The Voice 3- SirMac’s Top 4 Power List

What a week, huh? I knew America wasn’t quite connecting with Amanda Brown, but I did not expect her to go home (until I saw the Itunes sales). I don’t really know if there’s much of a point to recapping the show anymore, as it seems like Cassadee is just going to skip across the finish line with nary a challenge. It’s interesting with the format change that neither Team Adam or Team Christina are participating in the finale, but both Team Cee-Lo and Team Blake have TWO artists.

4) Trevin Hunte- I love this guy, but he really has a limited song palate from which to choose. He can’t do anything too up beat or current. He has to do power ballads all the time in order for America to accept him. He doesn’t do well in Itunes sales, which leads me to believe his fanbase is powervoting the crap out of him, as he seems to survive each week regardless of how many tracks he sold. At the end of the day though, it’s down to 4 people, and Trevin seems the least likely to accumulate enough votes to win this whole thing.

3) Terry McDermott- I’m surprised he’s still here. He had one cover that was really good, but still sounded like a cover, and it somehow skyrocketed up the Itunes chart. I’m really surprised. Someone needs to remind Terry that he’s not on Team Blake, he’s on Team Cassadee, and sadly, the Voice is like Highlander. There can be only one.

2) Nicholas David- Blake said it best. America seems to embrace the quirky on this show (HOWEVER, they have NOT embraced a quirky WINNER yet). That best explains why Nicholas is standing here today. It’s really interesting how only one person turned around for him in the beginning, and he’s sitting here, 3 people away from winning the whole shebang. It’s a shame that there’s just one problem with that…

1) Cassadee Pope- She can phone in next week and still win, I think. She’ll do her usual thing, she’ll chart all of her singles in the top 10, her votes will be multiplied by 10 (and by however many songs they do next week) and she’ll win. It really comes down to the itunes sales at the end, because you can’t beat the “multiplied by 10” rule they added, especially when Cassadee gets mutliple tracks in the top 10. If they sing 3 times next week, and she gets all 3… there isn’t even a need for a finale show. You can just give us a tweet, and we’ll be on our way. She’s benefiting from a new rule that is really changing the game for the better, and giving The Voice a chance of finally having a winner that might sell a few more albums than whoever finishes fourth on American Idol that season. (Javier Colon failed to sell more albums than James Durbin).

Those are my thoughts. Do you think Cassadee can be beat? Sound off in the comments below. (Honestly, it’s a numbers game for me. My personal preference is Trevin, but you just can’t ignore Cassadee’s Itunes presence knowing the rules of the competition).

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