The Voice 24 Recap: Knockouts Part 3 Live Blog Results

The Voice 32 -  Ruby Leigh, Rachele Nguyen, Ms. Monet
Pictured: (l-r) Ruby Leigh, Rachele Nguyen, Ms. Monet — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 24 Recap: Knockouts Part 3 Live Blog Results with Videos

The Voice season 24 Knockouts continue in Part 3, featuring Mega Mentor Wynonna Judd who will assist the coaches–Reba McEntire, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan with their three-way Knockouts. Each coach gets a steal and a save (and maybe more!) Carson Daly returns as host. 

Unfortunately, Niall Horan’s tour schedule clashed with the Knockouts rehearsal schedule, so season 25 “double chair” coaches Dan + Shay took his place. Niall will watch his team members perform and will choose the winners.

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Team John Legend – Lila Forde, Stee, Deejay Young

Deejay Young – Breakin My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes) by Mint Condition

Before auditioning for The Voice, DeeJay toured with the musical Hamilton. John suggested he change the arrangement of his song a little. He warns him to make his adlibs deliberate.

DeeJay’s power is in his falsetto, which he uses to great effect performing slinky 90’s era R&B songs. An experienced stage performer, he works the stage and audience expertly. However, he may not be fully connecting to the audience in an intimate sense, while he shows off his fancy adlibs and dance moves.

Lila Forde – Fire & Rain by James Taylor

Lila has played a ton of gigs and was working on a record before The Voice. John suggests that she “stick the landing.” Wynonna compared her rendition of the song to the first time she heard James Taylor’s version.

Her tone is so pretty. But she’s smiling and shrugging her way through the verses. The song is about a friend of James that he met during a stint in a mental hospital. She eventually took her own life. It’s really emotional stuff. Still, her phrasing is exquisite.

Stee – Pretty Wings by Maxwell

John suggests Stee add structure to the last 2/3rds of his performance. Wynonna notes that Stee chose a challenging song and calls him a “package deal.”

Here is a performer with charisma. His delivers the song in a compelling voice. He throws in a few tricks, but doesn’t get too caught up in showing off his voice. He brings dynamics and drama to the stage, in addition to incredible vocals.


Reba calls Deejay a “powerhouse” and “dope.” She also compliments Stee. Reba thought Lila sang the “crap out of” Fire and Rain. She’d pick her. Niall calls DeeJay a “proper powerhouse.” He’s already bought Lila’s record, so to speak. “I completely get Stee!” Niall says. Gwen calls DeeJay “remarkable and shocking. She compliments Stee’s song choice and stage presence. John thinks they all chose the right songs. He calls DeeJay a great stage performer and Lila “creative” and her choices “sharp” and “cool.” John was impressed with how Stee navigated the song’s phrasing. John picks Lila, Gwen steals Stee, Deejay is eliminated.

Team Gwen Stefani – BIAS, Jason Arcilla, Jenna Marquis

BIAS – You Should Probably Leave by Chris Stapleton

Gwen calls BIAS the most original singer on the show. “I want to believe it!” Wynonna offers as she gives him tips. A clip of BIAS performing follows the mentoring session. Yes, this Knockout is montaged. Gwen picks Bias, Jason Arcilla and Jenna Marquis are eliminated. According to spoilers, Jenna sang “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne.

Team Niall Horan – Huntley, Claudia B. Noah Spencer

NBC previewed this Knockout last week. Dan + Shay sit in for Niall while he’s out on tour!

Claudia B. – Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones

Claudia accompanies herself on piano. It’s her favorite song. She’s hoping John regrets letting her go during the Battles. Wynonna has no notes! The duo suggests she really lock into the performance.

Claudia is another singer with a gorgeous tone and impressive phrasing. I mean, that jazzy phrasing makes the song. No need to hit big notes or get fancy here. She’s also a solid keyboard player. John is hooting and hollering!

Huntley – Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi

Huntley is a full-time dad trying to get back to music. Wynonna jokes that he needs to “give a little more.” She adds “If you do that, I think my head will explode.” Indeed, Huntley is a force, even while singing in a small rehearsal space. The duo have a few pointers about attack.

Huntley picked the perfect song for his dramatic southern rock vocals. “Wanted Dead or Alive” is a great competition song for the right vocalist. In Huntley’s case, he’s raspy and powerful and works the stage like a pro. A classic rock frontman, he delivers a thunderous last note.

Noah Spencer – Where Rainbows Never Die by The SteelDrivers

Noah is close to his dad, The song choice represents the kind of music he wants to make. Wynonna becomes emotional listening to him. “We need you…to cut through the BS.” The duo suggest that he listen to the lyrics and react.

Noah sings with a rasp as well. He’s doesn’t have Huntley’s bravado and showmanship, but he’s powerful nevertheless, performing with a storytellers skill. “How are you going to decide Niall!” John shouts. He’s pretty screwed!


