The Voice 23 Recap: The Blind Auditions End! Live Blog (Videos)

Katie Beth Forakis The Voice 23 Blind Auditions
Pictured: Katie Beth Forakis — (Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC)

It’s the final night of Blind Auditions on The Voice, which means it’s time for coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper to complete their teams after adding more hopefuls last night!

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The final night of Blind Auditions begins with Carson talking to Blake about pressing his button 598 times during his 23 seasons, and 204 times he’s said, “I’ve never heard of that song.”

Nariyella – 20 – Elks Grove, PA – “One Night Only”

Nariyella has a rich tone that makes Chance and Kelly turn at the same time. Niall lets his hand hover over the button just as Blake turns, which makes Niall turn as Nariyella hits some beautiful high notes.

Nariyella first gives the coaches some tumble stones because she’s into energy. Niall calls it insane and noted how comfortable she was on stage. Blake calls her voice shocking, and that she’s connected to the moment and those are the artists who make it all the way. Kelly says her personality is captivating and she was comfortable, confident and excited during her performance. Chance says he was blown away and her skill level is way beyond her years. Nariyella chooses Team Chance, completing Chance’s team.

After the commercial, they introduce Niall, who comes out dressed like Blake right down to the shoes.

Grace West – 19 – Canton, MI – “Maybe It Was Memphis”

Grace has a deep, beautiful voice with a clear country twang. Blake and Niall both turn at the same time.

Niall says she has sweet tones in her voice and is a storyteller. Niall then imitates Blake’s accent and says he’d be honored for her to be on the last Team Niall. Blake says he can relate to her story and would be honored for her to be the last person on his last Team Blake. Kelly says she can’t wait to see what she does on this show and suggests Blake would be the best coach for her. Grace chooses Team Blake, completing Blake’s final team.

Michael Landingham – 29 – Cherry Valley, CA – “Wish I Knew You”

Michael’s voice is gravelly and textured, yet no one turns their chairs.

Niall says it was intense and he prefers to hear dynamic throughout. Chane says there’s character to his voice and it’s unique to him. Kelly says he’s got a voice that pierces through. Blake tells him that in a room like that, less is more.

Katie Beth Forakis – 25 – Savannah, TN – “Ghost”

Katie’s voice is so sweet sounding and glides through the song. It doesn’t take Kelly long to turn, and Niall follows, both with only one spot left on their teams.

Niall says it was beautiful and that he has chills. He then says she controlled her falsetto for 90 seconds and comments how everyone was gazing at her. Chance says the only reason he didn’t turn was because his team is full. Kelly says she also loves taking a song people know and changing it like Katie did by making this pop song a piano ballad. Katie chooses Team Kelly.

Dasha – 21 – Los Angeles, CA – “I Can’t Stand The Rain”

Dasha has the most unique voice of the night that has a bit of a growl to it one second and then some unexpected deepness the next. No one turns.

Blake says her voice is incredible, but he feels like he heard five different singers in this one performance. Niall says there needs to be moments of softness in a performance like that. Kelly says she should focus on making a rock n roll record.

Talia Smith – 29 – Queens, NY – “Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing”

Niall seems intrigued by Talia’s first note, and finally turns just as the song goes from slow ballad to upbeat and funky.

Niall says, “What a way to complete a team,” and that her performance has absolutely everything. Talia reveals she is currently in the army, but performing is a love. Kelly says she made her feel so good watching her. Blake says it was a great audition. Talia joins Team Niall.

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