The Voice: Kate Cosentino Delivers Quirky Dionne Warwick Cover

Kate Cosentino - The Voice 23
Pictured: Kate Cosentino — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

Week 2 of The Voice season 23 wrapped up on Tuesday (March 14) with some classic and unique song choices. Some of the song choices were spun with a modern twist, like an Italian singer who performed “Say a Little Prayer,” a vintage Dionne Warwick hit from the 60s. She even accompanied her rendition with an electric guitar. (Read our Recap)

Kate Cosentino is a 23-year-old originally from Kansas City, Missouri who now lives in Nashville. She compares her family to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but Italian instead. Her package is pretty cheesy and over the top which includes her family singing Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore.” Kate, who creates custom guitar straps, possesses a vintage and quirky style. Her dad, Stephen, describes Kate as having “a really great acumen for a broad range of music.” The singer describes her music style as “dad jokes to jazzy guitar.”

Kate shared that a chair turn would be “really affirming” for what she’s doing. She plays electric guitar for the audition, giving the performance a kind of alt-rock meets jazz spin. Her vocal has subtle runs, but they seem more stylistic rather than soulful like the original. Some of her vocal choices remind me slightly of Leah Marlene from last season of American Idol, as they have a somewhat similar approach to spinning songs. The audition was fun, but I have a feeling Kate can bring even more to the table in future rounds.

Midway through, Kelly Clarkson says, “I’m interested” and turns. Chance the Rapper turns a few seconds after, and Niall Horan follows a few moments later.

“The Italian and Irish are Friends”

Chance compliments the singer’s “cool vibe” to which Kate responds, “it’s clown couture!” Chace adds, “You have a full voice, but there’s a lot of joy that comes out of it.” Kelly reminds her she was first to turn, and compares her guitar to something from the 90s movie Wayne’s World. “You have such a pretty alto register, it’s kind of lullaby-ish,” Kelly observes. Niall loved the song choice, saying, “there’s an already made star in there” with an “Italian confidence.” Niall is confident he can get her, stating that he has producers lined up to work with the singer. He ends with, “please just don’t pick Kelly”.

“I have to go with what my ancestors would choose”, Kate says, having decided which team to pick. “The Italian and Irish are friends,” she states, picking Niall as her coach. For his part, Niall loves Kate’s character, and is thrilled to work with her.

The other standout of Tuesday night was 17-year-old Mary Kate Connor (Team Blake Shelton) who showed potential with a beautiful country-pop tone and had veteran coaches Blake and Kelly fighting over her.

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