The Voice 9 Top 10 Performance – Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 9 Recap Top 10 Performance Live Blog -- Pictured: Jeffery Austin -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice 9 Recap Top 10 Performance Live Blog VIDEOS

Tonight, the 10 remaining members of Team Blake Shelton, Team Adam Levine, Team Gwen Stefani and Team Pharrell Williams perform for YOUR votes! Click for Voting Rules. No phone. No texting. Online voting only at, The Voice Facebook or via The Voice smartphone app. And of course, iTunes downloads count as votes!. Don’t download until 10 pm ET! Voting during the show ONLY on the smartphone app. Click for tonight’s Top 10 Song Spoilers.

Hello it’s host Carson Daly! He introduces the coaches. Gwen Stefani’s get up. Oh right, because she is performing tonight. No time for a costume change!

Jeffery Austin – Team Gwen – Jealous by Labrinth – Gwen and Jeffery discuss the song’s unfamiliarity. Jeffery believes the song will show a very vulnerable side. Gwen thinks he should wear a suit. Always there with the wardrobe advice! He’s looking for the balance between being emotional, but not losing control. Ugh. So bummed Jeffery is performing first. I hope it doesn’t hurt him. He looks fantastic, and as always, this is an A+ vocal. Powerfully emotional. How is it this guy has been sitting at a desk for so many years? He needs to quit that damn day job. The delivery is subtle in parts, perfectly calibrated. I love that he’s not oversinging. He brings more power on the last verse, and a soft, tender finish. Heartbreaking. BRAVO. Hands down, the best singer this season.  Adam says he was transported from the competition. “You have a really bright future,” he says. Blake calls the song amazing, “I got lost in that,” he says. “Great Job.” Pharrell congratulates Jeffery. He’d never heard the song! Pharrell felt Jeffery’s “honesty.” Gwen didn’t want it to end. She notes that they struggled finding a song, but it turned out perfect.  –  Download from iTunes

Emily Ann Roberts – Team Blake – She’s Got You by Patsy Cline – Blake gave his team guitars!  Blake signed hers, which she plays tonight.  Emily chatted with Wynonna Judd via smart phone, who gave her some advice. Blake is amazed at how she has a handle on her artistry at such young age. Blake demanded the band put away their electric guitars. “This is bluegrass!” he says. There’s no guitar for Emily this week, but she sticks to her mic stand for the most part, which allows the young singer to deliver a simple and solid vocal. This is nice, but it doesn’t pack the punch that last week’s performance did. She’ll chart nicely, but I don’t expect another Top 10. Oh. She’s moving around the stage. Floppy hands. She’s got to work on that. That tone, though. Clear as a bell. Excellent breath control on the last line! –  Blake is hootin and hollerin for her. Pharrell calls it “FANTASTIC” along with the old soul blah blah blah only 17 blah blah blah trope. Adam thinks she’s turned into a phenomenal singer over the course of the season. He hates giving Blake compliments! Blake can’t stop smiling! He calls her the best collaborator he’s had in all of his seasons on The Voice. HYPERBOLE ALERT. He calls tonight’s performance her best ever. Hm. –  Download from iTunes

America Ferrera is in the audience, pimping “Superstore.”

Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen – Radioactive by Imagine Dragons – Aw. Grandma on the phone. She’s spearheading the “get out the vote” initiative. The contestants talk about hometown support in each video package. Gwen believes he needs to be extreme and “big.” Oy Gwen. Your advice is truly horrible.  Braiden: “This is going to be sick.” I agree, but not in the way he thinks. Gwen believes young Braiden can record over the top rock sounds and be successful. Also, she suggests he cut his hair. Actually, the cut is OK, allowing him to wear his hair curly and look somewhat contemporary for once. The retro Donny Osmond look was silly. Braiden takes his “act” into the audience to glad hand some fans. It still feels like a little kid playing grown up, but I was expecting worse.  The vocal is pretty solid, without pitch problems–he’s hitting the notes. Well, maybe not that last one. Adam respects his courage and his “balls.”  He appreciates that he goes for it. “I guess if you’ve got them you can talk about them,” cracks Blake about Adam’s “balls”.  The shippers will love that. Did I tell you I found Shevine smut on Tumblr. I know. Scary. But I digress. Blake’s favorite thing about Braiden is his throwback to the 80’s. Which this wasn’t at all, so subtle shade from Blake.  Gwen calls Braiden “punk rock” because he cut his hair. Stop  that Gwen. Braiden is as far from “punk rock” as one could possibly get. This “rock” personna you’re crafting isn’t working for him. –  Download from iTunes

Aw. The Voice joins forces with The Wiz. Dorothy sings for her friends. And Toto too! The Wiz airs live on Thursday.

Shelby Brown – Team Adam – Go Rest High on that Mountain by Vince Gill – Aw. Adam got her a stuffed Giraffe, a gift for singing well last week (in his estimation). Her grandfather was a huge Vince Gill fan. Her family played this song at his memorial service. She misses him. “Stay pure with it,” advises Adam, who promises the song could be a defining moment for her. The pit waves along as Shelby belts the mournful song. A performance that’s both understated and powerful. If this doesn’t keep Shelby out of the bottom two, I honestly don’t know what will. The song is in her wheelhouse, and should speak deeply to her target audience in a way that last week’s Gaga cover didn’t. Shelby had to get back to business tonight. She’s a little teary after she finishes. Pharrell feels it was her best performance. “You connected to the intention of the person who wrote that song.” Adam has been trying to get her out of her own way. He feels she gets better week. “We’re all so proud of you. – Download from iTunes

Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen – Same Old Love by Selena Gomez – She broke down backstage after being saved for a second time. Gwen says she needs to be “sassy” on this song, rather than emotional. Gwen demonstrates for her. Korin timidly says it’s the kind of singer she wants to be.  Gwen KNOWS she has it in her.  But does she? And wouldn’t you know. This isn’t terrible. Vocally, Korin is in control, rather than holding back. The melody isn’t too much for her, and she is able to bring a measure of sensuality and sassiness to the performance. Her stage presence could still use some work–she needs to loosen up. That was her best performance in weeks. Funny, she’s totally channelling Gwen. But that’s how she’s been coached. Korin is Gwen’s mini-me, for better or worse (mostly the latter, unfortunately). Pharrell shouts out to the band. He feels the arrangement framed her voice, and her moment. “It was your moment today.” Gwen says, “I can’t believe that you did that! That was crazy!” –  Download from iTunes

Amy Vachal – Team Adam – Bye Bye Bye by *Nsync – Adam wants the arrangement to be “bluesy and cool.”  Amy jokes with her  brother on the phone about how he stole all of her *Nsync albums when they were kids. She wanted to be the 6th member. Adam feels like he’s cracked the code of working with a stylized singer. Adam and Amy arrange the song in a way that will highlight the emotional aspects.  Hm. I’m not convinced this was a great song to cover. It chugs along, her vocal washed out by the band at times. I was hoping for more dynamics from Amy.  Her vocal fades out on the higher notes. I wish her interpretation was  darker. A creepier, angrier vocal could have been interesting. This is kind of a snooze. Gwen thinks she should do a tour made up entirely of flipped songs. I’m sure that’s not what Amy has in mind.  Adam feels like they’ve maximized the possibilities when it comes to re-working other people’s songs.  –  Download from iTunes

