The Voice 4 – Top 16 – Part 2 – Recap and Videos

The Voice 4 Top 16 Live semi finals continues with Team Shakira and Team Blake performing for YOUR votes. I’ll be liveblogging the action right here.

Shakira has REALLY found a gem in Sasha Allen. She could actually win the whole thing. Also, Garrett really does improve week by week. He’s not a contender, but he’s interesting. Blake’s all-country-all-the-time team should begin to break up as they pick each other off when the finals begin. Ironically, it’s Adam’s country contestant, Amber Carrington who might outlast them all.

Best performances tonight were from Sasha and Blake’s preternaturally talented teenager, Danielle Bradbery. Is it really possible that she had no performing experience before the voice? Or will we find out she’s a super secret plant. Hm.

Recap and chit chat with the coaches. Blake would love to bring a country singer to the win.  Shakira is nervous. She feels like a mama bird and hopes God is with her team tonight.

Again, Carson tells us that tonight’s performances will be “stripped down” in order to allow us to concentrate on the vocals. We’ll see.

Blake takes his team to a karaoke bar.  And they have it all to themselves! Blake Shelton 101 is “Have Fun” and “Be obnoxious on twitter.” The team sings super cheesy karaoke songs. Blake’s just trying to take the edge off! The team sings “Boondocks.” Team Blake is TEAM COUNTRY, in case you forgot,.

Garrett Gardner – Team Shakira – “Imagine” by John Lennon – Shakira chose this song because she wanted him behind the piano. Hopefully, we’d see another side of him.  Shakria wants Garrett to sing “Imagine” as a rock anthem. Can he make such an iconic song his own? Whoa. Hard to mess with greatness. Be careful! I’m used to Garrett singing and growling at the top of his lungs. This performance shows an unusual restraint, and is effective because of it. Yeah, his pitch is all over the place in spots, but he feels the song and wisely leaves the big rock voice to embellishments. Adam hates covers of that song, but he liked seeing a different side of his voice. Blake calls him a beast, a complete package. Usher is happy to see Garrett back at a computer, errr a piano. What? He also name drops some basketball player friend and he doesn’t really address the performance. Shakira says he’s proven her right for picking him. – 1-877-553-3701 or Sprint text 1 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

Holly TuckerTeam Blake – “How Do I Live” by Leann Rimes – Holly is worried that she doesn’t fit the mold of a celebrity. Blake gives her the “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” pep talk. He worries that she beats herself up. He hopes the song choice will show off her big voice. Her styling tonight is gorgeous. This song, though. It’s boring. She hits some big notes, yeah. But she’s smiling through it. I don’t hear the pain or the anguish. The big glory note at the key change doesn’t really make up for that. Ah well. Maybe she’s never had her heart broken. Blake gives her a standing ovation. Usher loves that song, and her take charge approach. Incredible job. Shakira loves her pretty tone and reliable pitch. Amazing performance. Adam says she’s better looking and more talented than Blake! Aaaand he never addresses the performance. Blake says she proved to America that she belongs in the competition.  – 1-877-553-3702 or Sprint text 2 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

Kris Thomas – Team Shakira –  “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars – He’s a guy who sang a Whitney Houston song in her key. He claims that’s unheard of. Uhm. Not really. But yeah, he’s the dude who sings like a girl. That’s his thing! Although, I think he sings like a guy with a great falsetto. In rehearsal, Shakira works on his pitch with him, and when he takes the performance to the stage, he’s still having pitch problems. But he has a pretty tone. It’s a good song choice for him–a boy song that takes advantage of his crazy vocal range. He channels all of his nerves and passion into his performance. He’s connected. Kris gets gritty on the bridge, proving that he’s more than just a pretty high pitched voice. He sang the crap out of that, despite some wobbles. Adam senses his nerves and tension, but feels he’s got a great voice. Blake actually LIKES his nervous energy. He sings like it matters. Usher calls his voice crazy. Shakira had goosebumps. She thanks him for being a great person.  – 1-877-553-3703 or Sprint text 3 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

The Swon BrothersTeam Blake – “Fishing in the DarK” Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – The younger Swon almost made the Top 24 on American Idol Season 7. Blake warns that they have to tighten up their vocals for this all-important round. The brothers are keeping their harmonies together. It’s a solid vocal performance. But there’s nothing about their sound or presentation that separates them from other country duos. They are generic as hell. The older Swon, Zach, is definitely the better singer. Usher thought the performance was pretty cool.  It’s clear he has little experience in the country genre and really has little to say. Shakira likes that they have a blast on stage. They vibe and make her feel comfortable. Adam is like, “IT’S SO BLAKE.” Adam heard an instrument out of tune. He also has never heard of the song. Erm. Neither have I. Oops. Blake thought the boys took his notes and sounded great.  – 1-877-553-3704 or Sprint text 4 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

