The Voice Season 14 Recap: Battle Rounds 3 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Battle Rounds" -- Pictured: (l-r) Justin Kilgore, Molly Stevens -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice Season 14 Battle Rounds continue tonight with coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and American Idol OG winner and newbie Kelly Clarkson.  Carson Daly returns as host.  Join us as we LIVE BLOG every performance.

The Voice Season 14 Song Spoilers – Battle Rounds 3

Each of the coaches will enlist the help of celebrity mentors to ready their teams for battle. Team Adam enlists the help of Julia Michaels, Team Blake joins forces with Trace Adkins, Shawn Mendes lends a hand to Team Alicia and Hailee Steinfeld helps Team Kelly.  The winner of the battle moves on to the Knockouts. The loser is eliminated…or stolen by another coach. Each coach will round out their team with two steals.

Week 2 of the Battles begins!

Team Blake:  Kaleb Lee from Ormond Beach, FL vs.  Pryor Baird from Nashville, TN “Don’t Do Me Like That” by Tom Petty

Kaleb’s Mom had him when she was 18.  He’s never met his Dad.  He has three kids, one of them adopted.  He runs a marketing company.  Pryor says Kaleb’s voice is like a 66 Cadillac Eldarado, nice and smooth.  Pryor put music on the back burner to work construction.  Kaleb says Pryor is an incredible performer, 4 chair turn and he has to go up against that.  They are close personal friends and room mates.  Blake said this song will be a challenge for both of these artists.  Trace says Pryor has a voice that gets your attention.  Blake says they don’t get many battles like this on Team Blake.  He says something special is going to happen in this battle.  

The battle starts now!  They are both standing behind mics playing guitars.  Pryor really starts to belt, but overall this is pretty even I think.  They end away from the mics, and I give a slight edge to Pryor.  All four coaches on their feet!

Kelly tells them they both have cool tones.  She says that Pryor has a raspy Aerosmith tone, but that it was an even battle.  Alicia says it was fun and they had vibrant energy.  She would go with Kaleb.  Adam tells Pryor he’s a beastly man, however, Kaleb has a certain subtlety.  Adam picks Pryor.  Blake says both of them have put aside music and it’s shocking because they both sound like they are still playing bars somewhere every night (was that supposed to be a compliment??).  He tells Kaleb he stepped up to it, and Pryor is for real and brought it again like he did in the blinds.  The winner of this battle is……………..  Pryor!   Pryor advances to the KnockOuts.  Blake says nobody else sounds like Pryor and that’s why he chose him.  Kaleb says to Blake thanks for the opportunity and reminded him why he did it before.  Right as Kaleb is leaving the stage, Kelly hits her steal button.  We have a steal!!!  Kaleb advances to the Knockouts on Team Kelly!

Team Adam:  Mia Boostrom from Boston, MA vs.  Genesis Diaz  Miami, FL “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson

Mia has always struggled with self-confidence due to her size.  She feels blessed to be here.  Her battle partner is Genesis and Genesis says Mia has a rich, soulful, raw, intimidating voice.  Genesis’ parents were born in Cuba.  They gave up their music careers to give her a better life.  Mia says she gets chills listening to Genesis sing.  She has a powerful voice, and she’s nervous.    So Adam gave them a Kelly song to sing in front of Kelly…  Genesis says that is so intimidating.  Adam says it’s tough to do an artists song in front of them.  Julia Michaels says she likes Mia’s deep tone that you don’t hear often.  Adam says Genesis can pierce through a band.  Julia said they both sang the song too straight and they need to make it their own.  Adam tells them in rehearsals to loosen up.  He says it will come down to confidence and who breaks through on the song.  

The battle starts now!  Mia’s voice is very unique and Genesis’ is very powerful.  Mia is a bit hard to understand in places.  Genesis does some really interesting vocal things with the song, but it didn’t blow me away by either one of them.  Adam and Kelly are on their feet as it ends.  

Blake says they are both great singers and that is a vocally hard song.  He says he would go with Mia, her performance was more complete.  Alicia says Mia is more earthy and Genesis is more like a lioness.  She says the song suited Genesis better.  Kelly loved hearing them sing the song.  Genesis is a pistol and ready for Pat Benatar.  Kelly says Mia has low ends that she would die for and she felt like the song was best suited for Mia.  Adam says he loves that Genesis is so out of control.  Mia is more in control of her technical singing.  It’s a stalemate.  The winner of this battle is………………….  Mia!  Adam says Mia has incredible vibrato, great technique and tone.  Genesis tells Adam thanks for everything he has told her.  Adam tells her not to stop.  Genesis Diaz is eliminated and Mia is advanced to Knockouts on Team Adam.

