The Voice 9 Top 12 Power Rankings What Are Yours?

The Voice 9 Top 12 Power Rankings

The Voice 9 Top 12 Power Rankings

Here’s my The Voice 9 Top 12 Power Rankings ahead of Monday’s LIVE show.  I numbered them, but these rankings are organized a little randomly. I tended to put “saved by their coaches” finalists close to the bottom of the list and the buzzy, talked about contestants near the top. The middle is kind of random. I fully expect many lists that are quite different than mine.

Here’s my Power list. See you Monday night at 8/7c PM for our live blog! The Voice airs on NBC.

12. Mark Hood – Team Pharrell –  I still go back and forth on whether Pharrell should have saved Mark or Darius Scott. The latter is an impeccable technician, and maybe a little too esoteric for a singing show, but Mark lacks the versatility he’ll need to go the distance. Pharrell and Darius could have worked on calibrating his performances for the intended audience. Mark needs to be able to mix it up. The one time he pulled out a ballad (“Stand by Me” in the Knockouts), not only were his vocal weaknesses revealed, but he had difficulty mustering the vulnerability needed to allow the audience to connect.  Without a few ballads in his back pocket he can convincingly perform , Mark’s not going to last long.

11. Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen – I think Gwen made a mistake saving Korin over rocker, Ellie Lawrence. Korin is similar enough in style to Amy Vachal and Madi Davis, that she’ll be eclipsed by them both. Fun rocker performances from Ellie would have been a breath of fresh air. If Korin comes out with another snoozy performance like “Adia,” viewers will reject her again.

10. Evan McKeel – Team Pharrell – I was delighted that America advanced Evan to the Top 12, but I’ve got him ranked low on the list because the very thing I love about him–his versatility–will hinder his ability to advance. Is he a soul singer or a rocker? Evan seems to believe he’s the latter, while his coach, Pharrell, seems to prefer the former. Good luck with that, guys! Blake has racked up 4 wins because he understands you’ve got to find a contestant’s hook, so viewers can hang their hats on it over and over again.

9. Emily Ann Roberts – Team Blake – I’m still floored that despite her song, “In the Garden,” entering the Top 10, Emily STILL had to be saved by her coach. That tells me at the very least, her popularity will be song dependent. It seems that viewers liked the song, but not necessarily Emily Ann as an artist.

8. Amy Vachal – Team Adam – I was a little surprised that Amy had to be saved by America. She has solid iTunes sales and a loyal and fierce fanbase that’s well represented online. I find her performances underwhelming and apparrently I’m not alone. What she really needs to do at this point, is shake it up a bit– really kill it on a contemporary song while showing more dynamic range.

7. Shelby Brown – Team Adam – Shelby is a really good singer, and her belty country style seems to be working for her. Adam may try to move her into a pop direction, like he did Amber Carrington back in season 4. Shelby did audition with “Stars” by Grace Potter. But on the other hand, the country thing seems to be working for her, so why mess with a good thing? But then again, she’s one of four country singers in the Top 12. Singing pop could set her apart from the others. But then she’ll be competing with pop girls like Amy and Madi. Adam has to pick songs that will set Shelby apart, no matter the genre.

6. Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake – His knockout was montaged, after which the singer was handed a dud song, “Brand New Girlfriend,” for the Playoffs. Maybe that’s why he swung for the fences last week. Zach turned the song into an Elvis jam, gyrating his hips as he worked the stage.  “Brand New Girlfriend” was the third highest charting The Voice song on iTunes. Additionally, America saved him, over fellow Team Blake member, Emily Ann Roberts, who beat him on the charts. But is Zach a one hit wonder, or will he be able to deliver compelling performances without relying on drunk uncle at a wedding moves? We’ll see.

5. Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen – This kid’s vocals are so underbaked. But even a curmudgeon like me has to admit that young Braiden is adorable. Gwen has him all styled as the second coming of Donny Osmond, and singing sappy 70’s classics by Bread.  Just wait until he has to sing for the save.  Will America be able to say NO to those puppy dog eyes? He’s going to be the one that lasts longer than many fans think he should. He and Zach Seabaugh may share that crown.

4. Madi Davis – Team Pharrell – This young singer has delivered dynamic and compelling performances week after week. If Pharrell keeps working closely with her to make sure her song choices are perfect, she could make the finals.

3. Barrett Baber – Team Blake – I considered switching Barrett into fourth place with Madi in third. Considering he had the pimp spot, and a big emotional song, “Drive Your Truck,” it was surprising that Barrett’s song didn’t land in the Top 10. Maybe Jordan swiped all of his thunder? He’s still a pretty good bet for the finals. He did get through based on America’s vote. But he’s not the automatic shoe in I pegged him for initially.

2. Jeffery Austin – Team Gwen – Well, look at you Jeffery Austin, and your initially low key presence busting out during the Knockouts and Playoffs! Jeffery KNOWS how to deliver emotion. Actually, I think he’s got that ability on TOP of a beautiful soulful voice. Unlike Jordan, who belts big long notes to signify when listeners are supposed to feel something, Jeffery actually appears to be experiencing those feelings and has the ability to convey those emotions to the audience.  The difference: Jeffery knows and isn’t afraid of who he is.

1. Jordan Smith – Team Adam – So far, Jordan is blowing away the competition, in terms of iTunes downloads and probably in votes. His Playoff performance, “Halo” climbed to the Top 3 and was only dislodged from the Top 10 when new songs were released on Friday. He’s been promoted by the show as the Holy Spiritual Healer Singer Come Down from Heaven to Save us all, so watch out when he eventually busts out that protestant gospel tune. Universal studios may explode. At this point, it’s hard to imagine Jordan not winning.

Here are the results of Wednesday’s post-results poll

  1. Amy Vachal – Team Adam 17.02%
  2. Jeffery Austin – Team Gwen 15.85%
  3. Jordan Smith – Team Adam 15.52%
  4. Madi Davis – Team Pharrell 14.13%
  5. Emily Ann Roberts – Team Blake 8.35%
  6. Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen 6%
  7. Evan McKeel – Team Pharrell 6%
  8. Barrett Baber – Team Blake 4.82%
  9. Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake 4.6%
  10. Shelby Brown – Team Adam 3.85%
  11. Mark Hood – Team Pharrell 2.57%
  12. Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen 1.28%

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