The Voice 4 – Top 5 Performance – Recap and Videos

Two contestants will head home tomorrow!

We got hometown visits tonight. Not nearly as emotional as the original flavah American Idol version, but still a way to get viewers invested in the finalists. A couple more observations:

  • Usher handled some of his teammates badly–Josiah Hawley in particular–but he and Michelle Chamuel are just MAGIC together. I hope they continue to work together after the competition is over.
  • Shakira is smart, adorable, talented and a really terrible mentor.  She pretty much sunk Shasha’s chance to advance with that horribly dated Donna Summer song.  But then, Sasha didn’t help herself by inviting comparisons to Whitney Houston, in which she was bound to never measure up.
  • A slap on the back for Adam.  It may seem a little narcissistic that he chose his own song for Amber Carrington, but he did good. She knocked “Sad” right out of the park. Amber’s versatility draws fans from the country and pop world. That can only help her.
  • The Swon Brothers turned in another solid performance tonight. They kinda bore me. But who cares what I think. They’ve been building a fan base all season long and never disappointed them. I’m thinking dark horse.
  • Still thinking over my elimination prediction.  I’m waiting to see how the iTunes numbers settle tomorrow.

The Voice Top 5 perform for YOUR votes tonight! Plus Usher sings his new single, “Twisted.”

The Top 5 went home for a few days last week. We’ll see their hometown visits. One song is a song the finalist chose as a special dedication. The other was chosen by their coach.

But first, Usher is up, doing is best Prince as he performs his new single “Twisted”. This song is pretty cool. Oh, and he’s got the Michael Jackson moves too.

The Swon Brothers – Team Blake – “Turn the Page” by Bob Seeger – They dedicate this song to all the guys who have played with them. The Swons have done a really good job of branding themselves and remaining consistent. There’s nothing special about the type of generic country rock they serve up, but they know who they are as artists and have managed to carve a niche out for themselves in this competition. Honestly, I expect them to make the finals next week.  Usher calls it incredible. Adam creates a Swan Salute with his hands. He loves that they dedicated the song to fellow musicians. Blake is so blown away. “It sets the bar really high,” he says. He feels the brothers have grown the most in the competition. Hm.– 1-855-864-2301 Sprint Text 1 to 8642 –  Download from iTunes

Christina Millian is up in the SKYBOX with Danielle and Amber. Oh look. It’s Tim McGraw and a good luck message for Danielle!  And Adam nabbed Katy Perry to wish Amber good luck. She says “Firework” isn’t an easy song to sing.

Sasha Allen – Team Shakira – I Will Always Love You  by Whitney Houston – She dedicates this song to her daughter and fiance. I have no idea why she chose this big song to sing. There are smoke and strings and a harp.  Her timing seems off tonight. Sasha is at her best singing soulful R&B songs. Outside of that genre, she struggles.  The arrangement is very karaoke. So, she’s hitting the notes, and the wind machine is billowing through her flowy white dress and….zzzzzzzz.  This is not how you remain in a competition at a crucial moment. Adam thought she did an incredible job singing a difficult song. He thought she brought her own interpretation. Usher says she did an amazing job. Her voice will keep her on the show.  Shakira calls it beautiful and pure. Shakira’s mom is in the audience. – 1-855-864-2302 Sprint Text 2 to 8642 –  – Download from iTunes

Michelle Chamuel headed home to Amherst MA for her hometown visit. Aw. Look at all of the people in her house. Her bandmate from Michigan is there!  There’s a champaign host.  The Worcester cafe, where she was working, have a cake waiting for her. She used to work there. Kiss108 is next.  Matty interview!  She sang “God Bless America” at the Red Sox game. Her mom is so proud.  Michelle is thrilled and pumped to go back to Cali to sing.

Michelle Chamuel – Team Usher – Clarity by Zedd feat Foxes – Michelle is simply a fantastic alt/pop singer.   It’s another incredible performance from her. She understands how to convey emotion and meaning and has a complete mastery of dynamics. She never disappoints me. The crowd response is crazy. Adam says he’s becoming a broken record. But once again, he says he loves her. Blake notes that Michelle is always solid and never stumbles. He’s amazed at her power. And her squatting. Usher is proud that she always brings her A game. Usher says he had to fight for this record. It’s a message that resonates with everyone, he says. Does he mean she didn’t want to sing it? Hm. – 1-855-864-2303 Sprint Text 3 to 8642 – Download from iTunes

Danielle Bradbery headed home to Houston TX for her hometown visit. Her family and friends mean so much to her! Her cousins sing her praises. She heads to her high school, where she’s greeted by cheerleaders and a big assembly with the marching band. She sings in front of her classmates, and she feels so comfortable. Classmates had no idea she could sing that well. Later that night, she sings the National Anthem for the Astros baseball game. Mom and dad are so proud of their daughter. The hometown visit really boosted her confidence.