Team Kelly:  Justin Kilgore from Buffalo TX vs. Molly Stevens from Raleigh, NC “Burning House” by Cam

Molly says she’s excited to be paired with Justin and they connect outside of music.  Molly is a Southern Baptist from a small southern town and it wasn’t easy coming out to her parents, but they worked through their differences and love one another as a family.  Justin says he can learn how to be comfortable in his own skin from Molly because she’s been where he’s been.  He also came from a small town, knew he was gay from a young age and was a cheerleader.  He did country music during college but it didn’t stick.  Kelly chose this song because it lends to storytelling and they are really good at that.  (Sorry but Emily Ann OWNED this song).  Hailee says Molly’s voice is captivating.  Kelly says Justin has a solid, old school country voice but also soulful thing that she loves.  Kelly tells us the winner of this battle needs to connect.  She wants them to be believable.  

Let the battle begin!  They are signing to each other, very intimate and emotional.  Molly has a unique tone and Justin has a big range.  

Blake asks Kelly what she’s going to do.  Alicia tells them there was a real tenderness between them and it was beautiful. Alicia liked Molly’s twang and Justin has a warmth and a passion.  Alicia leans toward Molly.  Adam says their feelings and emotions were real, and he felt something.  Adam says he would go with Justin but no one sings like Molly.  Blake reminds them that he turned for them both.  Justin’s voice fit the song a little better and he has a big presence.  Molly has a hard edge voice and moves into a falsetto he was impressed.  He would go with Molly.  Kelly tells them that their voices are different but they were both vulnerable and raw.  Molly has crazy cool indigo girl greatness.  Justin has an untapped well that tis waiting to burst out.  The winner of this battle is……………  Justin!  Molly says to Kelly that she’s awesome and thank you so much.  No steal, so Molly goes home.  Kelly chose Justin because he has a sweet falsetto that is very cool for a male country singer.

Team Adam:  Miya Bass from New York, NY vs. Drew Cole from Los Angeles, CA “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns n Roses

Miya comes from a family of NYPD and left her police cadet job to become a struggling NYC artist.  She says Drew’s voice is really melodic soft rock type of feel.  She hopes she can keep up with him. Before the voice Drew had a video playing guitar to a dog.  He has been in LA for 3 years recording music and being a bartender.  Drew says Miya is a super soulful, powerhouse and she will be a challenge to go up against.  Adam says he paired them become there’s a rock and roll edge to both of them.  Adam says Drew has the kind of voice that could be on the radio yet timeless.  Julia says Miya’s special because of her range.  Adam tells us that this battle will come down to the performance and the urgency of it.  He’s seen the most growth in this duo than in anyone.  It’s a task to take this song and turn it into something vibrant.  

Which Team Adam vocalist will win this battle?  Drew has his guitar  and is at the mic stand.  Miya is moving around the stage more.  Drew has such a pleasant tone but Miya has an amazing range.  Three coach standing ovation all but Blake.  That was a solid battle.  They were both really good.  

Blake said it didn’t feel like a battle but like a Grammy performance.  Miya is in tears and Blake told her all that emotion went into that performance.  Blake said it was an obvious choice for Drew and Miya’s vision for it still honored the original.  He would give it to Miya.  Kelly says Drew is stellar and Miya’s freedom in how she performs is inspiring.  Alicia says it was beautiful to see two different interpretations of one timeless song.  She says it was obviously in Drew’s wheelhouse but it was totally Miya’s zone.  Adam tells them the two of them encapsulate all he loves about music.  Congratulates them on a special moment.  The winner of this battle is………………….  Drew!  Adam says Drew’s voice is contemporary but old school and his taste is similar to his so they will work well together.  Miya tells Adam thank you for everything and for turning your chair.  Alicia hits her button to steal!  Miya breaks down.  Alicia says she’s been waiting and waiting and here Miya comes…  Drew and Miya both advance to Knockouts.

Team Blake:  Jordan Kirkdoffer from Nashville, TN  vs.  Wilkes from Waleska, GA ” Nobody To Blame” by Chris Stapleton

They are a little surprised to be paired together.  Jordan loves his job as an accountant but music is his passion.  Wiles has been working in music for 17 years and the past few as a country songwriter and a stay at home Dad.  Blake says the song has a rock edge to it so it’s in Wilkes’ wheel house but Jordan fits into what we hear on country radio today.  Wilkes says Jordan’s voice is smooth so he will have to bring his absolute best.  Trace says Wilkes is conversational and that can’t be taught, and Jordan has a really good range and control.  At rehearsal Blake tells us one of the other coaches could end up stealing one of his better artists out of this battle.  (Really?)  

