The Voice 23 Recap: Battle Rounds 3 Live Blog (Videos)

Ali, D. Smooth The Voice season 23 Battle Rounds
Pictured: (l-r) Ali, D. Smooth — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Happy Monday all! Last week kicked off the first of some nail-biting Battles on The Voice that earned some hopefuls another chance at the title while others didn’t make the cut according to their coaches.

Just like last week, after each Battle, the losing contestant will either be eliminated, be stolen by another coach with their one steal, or receive a Playoff Pass. New in Season 23, a Playoff Pass can be given to a contestant once per coach, and sends the contestant straight to the Playoffs without competing in the Knockouts.

Chance and Blake have already used their Playoff Passes, while Kelly and Niall have used their steals.

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Team Kelly – Ali vs D. Smooth – “Unaware”

Ali and D. Smooth admitted they wanted to be so good they made Kelly use her Playoff Pass before their performance began. The pair have a chemistry that may make it tough to decide a winner, exchanging fist bumps before they begin. D. Smooth really seems like he’s giving it his all, while Ali performs effortlessly.

Blake says they did an incredible job and he’ll miss sitting front row to some of the best concerts. He notes Ali’s confidence, but says he would choose D. Smooth. Niall calls it an unbelievable duet with no battling then says he leans toward Ali. Chance compliments their harmonies and says either of them have a strong chance of winning, but he would choose Ali. Kelly calls them world-class singers and says they’re capable of things people at the Grammy’s aren’t.

Kelly chooses… and commercial! Kelly chooses Ali, Chance steals D. Smooth, BUT Kelly uses her Playoff Pass on D. Smooth!

Team Blake – Grace West vs Carlos Rising – “I Told You So”

Grace has an immediate advantage over Carlos due to it being a country song, and the song seems to fit Grace’s voice much better than Carlos’. The two make a cool duet by both playing guitars together. their voices flow together well, but Grace seems to naturally come out on top.

Niall says Carlos’ husky tone blended well with Grace’s piercing tone, and he would lean toward Grace. Chance likes Carlo’s unique voice and says the duet was equally matched. Kelly says Carlos’ voice could sing many different genres while Grace has a special pure tone and she leans toward Grace. Blake says it was cool to hear Carlos can sing anything and Grace is doing what she was born to do.

Blake chooses Grace.

Team Niall – Tiana Goss vs Kate Cosentino – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

The beginning of the song is changed to a ballad, begun by Kate before Tiana joins in. The beat picks up and the two girls duet, Tiana looking much more comfortable compared to Kate’s stage presence. They look as if the girls did indeed have fun though.

Chance says it was a cool arrangement and they have star quality and he couldn’t choose between them, but if he had to he would give edge to Kate. Kelly says they were entertaining to watch and Tiana showcased her tone, but it’s an even playing field. Blake says Tiana was always on pitch. Niall calls it an amazing performance and says he’s proud of both of them.

Niall chooses Kate, Chance steals Tiana.

Team Kelly – Katie Beth Forakis vs Holly Brand – “Lady Like”

Both Katie and Holly have similar voices and styles and compliment each other when they sing together. Holly looks much more comfortable singing the song than Katie.

Blake says Holly has a classic country voice while Katie’s tone is “the craziest thing.” Niall calls it phenomenal. Chance says the confidence in Holly’s voice carried the whole performance and he would choose her. Kelly compliments both of their voices and says they both offer something different to her team before making her decision.

Kelly chooses Holly.

Team Chance – Nariyella vs Chloe Abbott – “I Want You Around”

Nariyella starts the song, followed by Chloe, and both women offer their powerful voices to the song flowing beautifully both together and on their own.

Kelly compliments Chloe’s range, then Nariyella’s smooth but gritty tone, and she’s leaning toward Nariyella. Blake says he’s basing it off the feel and Nariyella had the feel the whole time. Niall says he’d like to sing harmonies with Chloe, and Nariyella blew the roof off the place. Chance says Chloe has a specific tone and thinks of her as a recording artist, and Nariyella is a vocalist.

Chance chooses Nariyella.

Team Niall – Ryley Tate Wilson vs Michael B. – “Heartbreak Anniversary”

Michael’s Broadway voice shines at the start of the song followed by Ryley, who proves he’s a force to be reckoned with before the two sing together. The song feels more like Ryley’s vibe, leaving Michael to seem a tad less comfortable with it.

Chance calls it insane and says it was the best of the Battle rounds so far. Kelly chimes in and calls Ryley a broken angel, then Chance calls it voice angelic. Kelly compliments Ryley’s falsetto and then wonders why Michael wasn’t a four-chair turn. She then says she’s not going to help Niall at all because the two of them should be in the finale. Blake says he leans toward Michael.

Niall chooses Michael then uses his Playoff Pass on Ryley.

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