The Voice 9 Battle Rounds #2 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 9 Recap Battle Rounds #2

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams are joined by advisers, John Fogerty, Brad Paisley, Selena Gomez and Missy Elliott, respectively, as team members do battle for a spot in the upcoming Knockout Rounds. We’re live blogging here.

Click for Tonight’s Battle Round song spoilers.

Keith Semple vs Manny Cabo – Team Adam Levine – Baba O’Riley by The Who – Download from iTunes

Rehearsal:  Keith wants to be a good father by day and rock star by night. Manny is a freelance photographer hoping to return to music. Both are older guys, at a crossroads in their careers.  Adam felt he couldn’t avoid putting the two rockers together. The song will give them both the opportunity to “soar into the stratosphere.”  Manny has never had vocal lessons, he feels his work is cut out for him. Keith’s voice isn’t nearly as rich as Manny’s, but it’s more distinctive. Adam hits the drums on the second run through. The message Adam and adviser John Fogerty to to impart  is “Go crazy, break rules, take it to 11.”

Performance: YO DAD ROCK. Both have solid vocals, but capturing the danger and excitement of the original is a tall order. I mean, these guys are several revolutions around the sun past any sort of teenage wasteland. I think I prefer Keith’s voice. I could pick that one out of a lineup. Manny’s, not so much. Both work the stage pretty well, even while their moves are a little corny. The coaches are super impressed. “How did you know I was wasted right now?” says Blake. He calls it the “best battle we’ve ever had on  The Voice” UTTERED FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME. Also, insertion of obligatory bald joke. I’m begging you Adam. Grow back the hair.  Pharrell loves both, compares Keith to the Script and U2. I can see the former.   Adam compared the performance to a tennis match, but in the end, Keith wins the Battle. That was a good decision.

Christina Grimmie is back to shill clothing from Kohl’s. She dons a boyfriend jacket in honor of the guys.

Chris Crump vs Krista Hughes – Team Blake Shelton – When I Get Where I Am Going by Brad Paisley – Download from iTunes

Rehearsal: Chris is a 31 year old newlywed and wants to support his wife. Because they’re Christian and she’s not supposed to work. UGH. Krista had an amazing performance with “Angel on Montgomery.”She’s one of my favorites. Both were four chair turns. Brad wrote the song after he lost his aunt to cancer. Chris, as a pop singer, feels a little pressure. Nevertheless, Blake can feel the emotion. Chris just lost his grandfather. Brad played along with one of their run throughs. Brad mentions the tomato problem saying, “We need more females in country music.” At the final run through, they are worried the song isn’t helping Krista. Brad rewrites the melody for her. Brad hopes they both completely open their hearts on the stage.

Performance: Brad keeps referring to Chris as a “pop singer” but he sure sounds country to me. Krista has an amazing tone and depth of feeling, but her voice totally disappears on spots. Was it a good idea to change the key?. But Chris has a really nice, accessible tone, and is consistent throughout. Pharrell was impressed with Chris’ chest voice, but noted Krista had flat notes. Pharrell would pick Chris. Gwen loved the blend of their voices. She would choose Chris also. Adam felt Krista lose control. But overall, they are both really good. Blake can’t let go of how Krista messed up the bridge. But did she? ETA: I listened through this battle again. She may have had a few pitch problems. But c’mon. She out sang Chris.  Chris wins the battle. MAN. What a shame.  She’s the superior artist. He’s 100% blandymcblanderson.  I can’t believe Krista is gone already.

AND it’s montage time.

Madi Davis vs Sydney Rhame – Team Pharrell Williams – Riptide by Vance Joy – Madi Wins the Battle –  Download from iTunes,
Alex Kandel vs
Kota Wade – Team Gwen Stefani – It’s My Life by Talk Talk & No Doubt. Kota Wins The Battle – Download from iTunes
Jeffrey Austin vs
Noah Jackson – Team Gwen Stefani – “Can’t Feel my Face” by The Weeknd, Jeffrey wins the BattleDownload from iTunes

Ivonne Acero vs Siahna Im – Team Pharrell Williams – You Keep Me Hanging On by The Supremes – Download from iTunes

Rehearsal: Ivonne, from a family of cantaloupe farmers, was turned away Season 8, but finally got through this time. Fifteen year old Siahna is a very rare bird. Pharrell felt the duo’s youth would make them a good match. I don’t get this song choice. At all.  Missy encourages eye contact. “Ham it up,” says Pharrell. Oh really? “The call me sassy Siahna,” she teases.  Siahna’s quirks are borderline contrived. In the final rehearsal, both are improved. But Pharrell and Missy want more vibrato from Siahna, and Ivonne needs to engage more. When Ivonne forgets the words, and kind of freaks out, Pharrell gives her a pep talk. She is definitely the less confident of the two, even though she’s a few years older. “The person that we feel the most, is the person we’ll choose,” says Pharrell.

Performance: Ivonne really steps up to the plate in a way I didn’t expect.  The song betray’s Siahna’s vocal limitations. In order to survive, her songs will have to be chosen very carefully. Gwen loves Siahna’s attitude, and Iovonne’s strong voice. Adam jokes that Siahna is like something invented by Pixar. It will be a hard choice, he says. Blake also likes them both. He thought performances were full of feeling. Ivonne had a few wobbles, so Siahna Wins the Battle and then Gwen and Blake STEAL Ivonne. “You were always meant to be on my team,” Gwen insists. Adam is TOTALLY on Gwen’s side. Gwen pulls the woman card. Blake reminds her of the things they have in common. Not much. But he does plant cantaloupes on his farm.  Oh. Blake didn’t turn around for Ivonne. “Why is Howie Mandel on this show. Aren’t you supposed to be on America’s Got Talent?” Blake snipes at Adam. Surprisingly, Ivonne Chooses Blake. She’s always wanted to work with him, she says.

Each coach has one steal left. It’s the last of the Battle Rounds next week.

Moving forward to the Knockouts:

Keith Semple – Team Adam
Chris Crump
– Team Blake
Madi Davis –
Team Pharrell
Kota Wade
– Team Gwen
Jeffrey Austin – Team Gwen
Siahna Im
– Team Pharrell
Ivonne Acero
– Team Blake STEALS from Team Pharrell


Manny Cabo – Team Adam
Krista Hughes – Team Blake
Sydney Rhame – Team Pharrell
Alex Kandel – Team Gwen
Noah Jackson – Team Gwen

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