Danielle Bradbery – Team Blake  – Please Remember Me by Tim McGraw – Is it me, or does she sound slightly underpitch? Nevertheless, its another unflappable performance from the young singer. She’s remained consistent throughout the competition, I just wish Blake was willing to take a risk or two with her. She’s not growing in the competition when it counts. Usher calls her performance “Amazeballs.” He compliments her control. Adam says from a technical standpoint, it doesn’t come more proficient than what he just heard. Blake notes her perfect pitch and that she has no weaknesses.  – 1-855-864-2304 Sprint Text 4 to 8642 – Download from iTunes 

Amber Carrington –  Firework by Katy Perry – Amber dedicates this song to her best friends in Texas. This is a very rangy song. Amber is weak in her lower register and doesn’t really shine until she hits those big high notes.  She hits a REALLY big note in the last chorus, which may save her from a slow start.  The end of the performance is very dramatic.  Amber’s ability to cross genres is a strength. It’s smart not to compete directly with the other country acts  Her friends are in the audience and appear to be Adam stans!  Blake was initially disappointed that it wasn’t a country song, but is still impressed with the power of her voice. Shakira notes how tough the song is and says “you did good.” Faint praise from Shakira.   Katy told Adam he was nuts for letting her sing a song she calls “a nightmare.” For Katy, I’m sure. Adam says Amber has traversed a lot of ground musically. “You can actually do anything,” he says.- 1-855-864-2305 Sprint Text 5 to 8642 – Download from iTunes

The Swon Brothers headed home to Oklahoma.  They stop by the Oklahoma Hall of Fame where they both used to give tours.  Look. There’s Blake Shelton. Rising star of 2003.  This year, the rising stars are The Swon Brothers! Vince Gill congratulates them via video. Next, it’s the Muskogee Civic center. There are tons of people waiting for them.  They take the stage to perform to a full house. The county commissioners dedicate a Swon Brothers week. Blake congratulates them via video. As a fellow Okie.  OMG. They sing “Okie from Muskogee.” Blargh.

The Swon Brothers – Team Blake – Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina – Well, this is an oldie but a goodie.  It’s a good song choice for the guys.  It pulls the mommie heart strings. A powerful emotion that will get folks dialing.  Zach is a good singer, and here he demonstrates his piano skills. Blake gives them a standing ovation. Usher says every week the guys come out and surprise. (REALLY?)  He says the duo is making the world love country.  Adam confesses it’s one of his favorite songs and feels it was a great rendition. Blake says he grew up listening to the Anne Murray version. He calls their performance “unbelievable.” It’s the biggest night the boys have had on The Voice, he says. – Download from iTunes

Sasha Allen went home to New York City. She is so excited! She’s on her way to surprise her daughter at school. Big family reunion! Sasha begins to cry.  Her son couldn’t be there.  Next, it’s a visit to a radio station to promote her concert at the Village Underground. She tells the DJ that time away from the family is worth it to make a better life for everyone. Sasha has sung many times at the Village Underground.  It was an amazing way to end a crazy day.

Sasha Allen – Team Shakira – Bad Girls by Donna Summer – I swear to God, Shakira is the worst coach on the planet. What a horrible song choice. Disco? Really? SASHA is lit up in lights behind the singer.  The staging is so corny. Her performance is sassy and soulful, but once again, Sasha is going to end up at the bottom of iTunes with this oldy moldy song choice.  She may be in trouble this week. Would it be so hard to choose a modern R&B song for the singer? Oy.  Adam thought it was an amazing choice.  (These coaches are useless) Usher calls it incredible. Shakira says it was “so much fun” and that “Bad Girls” was one of the first recorda she ever bought. A terrible and self-serving reason to pick it for your team! – Download from iTunes

Danielle Bradbery – Team Blake – Who I Am by Jessica Andrews –Dedicated to her best friend Haley and her family. Her mom signed her up for The Voice!  This performance is miles better than Blake’s pick.  Danielle is singing beautifully, and seems engaged emotionally in a way she often doesn’t.  The love for her friends and family is obviously fuelling her performance. One of her compelling performances.  Her family in the audience are all in tears. It made Usher think of his own family (Yep). Shakira calls Danielle a “little star.”  Blake says she’s completely unaffected by fame and works so hard. He admires her drive. –   Download from iTunes

Amber Carrington headed back to Dallas.  Her entire family was there to greet her. She has many little cousins. Like munchkins. She heads to the radio station and after she hangs at the boutique where she used to work. They sell Amber merch. (Are they allowed to do that? )  She reflects on her mom passing away with her grandparents as she’s about to hit the stage. The Mayor of Rockwell declared June 6 Amber Carrington day.

Amber Carrington – Team Adam – Sad by Maroon5 – Adam chooses one of his OWN songs for Amber and it’s working out for her.  Her vocal is rich and emotional and her phrasing lovely. It’s a showstopping performance that could kick The Swons out of the running.  I’m reminded, once again, of how beautiful her tone is.  One of my favorite Amber performances, for sure. If that doesn’t zoom up the iTunes chart, I don’t know what will. Blake can’t wait to buy her record. Usher congratulates her. He’s blown away.  Adam says he wrote that song in 20 minutes and recorded it right away. He says she sang it better than he did.  Download from iTunes

Michelle Chamuel – Team Usher – Time after Time by Cyndi Lauper – Aw, Michelle dedicates her song to Usher and his team.  Seriously, the two have created a fantastic partnership.  I was a little worried at first, wondering where the song was going dynamically, but the last verse and chorus were the payoff.  Michelle  ramped up the emotion, changing up her phrasing, proving once again that she’s an incredible song interpreter.  Shakira says she keeps growing so much. Michelle is one of her favorites. Adam has a special place in his heart, because of Javier’s version, but he still loved it.  Usher is so moved that she dedicated the song to him. You’re the winner, he says. After going on about how she’s perfect just the way she is he says, “You are medicine for the whole world.”  Download from iTunes

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