Dancing with the Stars – Season 16 – Week 8 Results

Welcome to the seventh live result show of the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, we have special guest performances by Jason Derulo and Emeli Sande. We could also see another Macy’s Stars Of Dance Performance and/or an AT&T Spotlight Performance. And when all the dancing is complee, the seventh couple that had the lowest combined total of audience support and judge scores will be eliminated.

Our poll here at MJ’s clearly believes the time is up for Sean & Peta. They lead the votes for elmination by a large amount.

So, who is likely to get the boot? Yes, I agree that it is going to be Sean. In fact, tonight feels pretty predictable to me in that sense. Ingo (the next likely candidate for elimination) saved himself last night with two decent performances. They weren’t anything spectacular but they were so much better than what Sean did. Unfortunately, both these men continue to give forgettable performances overall. They must know they are just fodder right now and that the real competition begins as soon as they exit.

Will Ingo & Kym be in jeopary or even the bottom two? Probably. Are we in for another Jacoby like “shock” jeopardy placement? Perhaps. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show placed someone like Kellie or Aly in jeopardy just to rally the fans. It has happened before, worked, and creates good buzz. Last night’s theme was pretty good, with some trio performances being fantastic. Of course, I need to say the following…

Hey judges, I am still fuming at the 8’s for Jacoby and especially the 7 for Kellie. WTF? But I’ll stop complaining about that now and see where the chips have fallen. Let’s start our usual segment by segment recap. :D

Segment 1
The show opens with members of the troupe and a few pros doing a sexy routine. The women are in evening gowns and the men are in white shirts. It looks like a wedding reception that went into overdrive with actual good dancing. LOL. Fun!

A quick look at last night’s show.

Time for the first results of the night…
Going to the semi-finals is… Igno & Kym – Yes, Sean is toast.
In Jeopardy… Kellie & Derek. – LOLZ at the manufactured drama here.

I haven’t a clue why they revealed Ingo to be safe this early. Doesn’t that take away all the suspense?

Segment 2
Zendaya’s trio dance from last night (with Val and Gleb) gets the encore tonight, naturally. Yeah, just as good as last night. Gleb still looks hot. The sky is blue. :)

And now, a look back at how the night went for Zendaya & Val and Jacoby & Karina with some unseen footage.
Going to the semi-finals is… Zendaya & Val SHOCKING! No.
In Jeopardy… Jacoby & Karina More manufactured drama.

Segment 3
Kellie is backstage with Brooke. More footage of the judges fighting from last night. Derek says he actually talked to Len and put into an extra paso step but it didn’t work. Kellie says that everyone likes their coffee different and Derek was happy with what they did.

Jason Derulo is out to perform “The Other Side.” This is Jason’s first performance since his accident. Is it? I thought he performed on last year’s American Idol finale. This is a pretty catchy song. I don’t think he is really singing with all the dancing that is going on. No DWTS dancers, just Jason and his dancers.

A backstage package shows which dances the celebs want. LOL. Kellie can’t pronounce flamenco.

Kellie & Derek got Flamenco.
Ingo & Kym got Charleston.
Zendaya & Val got Hip Hop. – Of course, she got exactly what she wanted.
Sean & Peta got Disco.
Aly & Mark got Afro Jazz.
Jacoby & Karina got Lindy Hop.

Segment 4
Oops. Gleb made a mistake during the dance coming back from the commercial. He missed Emma’s hand.

Okay. Major filler time. A camera crew follows around Ingo’s son, Peanut, as he visits the DWTS studio. Okay, a pretty hysterical kid. Is his name really Peanut?

Brooke is backstage. Aly believes she is peaking at just the right time. Sean believes he is going home but if Jesus (yes, Jesus) grants him another week, he will work his tail off.

Time for “Macy’s Stars Of Dance” performance. Derek and Jamie (alumn from SYTYCD) are out to perform. Wow, this is cool. They are dancing on the floor, walls, and ceiling. I won’t go into how this is actually done because it takes away from the wow factor. Suffice it to say, regardless of the special effects involved, it is really fun to watch.

Segment 5
Emeli Sande is out to perform “Next To Me.” Dmitry (nice to see him) and Cheryl are out to dance. This is such an awesome song. Note for you AI fans- this song will be performed tomorrow night. But I won’t spoil by whom. :P Make sure to join MJ for that!

And now, a look back at how the night went for Zendaya & Val and Jacoby & Karina with some unseen footage.
Going to the semi-finals is… Aly & Mark.
In Jeopardy… Sean & Peta.

I imagine Kellie will be announced safe first and it will come down to Sean & Jacoby with obvious results.

Segment 6
And…final results of the night.
The next couple safe and going to the semi-finals is… Kellie & Derek.

OOO. Not necessarily the bottom two (DUH, because Ingo probably was), these are the final 2 couples.

And leaving us tonight, in week 8 is…

Sean & Peta So shocking!

Sean has enjoyed the show very much. A nice piece of footage airs. Peta is proud. Sean is happy with the journey.
The MOST obvious result show in the history of this franchise.

Ingo, watch out next week! Just saying.

And now, we move on to next week’s semi-finals. I hope you guys join me next Monday for the fun. :D