Dancing with the Stars – Season 16 – Results Show #1

Welcome to the first live result show of the 16th season of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, we have special guest performances by Josh Groban and Icona Pop. Of course, the main course for tonight is finding out what the combo of judges scores and audience votes have done. After two weeks of dancing, one couple will take to the floor for the final time (well, until the season finale at least).

Our poll here at MJ‘s seem to be overwhelmingly in favor of D.L. & Cheryl getting the boot tonight, with Victor & Lindsay, Lisa & Gleb, and Wynonna & Tony also in trouble. I am inclined to agree with the that poll, with the exception of Wynonna & Tony. I think she is very safe this week. I also disagree with the top vote. I think D.L. will be spared a week due to his popularity as a comedian and having Cheryl as a popular partner. Victor, on the other hand, is relatively unknown outside the boxing world and he is paired with a brand new partner. Add in the fact that his dancing is neither great nor horrible but just middle of the road and forgettable and it adds up to an elimination for me. Make no mistake though, D.L. does indeed deserve the boot and his attitude last night did not help matters. But I still think the celebrity who made less of a splash (even if he danced a bit better) will be cut.

The rest of the couples should rest easy. If the show does the usual “in jeopardy” routine, we could see a shocking couple placed there to try and earn some votes next week. I don’t think we are in for anything surprising though. It will be interesting to see if Tom and/or Brooke announce a true bottom two or not. It is imperative to see how they word the results because you get an idea of who they are trying to boost in votes if the celeb joining the eliminated couple is not exactly in that position technically. So, let’s do a segment by segment recap of the results. Enjoy everyone. :D

Segment 1
We begin with the pros and troupe members performing for the audience. It was a nice, old-fashioned type dance with jive elements. Pretty cool choreography there. Now we get a look back at all the dances from last night. In other words, a quick but full recap. We are now ready for some fast results.

The first safe couple is…
Ingo & Kym (they couldn’t hear anything, so Brooke repeated it three times)

The next safe couple is…
Sean & Peta

Also safe…
Wynonna & Tony (she also couldn’t hear it)

The first couple in jeopardy tonight is…
Victor & Lindsay

Zendaya & Val received the most tweets from last night, and so they will do the encore dance. I am a bit surprised they got more audience tweets than Kellie & Derek quite honestly. It is deserved though, of course.

Segment 2
Zendaya & Val return to the floor the encore. Zendaya was stumbling a bit at the beginning and overall, they were better last night. It was still pretty fantastic but I saw a few issues. Regardless, I expect them to be totally safe.

Tom talks with Aly. She finds it difficult to remember all the steps. Some funny footage from last night where Aly couldn’t find Mark before the performance last night. With that being said, Aly & Mark are safe.

Tom gives D.L. some praise. D.L. wasn’t aware of the support and makes a few jokes. We see some backstage analogies from D.L. about his partnership with Cheryl. And surprise, surprise… D.L. & Cheryl are safe!

Tom shows a backstage package of Gleb suggesting Lisa sleeping with Len. Lisa likes older men, so she is up for the suggestion. (Kidding, of course). Unfortunately, Lisa & Gleb are in jeopardy.

I am really surprised that D.L. didn’t even hit the bottom. I figured he would be safe but at least be in jeopardy. I guess his fans (and perhaps some of Cheryl’s) really got to voting.

Segment 3
Brooke is speaking with Victor and Andy. Victor doesn’t want to get his hopes up but if he survives, he has a contemporary routine next week. Andy is sore from head to toe and makes a joke that if he goes on, great, but if he goes home, he will sleep for months.

And now, we get some of the usual DWTS filler as the celebrities discuss what it feels like to be on the show. They are all talking about how difficult the show is.

Icona Pop is out now to perform their hit single, “I Love It.” It is like a major party in the ballroom. Balloons, lights in and out, glow sticks, and a big disco feeling. I really love this song. It is so catchy and it seemed like everyone was having a blast. I wish they showed because the judges because I bet Bruno and/or Carrie Ann were on top of the table.

Segment 4
We now get the opportunity to meet the new pros and troupe members. Whitney from last season’s So You Think You Can Dance is a member of the troupe as well as a very good looking guy named Julian. They dance a bit together before we immediately meet Lindsay (again, from So You Think You Can Dance) and Gleb. For those unaware, Whitney and Lindsay were best friends during their journey on the FOX reality-competition show. The four take the floor to perform.

Time for some backstage (and unseen) footage of some more couples before results are announced.

The next couple safe is…
Zendaya & Val

The next couple safe is…
Kellie & Derek

Oh, and Jacoby & Karina are also safe.

Segment 5
Josh Groban is here to sing his new song “Brave.” Chelsie and Dmitry are back to dance as Josh sings. I miss the two of them so much. It is amazing how many alumns from So You Think You Can Dance have joined this show. It is really nice to see. Chelsie and Dmitry are performing a beautiful contemporary dance to this song.

Brooke is talking with Jacoby and Sean. Jacoby has the rumba next week and plans on showing his soft side. Sean talks about a new social media trend that he and Peta have created. Think of it like planking with your butt up in the air.

Tom is with the two remaining couples. A quick look back at the performances from last night.

The next couple safe is…
Dorothy & Tristan

And so, Andy & Sharna are in jeopardy. The final results are coming up. With the exception of D.L., most predicted these three couples would indeed be in trouble tonight.

Segment 6
It is now time for the first couple to be eliminated. One of the couples is absolutely safe and the other two are INDEED the bottom two.

The final safe couple is…
Andy & Sharna

Huh? Tom is asking Dorothy & Tristan to join them. Dorothy has to exit the competition because of an injury. She has to leave. In a very sad moment, Tristan is upset but feels frustrated with Dorothy, not frustrated at her. This is really sad and unexpected because Dorothy had promise and a wonderful back story. I will miss Dorothy & Tristan without a doubt.

With that bit of news, this means NO ONE is exiting the competition. The eleven remaining couples will return next week for prom night.

Ingo & Kym
Sean & Peta
Wynonna & Tony
Aly & Mark
D.L. & Cheryl
Zendaya & Val
Kellie & Derek
Jacoby & Karina
Dorothy & Tristan
Andy & Sharna

In Jeopardy
Victor & Lindsay
Lisa & Gleb
Andy & Sharna

Of course, I doubt very highly that it was a decision made during that last commercial as Tom would have us believe. I’m sure this result was known throughout the day but hey, ABC has a show to produce. I wonder if the other couples knew or if they were genuinely surprised by their own results. Regardless, a surprising and unexpected first elimination, which in reality, wasn’t really an elimination. I hope you guys enjoyed watching with me. :D