The Voice 3 – Battle Rounds Part 5

Come get your Voice on before tonight’s presidential candidates debate. I’ll be live blogging tonight’s one-hour episode. Let us know what you think in comments.

The show starts with a brief recap of the previous battle rounds. The montage includes coach commentary. Blake and Christina still have one steal left. Carson introduces the consultants… Rob Thomas, Mary J Blige, Michael Buble, and Bille Joe Armstrong.

Alexis Marceux vs. Daniel Rosa are up first. Daniel is happy to have another chance. Alexis finds music to be her therapy. They meet with Cee-Lo and Rob Thomas. Alexis is especially impressed with Rob. Cee-lo things they have a cool indie vibe so that’s why they are singing together. He gives them Adam Lamberts “Whataya Want From Me.” Alexis is having an issue with her classical training. Daniel doesn’t look confident, but they like it. Rob loves Daniel. He tries to prop him up. Final rehearsal is rough for Daniel. Cee-lo doesn’t want him to play it safe. Alexis gets teary backstage. Commercial break. Maroon 5 tour commercial (wonder if they got a break on price). Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5. Is that what Angelina wears? Thought it odd. We’re back. The battle begins. I like it. I like Daniel better. Adam likes Daniel’s soul and would choose him. Blake says it comes down to taste. He picks Alexis. Xtina says Daniel needs to turn out to the audience. She thinks Alexis takes risk and chooses her. Cee-lo thinks they both did great and sees improvement in both of them. He connects more with Daniel’s voice and chooses him. Nobody steals Alexis.

Brandon Mahone vs Nicole Nelson from Team Adam are up next. Both are soul singers. He’s from Chicago and she’s from Vermont. They meet with Adam and Mary J Blige. Adam picks “Ain’t No Mountail High Enough.” Brandon is nervous because he sees no weaknesses in Nicole. Once again, I love Mary. J’s cat glasses. Adam thinks they’re both ridiculous (in the good way). Nicole thinks she has the advantage because she has more experience and he is young and nervous. Adam tries to get him to believe more in himself. Mary J. identifies with him because he wants to get his family out of the hood. She tells him he will rock it. During the rehearsal, Adam is pleased that Brandon took his notes. Adam tells Nicole less is more. She’s now worried she could choke. Commercial break. Brandon looks loose as he comes onto stage. Nicole looks cool and confident. Adam winks at them. Here we go. They both do a good job working the stage. Adam seems to be digging it. Blake thought they both did a great job. He says Brandon has charm but Nicole is a diva. He’d choose Nicole. Christina thought Brandon was playful. Nicole was too controlled, but she would pick her anyway. Cee-lo chooses Brandon. Adam tells Brandon he just became an adult and he’s proud of him. He says Nicole did what he wanted. He chooses Nicole. Nobody steals Brandon.

We had a montage and I missed it because I assumed it was time for a break. Sorry! I will try to fill it in later.

Final battle is Devyn Delora vs. MarisaAnn from Team Xtina. They meet with Xtina and Billie Joe. Xtina pairs them because of their tones. She picks En Vogue’s “Free Your Mind.” She doesn’t want the squeaky clean version. Billie Joe says if they spit on them it’s okay. Xtina is worried about MarissaAnn’s timing. Billie thinks MarrisaAnn is a little green. Devyn asks them what she can do to win since she’s so young. Xtina says to tap into what’s in her heart. They have a final rehearsals. Xtina tells Devyn to choose her moments when she does runs and riffs. Xtina thinks it will come down to the right ad libs at the right time so it isn’t overkill. Cee-lo picks MarissaAnn. Adam says they were close, but he’d choose Devyn. Blake picks MarissaAnn because she is only 15. Xtina is shocked by MarissaAnn’s bold performance. It’s a tough choice, but she chooses Devyn. Blake wastes no time in stealing MarissaAnn. She’s thrilled.

Tomorrow is the end of the battle rounds. Christina still has a steal. Did you think the coaches made the right decisions?