The Voice 4- Mac’s Top 3 Power List (Finale Edition!)

It’s time for the final Power List of the season. We’re down to the Top 3, and on Tuesday, someone will win the opportunity to try and outsell Javier Colon (or at least have a debut album *cough*JermainePaul*cough*). Who will win?

3) The Swon Brothers
Let’s all be honest. The Swon Brothers defied the odds and made the finale, mostly because they had an incredibly strong week last week, coupled with Sasha and Amber both having at least one week performance.

Why They Will Win: They’re the only boys in the competition, and two of the three past winners have been boys. They’re also country, which matches them with Cassadee. They also come from Team Blake, which matches them with two of the three winners. They’re the first duo to make the finale, so that also throws an interesting new statistic in. A duo has never been tried at the finale level, so that could be a huge help.

Why They Won’t Win: Blake also had two people in the finale last year, and Terry always felt like the second fiddle to Cassadee. The Swon Brothers feel like they’re following Danielle, like her opening act or something. They’ve also been sneaking along the whole competition.

2) Danielle Bradbury
Let’s hope I’m right. Because while Danielle is certainly commercial, she has a road to travel to be an artist. That being said, she’s the clear favorite to win.

Why She Will Win: She seems like she took the crown a week ago. Danielle has had numerous top 10 hits, she’s on Team Blake (two of three wins), and she matches the genre of last years winner, so if America wants more of the same, they’ll vote for Danielle.

Why She Won’t Win: Isn’t it just too obvious? I feel like we’ve never had someone be a front runner this long, and actually win the whole competition. Candice wasn’t the frontrunner, and Cassadee had to wait for people to get bored with Amanda and Trevin before she could steamroll, which didn’t really happen until Top 8 week. Plus, at some point, someone other than Blake should win again. Team Blake winning 3 of 4 times? Seems a bit excessive.

1) Michelle Chamuel
Michelle has been pushing hard this whole time for her spot in the finale. A lot of people counted her out last week when her songs ranked between 11th and 20th, but not in the top 10.

Why She Will Win: However, she made it to the finale, causing Amber Carrington’s vote multiplier to be eclipsed by phone/online votes for Michelle. Amber had sales with a 10X multiplier, and Michelle still eliminated her. That means there’s a very strong push for Michelle using other formats, enough for her to remain in the competition. She’s a true artist, and seems to take risks. Plus, someone other than Blake needs to win.

Why She Won’t Win: Maybe Danielle Bradbury truly is unbeatable. I would say that Michelle isn’t the strongest vocalist in the competition, but if anything, our three weakest vocalists out of the Top 12. Gone are the Amber, Sasha, Sarah, Judith, and Holly power vocalists, so Michelle doesn’t seem so out of place anymore. The thing about taking risks, also, is that sometimes they don’t pay off.

What do you think? Who do you think WILL win versus who SHOULD win.

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