Shakira and Blake perform Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now.” – It’s the kind of poppish country hit that can be sung by a non country person. However. Shakira and her goatie vibrato sound HORRIBLE. Worse yet is when she attempts to blend and harmonize with Blake. Honestly. It’s like the worst sound ever. MAKE IT STOP PLZ.

Karina Iglesias –  Team Shakira – “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green – Shakira tells Karina that it’s ok to be delicate, but never hold back. She’s got to deliver the song in a heartfelt way without over-embellishing. Karina is one of the most powerful vocalists in the competition. Sometimes she over-sings without necessarily connecting to the emotion in the song. This is a solid performance, but I wouldn’t get up on my feet for it. If Karina lasts another week, Shakira should give her something that forces her to really dig deep.   Adam claims he gave her up to Shakira, but now feels foolish for doing it. Blake laughs that Adam completely screwed up. He thought the microphone was going to break into pieces, Karina’s voice was that powerful. Shakira felt like she left it all on stage.   – 1-877-553-3705 or Sprint text 5 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

Justin RiversTeam Blake – “Meet in the Middle” by Diamond Rio – Blake wants to establish Justin as a hardcore country singer, even if he’s middle of the road.  Justin does things with his voice you don’t often hear in country music, claims Blake He thinks he could be a dark horse. So do I, but not because he’s good. He’s got that whole southern boy next door thing that singing competition fans LOVE LOVE LOVE to vote for.  Just to prove it, Justin is staged in the audience surrounded by adoring female fans.  To my ears, there’s nothing special about his performance or voice–beyond the fact that he’s kind of cute. He sounded strained on the high notes, and his tone isn’t powerful or rich. But it don’t matter. This dude from Alabama has the potential to go really far. Usher thought it was freaking cool and a country incredible moment. Shakira loved him in the middle of the audience vibing. He’s a reliable artist and did a great job. Adam loves that there’s a country artist that’s a threat to Blake.  Justin pulled his earpiece out, and Adam liked the way he handled the problem–completely owning his performance. Blake loved watching his experience. He knows what he’s doing.  – 1-877-553-3706 or Sprint text 6 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

Shakira invites her choreographer to help put together her team’s group number, which is “We Are the Champions” by Queen. Oh.  They are the champions la la la la.

Danielle BradberyTeam Blake – “Maybe It Was Memphis” by Pam Tillis – She’s the youngest, and most inexperienced singer in the competition. Blake reminds her that country music is about storytelling.  If it’s true that she’s never performed for anybody before The Voice, she’s got some crazy natural abilities. It’s not only the vocal tone that’s pure and clear as a bell, or her spot on pitch. But her ease on stage is amazing. Usher notes how comfortable she feels on stage. She’s at the beginning of a long career.  ‘Holy crap,” is all Shakira has to say. Adam hates to flatter Blake, but he believes Danielle is the one to beat. “You’re coming along so quickly, you terrify me,” he says.  Blake is proud that Danielle brought the song to a new generation. She’s one of the most important artists that you’ll ever see on The Voice, because he truly believes she’ll be successful.   – 1-877-553-3707 or Sprint text 7 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

Sasha AllenTeam Shakira – “Oh Darlin'” by The Beatles –  She needs to get across her personality with her powerful voice. She needs to bring the sexy, says Shakira. And she needs to sing with desperation.  It took a minute for the performance to kick in. But when it did–WOW.  The bridge is absolutely SENSATIONAL. A full throated vocal, full of pain and that desperation Shakira was looking for. Sasha has it going on. TOTALLY going on. She’s got this awesome rasp at the top of her range. It feels like she pulls it from the bottom of her gut. Adam thinks she can still win, no matter which team she’s on. Blake, laughing again about Adam giving up yet another sensational female to Shakira. Blake says the world just fell in love with her. Usher loves her voice AND her outfit. Shakira truly feels Sasha gave the audience a moment. One of the best voices she’s ever heard in her life. Sasha becomes a little misty at this point.  – 1-877-553-3708 or Sprint text 8 to  8642 – Download from iTunes

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