The Voice 4 – The Premiere Episode 2 – Recap and Videos

I’ll be live blogging The Voice Premiere Part 2 right here! Jon Peter Lewis tweeted that his audition is tonight. And from what I understand, he’s part of a duo. Which is too bad, because groups typically don’t fare will in the knockout rounds.

Anyway! Are you with me? LET’S GO.

I’m still on Team Shakira, just for the record.  Talent from The Voice Day 2 was overall better than the night before. And I really appreciated the dial back on the overwrought back stories.   There were moments last night where I felt like I had landed in the middle of a Telemundo telenova.

My favorite performance tonight came from a very sentimental spot in my heart! Midas Whale, featuring Jon Peter Lewis from American Idol season 3, not only featured some pretty awesome folk stylings, but were lots of fun to boot.  I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the JPL fandom, there would be no mjsbigblog. So excuse me while I get a little misty-eyed. OK?  I also met some of the coolest chicks ever when I helped run one of his fan boards. Truth.

Moving on. I also really liked Cathia (SPUNKY!) and Sarah Simmons, whose powerful pipes really impressed me.

See you next week when The Voice 4 auditions continue!

Tawnya Reynolds – “Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to Be Cowboys” – She was originally from New Mexico, but she loved music so much, she packed up and moved to Nashville. She’s been there for 12 years, struggling to make her career happen. She did meet her husband in Nashville, which is a good thing.  Tawnya’s got that yodelly old-style country thing going. She’s got really strong vocals, which is why I was shocked that everybody Everybody turned for her, except for BLAKE!  He never explains why, either. Shakira pulls out an English to Country dictionary as proof she’s serious about the genre. Adam loves Tawnya’s classic country sound. Usher compared her to Dolly Parton. Blake pulls the Beiber card–pimping for Usher.  Eventually, she picks Team Shakira.

Twanya Reynolds – The Voice Audition (Night 2) by IdolxMuzic

Josiah Hawley – Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 – Josiah is from a religiously devout family. He met his future wife at a church affiliated college. But, he is so good looking–lanky and handsome–that he got offers to model. Apparently, he was in the Top 24 of Bravo TV’s “Make Me a Supermodel.” What he really wants to do is sing. He’s got a nice blue-eyed soul thing going on, if a little generic. But,  he’s definitely easy on the eyes, and that’s a plus. Blake turns around first. Usher second. Adam listens “IS THAT MINE!” he mouths. But, he’s not turning around. Adam seemed impressed by a falsetto note. He thinks for a second and then finally spins. Adam felt there were moments that didn’t work for him, but there were moments where he was reminded of himself. Narcissistic much? Blake is so impressed with Josiah’s hair, he gives himself a mile high hair do. Musically, Usher thinks he’s the best choice. Josiah chooses Team Usher. He chose wisely. Usher does a little victory dance!

Josiah Hawley – The Voice Audition – (Week 1) by IdolxMuzic

Midas Whale – “Folsom Prison Blues” – Jon Peter Lewis and Ryan Hayes. – We get some background on the boys. Not, of course, that Jon Peter was a FINALIST ON AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 3. Toured in the summer and everything. Yep. Midas Whale is the name of the group. Get it? They have a sense of humor, and are definitely mining the very popular folk/rock explosion happening now. Jon is on guitar while his partner plays an accordion. Definitely quirky squared. Nice harmonies. I want to hear more. Usher turns! BLAKE TURNS!!!! YAY ADAM!!!!! HE TURNS!!!! SHAKIRA TURNS!!! Blake wants to know what their genre is. They namecheck Mumford and Sons. Jon has a conversation in Spanish with Shakira. FUN FACT:  Jon learned to speak Spanish while on a Mormon mission in Spain. Usher reminds them that he was the first person to turn. Adam says they are SO GOOD and so distinct. The guys choose  Team Adam Levine.

Midas Whale – The Voice Audition – (Week 1) by IdolxMuzic

Abraham McDonald – “Best Thing I Never Had” by Beyonce – Abraham was a very shy kid. He competed and won an Oprah sponsored karaoke concert. Oh. Lots of pitchy stuff going on here. And his tone is not pleasant. He’s basically like a poor man’s Ruben Studdard. He even resembles the Idol winner physically. It’s no surprise when nobody turns around for him. Usher called the performance “shaky.”

Abraham McDonald – The Voice Audition (Week 1) by IdolxMuzic

Cathia – “Yo no me voy por vencido” by Luis Fonsi – She’s studying music business in New York City. She gets to record for free! Usher and Shakira turn for her. Blake is last. Cathia has a very bubbly personality. Like the girl next door. She has a beautiful voice. It was smart to sing in Spanish as a way to distinguish herself from the pack. Blake tries to convince her that the newbies have no idea what they are doing! Shakira offers herself as a mentor, just the way Gloria Estefan mentored her. “You can take the world by storm,” she says. Cathia picks Team Shakira.

Cathia – The Voice Auditions – (S4 Week 1) by IdolxMuzic

Sarah Simmons – “One of Us” by Joan Osbourne – The music college she attends allowed her to take a leave to audition. Her dad had trouble with drugs and has been clean for 3 years.  She’s got a really versatile sound, and it tricks you.  She sings softly at first, and then hits a gravelly high note you never saw coming. This girl sings with beautiful dynamics and phrasing.  Adam and Shakira turn around quickly. Usher and Blake are next. Adam thinks she can win the show. He’s dying to have her on his team. She’s in Blake’s top 3 singers that have ever auditioned for The Voice. Shakira loves that the quality of her voice mixes the sweet with the dirty. Sarah chooses Team Adam

Sarah Simmons – The Voice Auditions (S4 Week 1) by IdolxMuzic

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