“Someone do something here please!” Niall begs. Gwen enjoyed Claudia’s artistry. She can’t believe Huntley isn’t on the radio yet. She thinks Noah has the potential for a huge career. John thinks he finally saw Claudia’s full artistry. Huntley, he tells to keep doing what he’s doing. He became a Noah fan today. Reba compliments Claudia’s individuality. She becomes misty over Noah, saying his performance made her homesick. She’d pick Noah. Niall calls it the best Knockout he’s seen on the show. “Something special just happened in these three performances.” he’s hoping there are steals.

Niall picks Huntley, Niall SAVES Claudia, John tries to STEAL Claudia back. Niall begs an emotional Claudia to stay with him. And Claudia picks Niall. Because really, she hasn’t worked with him yet (And really, really she seems a little peeved that John let her go). And then John and Reba STEAL Noah. John realizes he doesn’t have a chance against Reba, who implores “I want you on my team!” Of course, Noah picks Reba. All three artists move on to the Playoffs.

Team Reba McEntire – Ruby Leigh, Ms. Monet, Rachele Nguyen

Ms Monet – Best of My Love by Emotions

Ms. Monet, at 37, has been singing for a long time. Her mom had a record deal, but abandoned it. Reba and Wynonna remind the singer to connect to the audience.

The trouble with the song pick, is that it dates Ms. Monet. She kills it with her sturdy alto, but it’s like she transported straight from the 70s without any modern touches. She hits a few high notes, but her delivery is a bit wild.

Ruby Leigh – Blue by Leann Rimes

The song gives Ruby an opportunity to yodel. She’s been singing the song since she was a young child. She’s only 16, but seems older than Rachele. Wynonna reminds her to make her low notes just as healthy as the rest. Reba wants her to remember that the lyrics are sad.

Ruby is the quintessential old school country singer. She channels Leann Rimes and Patsy Cline. But moving forward, she’ll need to carve out an individual style. At 16, that will come eventually. In the meantime–she can sing!

Rachele Nguyen – Die from a Broken Heart by Maddie & Tae

Rachele is only 17 years old. Wynonna suggests she “squeeze her butt” as she attempts to hit the high notes. Reba is surprised Rachele chose a country song.

Rachele isn’t quite fully baked yet. But she has potential. It’s a good song choice for her. She probably won’t sing country pop going forward, but she is showing her versatility here. Her tone is so pretty, but she needs to work on her phrasing and dynamics.


Niall calls Ms. Monet a “bad***” and feels Rachele stepped it up. He thinks Ruby is on a “different planet.” Gwen calls Ms. Monet “captivating” and Ruby original and classic. She compliments Ruby’s instinct, and calls her the winner. John calls Ms. Monet a “tour de force” and flawless. John was impressed by Rachele. John wonders how Ruby can be so good at 16. Reba calls all three “incredible.” She notes Ms Monet’s whistle note, and Rachele’s growth. Reba can’t wait to hear Ruby sing Patsy Cline songs with that break in her voice. Reba picks Ruby, Ms Monet and Rachele are eliminated. Niall would have stolen Ms. Monet if he hadn’t used his steal.

Team Gwen Stefani – Kara Tenae, Kristen Brown, CORii

CORii – Ain’t It Fun by Paramore

CORii is new on Team Gwen. She’s close to her own mother, as she parents her own child. Wynonna advises CORii to relax (not over sing). Gwen thinks there are too many runs. CORii was previously on the NBC competition Songland, promoting one of her original songs.

CORii brings an R&B vibe to an alternative rock song, which didn’t seem to sit well with Gwen in rehearsal. She puts her own stamp on the song. Perhaps American Idol would be a better fit for her, as she’s a songwriter foremost. But she can sing the heck out of a song. Those wails!

Kara Tenae – Leave (Get Out) by JoJo

Gwen suggested to Kara that she lock in to the song sooner. Wynonna advises she sing it as if she’s in her bedroom. “Get honest,” she says.

A great rendition of this song, Kara has a modern vibe and a professional stage presence. This song has such a pretty melody, which Kara takes advantage of with expert runs.

Kristen Brown – This One’s for the Girls by Martina McBride

Kristen is a singing teacher. She’s sounding pitchy in rehearsal. Yet, Wynonna is practically moved to tears. Still, Wynonna suggests, “Less performer, and more passion.”

Kristen’s delivery is radio ready. Her tone and phrasing cut through. She’s got a load of confidence. On a verse her voice goes soft before opening up big. Her dynamics are solid in the first half of the song, but she’s strident on the big notes near the end of the song.


John isn’t convinced CORii chose the right song, but he thinks she still sounded great. He calls Kara a star. He notes how Kristen lost control at the end of the song. “I became a little emotional,” she admits. Reba thought CORii’s song choice was perfect. She thinks Kara is a great singer and thought it was gutsy for Kristen to go from singing soft to loud. Reba would pick CORii. Niall complimented Kara on how she told a story and played with the background vocals on the track. He didn’t care that Kristen lost control of the song. He could feel her emotion. He’d pick her. Gwen is happy that CORii took her notes, and compliments Kara’s swag and attitude. She thought all three were good. Gwen picks who she thought won the Knockout. Gwen picks Kara, John STEALS Kristen, CORii is eliminated

Three more Knockouts remain as the Knockout Rounds conclude tomorrow, with a ton of tears.

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