorge could sing like that and he has a sexy thing about him.  Kelly says it will come down to who can handle the pressure and sticks out.

Alexa starts.  This is the first time since her audition that we’ve heard her.  She’s got a good, powerful voice.  This is a really good version of the song she is putting her own spin on it and showing her range and power.  I enjoyed that.  Kelly is on her feet.

Jorge‘s turn.  He is dancing a bit, but you can tell he’s holding that back.  You can tell that he is comfortable with performing and vocally this is pretty solid, I’m not into this song but it was good choice for him.  He goes into his falsetto effortlessly.  He ends quietly, I think Alexa probably won that.

Alicia tells Jorge he came out and gave it all the energy he had.  Alexa has a powerful voice effortless key changes.  She gives it to Alexa.  Adam tells Jorge it was a good song for him.  He tells Alexa she has everything that it takes to be an incredible singer.  Blake says Jorge is undeniable when he is on stage.  Alexa has an unusual sounding voice and could have navigated the melody a little better.  Says she is one of the best singers in the competition.  Kelly says I love Jorge.  She loved how he switched it up, but Alexa had a crazy, hard melody.  The winner of this Knockout is………….  Alexa!  She picked Alexa because she keeps shocking the hell out of her.  Alexa did not expect that.  Kelly says she brings her A game every tiem she gets on stage.  Jorge tells Kelly he loves her forever.  Jorge Eduardo is eliminated.  

Montage time!  Reid Umstattd vs Jordyn Simone.  They show a minute or so of Reid’s “Let Him Fly” performance and Adam says he has a connection with what he is saying.  Jordyn is eliminated.  Reid moves on to the Playoffs.   Reid sounded good but they didn’t even show a clip of Jordyn singing.

Team Alicia:  Kelsea Johnson vs Sharane Calister

She paired them because they are both big voices.  Kelsea is a fan of Chris Blue he knows what he’s talking about because he won the show.  Kelsea is singing Rise Up.  She feels the lyrics of the song.  The words are from her Grandfather.  He’s a big part of why she loves music.  She just finished college but she wants to pursue music.   Christ tells her the tempo is too fast, and talk to him not to sing to him.  Kelsea breaks down from the pressure.  Alicia tells her to believe in herself.  Sharon chose an Etta James song All I Could Do Was Cry because she can relate to being broken hearted.  She grew up in foster homes and she is inspired by Alicia and grateful for the advice.  Chris says Sharane was a beast but there’s more to her.  Kelsea is speechless.  Alicia liked the liberties she’s taking.  Alicia says it will come down to who is ready to shed it all.

Kelsea takes the stage.  She has a power and presence on stage that is undeniable.  I’ve heard this song so many times but she’s doing a good job with it.   Crazy range and she’s not over doing the runs.  She put a lot of emotion into that.  Alicia is on her feet and so is Kelly.

Sharane is up next and one of them gets the final steal!  Sharane’s presence takes over the whole stage, and she opens tenderly and then moves quickly into her powerful, crazy range.  She has a nice lower register as well as an impressive upper range.  She is OWNING this song, Kelly is already on her feet.  Very emotionally moving as well.  This was Sharane’s I think.  Alicia and Kelly both on their feet.

Adam says Sharane was so great because she was so connected emotionally.  Kelsea was close to perfect but she’s a little too much in her head.  Kelly says Kelsea nailed it, and Sharane sometimes let the emotion distract from her voice.  Blake says Sharane has WTF pipes.  Kelsea has a voice similar to Chloe’s from last season in that breaks up and people like that.  Alicia says Kelly brought up something interesting that there is  wall between Sharane and her and she rises to the occasion.  Kelsea is in her head and she can break through.  The winner of this Knockout is…………….  Kelsea!  Alicia says there’s something mysterious and special about her.  In a very anticlimactic way Adam steals Sharane.  Adam says he hasnt’ even seen the best of her which is scary.  Good steal by Adam.

Tomorrow you can go behind the scenes with your favorite artists and coaches in the road to the live.  Live playffs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next week.  The power shifts to you America!

Advancing to the Live Playoffs:

Team Adam:

Rayshun LaMarr

Reid Umstattd

Sharane Calister (STEAL)

Team Alicia:

Britton Buchanan

Kelsea Johnson

Team Blake:


Gary Edwards  (STEAL)

Team Kelly:

D.R. King

Tish  Haynes Keys (SAVE)

Dylan Hartigan (STEAL)

Alexa Cappelli


Dallas Caroline (Team Alicia)

Jorge Eduardo (Team Kelly)

Jordyn Simone (Team Adam)

That’s a wrap on the Knockouts!  See you next Monday night for the Live Playoffs!

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