Jordan Smith – Team Adam – Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen – “I think you are one of the best singers in the world,” says Adam. Seriously. Adam said that. He thinks Jordan can make people feel anything. “I think it’s the perfect choice for this moment,” says Adam, of picking the overdone “Hallelujah”. Jordan begins the performance  atop a white staircase, with the fog machine and the strings.  And there is the heavenly choir right on cue! The stage is bathed in whate light. Jordan brings some very pretty flourishes to moments, and props to him for not oversinging like he could have. Blake says he topped Matthew Schuyler’s version. UH OH. Actually, I disagree, vigorously. While Jordan has an incredibly rangy and pure sounding instrument, he is currently unable to tap into deep emotions. I thought Matthew’s rendition dug deeper. Pharrell calls it “incredibly touching.”  Adam goes on and on about how important and special Jordan is. He’s a good singer, like many others.  But the hype is too much, Adam. Too much. –  Download from iTunes

Carson is in The Voice skybox! Whee! Ellie Goulding pops up in a short video package. She’s performing on The Voice December 17.

Next, it’s Gwen Stefani, on stage to sing “I Used to Love You.” She’s changed clothes. That crazy outfit was for Blake, I guess. She’s wearing a flowy, elegant see-through gown.  Are we going to cut to Blake’s reaction? C’mon. Us Magazine and E Online needs something to write about tomorrow. Really pretty bored with the breathless reporting of every move these two make or do not make. They cut to Pharrell and Blake clapping afterward. That will be a 1000 word story somewhere tomorrow. BLAKE CLAPS FOR GWEN the headline will read. Kill me now.

Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake – Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen – Blake blatantly says they’re going back to his first hip swiveling performance in order to pander for votes. Out of ideas! One trick pony. More talk about channeling Elvis. STOP THAT. Zach is NOT Elvis. Not even close. Blake says Zach needs to pull out all the stops. In other words: Unless we’re shameless, Zach is going to get cut at next week’s blood bath. The second hand embarrassment continues to be strong.  The element of surprise worked in Zach’s favor the first time. This performance is just BORING. And desperate. Zach makes Pat Boone look edgy by comparison. Adam laughs, “It’s a shame you have no confidence…awesome job.” Blake notes the screaming girls in the audience. “That was your best performance…I’ll see you in the finale.”  Blake is high. –  Download from iTunes

Madi Davis – Team Pharrell – Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper – Madi recorded a version of this song at 13. It’s one of her favorites. She’s singing for girl power.  Pharrell wants to keep it stripped down, but then bring on the power notes. This is not about me! Says Pharrell, who mentions his team will be done if she leaves.  Love the raspy reedy horn in the background. This arrangement sounds SO much better live! I was a little worried. Not anymore.  What a lovely interpretation from Madi. Such a pretty vocal. The dynamics and phrasing are spot on. Loving the outfit too. Everything about this performance is gorgeous and alluring.  Pharrell should stay in the game for at least another week. Madi deserves a spot in the final.  Adam calls it a really cool beautiful version of the song. Gwen loves her instincts and wonder about the songs she writes. “I’m buying it!” says Blake. Pharrell instructs America to download. Madi chose the song and arranged it. She’s saving Pharrell’s ass. –  Download from iTunes

Barrett Baber – Team Blake – I’d Just Love to Lay You Down by Conway Twitty – Barrett’s got a special tribute to Arkansas.  Conway Twitty is from his home state. Barrett says that this week, he’s going to sit with his guitar and sing from his heart. Just like he does in the bars! Well, last week’s “rock” version of Delta Dawn didn’t work. Time to try something else. Another shout out to his wife. He’s married y’all. IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW. He’s got a fireplace working behind him. Just like home! He’s plain folk. Snarking aside, it’s a good, solid, albeit generic vocal. He really should outlast the gimmicky Zach. But he doesn’t appear to be Blake’s favorite anymore. Adam says it was his favorite performance in awhile. He’s been all over the map, he says, but this is where he belongs. Blake is pointing “TOP 10 IN iTUNES.” He feels it’s the best he’s performed on the show so far. I thought the performance was competent, but dull. We’ll see if Barrett’s bid for iTunes relevancy works. – Download from iTunes

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