The Winner Is – Episode 1 (VIDEOS)

I watched the special preview of The Winner Is on NBC tonight after The Voice. And I have to say, it’s really terrible. But maybe it’s so terrible it’s actually kind of good?

Here’s the premise: Singers face off against each other. An audience of “fans and bloggers” (BLOGGERS REALLY) vote for the winner. The host, Nick Lachey, reveals the results, but not the actual winner. The contestants are offered money to drop out of the competition. If the contestant feels they won the round and decide to stick around, they advance to the next level. But only if they win. If they lose, they go home with nothing.

I blogged about this show last week when it was revealed that Lakisha Jones was participating. I’m going to say right off the bat that she lost her round to the pop opera singer, Lito, which isn’t surprising. Of course, her background as a former American Idol finalist wasn’t revealed in her video package. But we do learn that she’s raising her kids AND taking care of her dad–who had a debilitating stroke and is now living with her. The contestants, who are presented with sob stories that present them as desperate for money–adds to a general ick factor.  The singer who survives all 6 rounds wins a million dollars.

Also, Nigel Lythgoe may have lent his cleared song list of crappy songs to the producers of The Winner Is. Of course, a cheesy summer game show isn’t going to spend money to clear songs. So, say hello to the lamest oldies you’ve heard dozens of times on every other singing competition known to man.

And, the voting seems so random. An act that won overwhelmingly in one round, loses miserably in the next. It’s confusing. NBC put up some videos, which I will post here. I’m pretty busy with The Voice until after next week. But when The Winner Is starts up again in July, do you guys think I should blog it? I’ll put it up to a vote:

Lakisha vs Vito

Vito kicked her ass. It’s pretty sad, actually.

Shae vs. The Kalama Brothers

Alrighty then. the Kalama Brothers win. Oh. Tai Kalama was a Top 36 contestant in Season 8. I don’t even remember him.

Kirbi Jo Long vs Katie Ohh

Kirbi Jo is an 80s nightmare and loses to Katie, the country girl next door.

Lito vs. The Kalama Brothers

After Vito kicked Lakisha’s ass, The Kalama Brothers overwhelming won the next round. I don’t get it. Pop opera is totally cheesy. But listening to this pair is like being stuck at the luau from hell.

The Kalama Brothers vs Katie Ohh

And here is where the Kalamas short reign of terror comes to an end.  They took the money and ran, Thank Jeebus.

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