Welcome back to the battles, and the battle starts now!  Jordan starts off with just him and the mic stand, he sounds okay.  Wilkes comes in with guitar behind the mic, he is definitely more comfortable on stage.  I’m not a huge country fan, but they are doing this song justice.  They are both laying it out there.  Blake and Kelly on their feet.  

Kelly tells Jordan his style is on point and Wilkes is low key and has a cool vibe.  She doesn’t know who she would pick.  Alicia says it was really electric.  She really loved Jordan’s energy and his voice is pure and sweet.  Wilkes is more husky and raw and she would choose Wilkes because she gravitates to his sound but they were both in their own lane.  Adam tells Jordan that Wilkes is one of his favorites in the competition.  But he is fantastic too.  Blake says great job and they worked their butts off.  Jordan nailed it.  The energy that Jordan brings is unbelievable.  Wilkes bring same kind of energy but uses it in a different way.  They both delivered.  Kelly mentions that she has no steals left.  She is very excited about this battle!  The winner of this battle is…………………  Wilkes!  He has that rough around the edges thing that is hard to come by and that is why Blake chose him.  Jordan says to Blake he pushed him and challenged him.  Jordan is eliminated, and Wilkes advances to Knockouts.

Team Alicia:  Britton Buchanan from Sanford, NC vs Jaclyn Lovey from Placerville, CA “Thinkin’ Out Loud” by Ed Sheerhan

Jaclyn says competing with Britton’s powerful voice is kind of scary.  Britton says Jaclyn has a unique voice and they are good friends.  He’s terrified and exited.  Britton likes to think he’s a fun guy.  He likes to make people laugh.  Music gave him a sense of belonging that he didn’t have.  Jaclyn is home schooled and graduated early.  Her community is supportive of her music.  Alicia says she chose the song because they both have unique styles and the singer/songwriter vibe will fit them well.  Britton has a wisdom in his voice and it’s piercing.  Jaclyn has a simplicity and purity in her voice that is really honest.  Shawn says Jaclyn has a beautiful falsetto, and if she masters what’s special about her she’s a monster in a good way.  Alicia is going to make this decision by who makes it their own and who is really ready for the next step.  (Yet another commercial before the battle begins.)  

The battle begins!  Britton starts off on guitar and the audience swoons.  Jaclyn’s voice is so good.  This is tripped back and tender, best battle of the night so far.  Jaclyn sounds way older than 16 years old.  Britton’s got such power.  Alicia and Adam standing ovation!  

Adam reminds Britton that Blake blocked him in the blinds from getting him.  Adam tells him he’s a badass.  He tells Jaclyn that she was a revelation to him and she has something special.  Both did good.  Blake tells both of them that their singing, performance and stage presence is timeless and Alicia can’t go wrong either way. Kelly tells Britton he’s an insane vocalist but they are really underestimating Jaclyn with her effortless, angelic falsetto.  Tells Jaclyn if she had a steal she would steal her if she became available.  Alicia tells them she is proud of both of them.  Britton has a lived in voice.  He comes better under pressure.  Tells Jaclyn she is a fan of her voice.   She makes people feel there is a sweetness in the world that we forget actually exists.  She completely owned who she is as a 16 year old.  The winner of this battle is……………. Britton!  Britton has a special thing that is just ridiculous according to his coach.  Jaclyn thanks Alicia for all the things she has taught her.  Jaclyn is leaving the stage when we have a STEAL!!  Blake hits his button and says that Jaclyn is freakin’ awesome and there’s no way she’s going home!  Both Britton and Jaclyn move on to the Knockouts.  Jaclyn definitely deserved a steal after that moving performance up against a four chair turn.

As we move into the last night of the battles coach Alicia Keys is the only one with a steal left.  Who will she choose?

Advancing to the KnockOuts:

Team Adam:

Mia Boostrom

Team Alicia:

Britton Buchanan

Miya Bass (Steal)

Team Blake:

Pryor Baird


Jaclyn Lovey (Steal)

Team Kelly:

Justin Kilgore

Kaleb Lee (Steal)


Genesis Diaz  (Team Adam)

Molly Stevens   (Team Kelly)

Jordan Kirkdoffer   (Team Blake)

Thanks for joining me tonight for the battles!  MJ back with you tomorrow night but I’ll see you next Modnay for the Knockouts!

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