The Voice 9 Top 10 Perform – Take the POLLS!

The Voice 9 Top 10 Perform – Take the POLLS! -- Pictured: Madi Davis -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 9 Top 10 Perform – Take the POLLS!

The Voice 9 Top 10 Performances – Live Blog and Videos

As much as we singing show fans groan every time a contestant whips out that old stalwart, “Hallelujah,” there’s no blaming the singer. Who could resist a song that will reliably score a moment for even a half decent version of the song? Did anybody have a doubt that Jordan Smith would retake his place as King of iTunes after he performed it? Casual viewers have not grown tired of “Hallelujah.” Not being obsessed with singing shows probably helps.

I was correct about Amy Vachal not scoring as well with “Bye Bye Bye,” as she did last week with the Taylor Swift hit, “Blank Space.” But completely wrong about Emily Ann Roberts Patsy Cline cover.  She hit the top 10 this week really quickly. I should not have underestimated the power of Patsy.  I still preferred the singer’s “Why Not Me” from last week. But I’m not even a country fan. Blake is on a roll with her.

It looks like Barrett Baber is back on track too. Pull out a beloved Conway Twitty ditty in order to salute your home state. Another shout out to the wife. Sing plaintively and SINCERELY with guitar in hand. And now, Barrett is in the iTunes Top 5. Blake might get him AND Emily into the finale. I was a little premature calling dunzo on Barrett, particularly since it appears that teammate, Zach Seabaugh, is fizzling. His desperate attempt to recreate his Playoffs performance, but with a different song, fell flat this time. It’s called “out of ideas” and “nothing to see here.”

Korin Bukowski and Braiden Sunshine are tanking and they can thank their coach Gwen Stefani for that. I thought Korin improved a lot this week, but without any artistic identity to speak of, viewers can’t connect. One week, she’s indie, the next she’s blond and the second coming Gwen. This week, let’s go with a sexy vibe! Poor thing doesn’t know if she’s coming or going. And Braiden. Her attempt to transform him into a bad ass rocker is ludicrous. I realize Braiden actually sees himself like that, but this is where the firm hand of a smart coach should come in. Actually, a smart coach would have known better than to have either of them on her team.  Braiden is a decent singer, but he’s amateur hour at this point. Korin isn’t talent free, but really, she should probably go back to med school. Show business may not be for her. Braiden’s chart position is sub basement. His time to hit B3 may have finally come.

Look at what a difference a week makes for Shelby Brown. Dead last on iTunes last week, in the Top 10 the next. I’m so happy Jeffery Austin has rebounded. He deserved to be in the Top 10 last week, but no use whining about that now. Next week, he’s got to play it a little safe. Pick a beloved ballad and SING THE SNOT OUT OF IT. Please Jeffery, we need you in the final! Gwen is so lucky to have, arguably, the best singer in the competition on her team, and that he is self directed.

Speaking of self directed. Madi Davis! Can you believe the musical instincts this young girl possesses? If there is an artist this season who deserves the “OMG SHE’s ONLY *insert age*” treatment, it’s Madi. Her fully formed artistic identity, maturity and musical sensibility are truly beyond her years. I wasn’t sold on the iTunes snippet, but she was perfection tonight. I don’t care what else happens. I NEED her and Jeffery in the final. The end.

Now it’s your turn to sound off. Vote in the polls, and I’ll post the results tomorrow, along with predictions and final iTunes chart numbers.

ETA: The Voice contestants holding 6 spots in the Top 10!

Favorite Performance

Grade the Episode

Which Contestant Will be Eliminated

iTunes Chart as of 12:34 am ET per iTunes iPhone app with the cache cleared

2. Jordan Smith – Team Adam – Hallelujah
3. Barrett Baber – Team Blake – I’d Just Love to Lay You Down
5. Emily Ann Roberts – Team Blake – She’s Got You
6. Madi Davis – Team Pharrell – Girls Just Want to Have Fun
8. Jeffery Austin – Team Gwen – Jealous
9. Shelby Brown – Team Adam – Go Rest High on that Mountain
15. Amy Vachal – Team Adam – Bye Bye Bye
24. Zach Seabaugh – Team Blake – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
45. Korin Bukowski – Team Gwen – Same Old Love
146. Braiden Sunshine – Team Gwen – Radioactive

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