American Idol 2023 Recap: Hollywood Results, Top 55 Revealed

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American Idol 2023 Recap Hollywood Duet Challenge Performances and RESULTS

American Idol 2023 Recap Hollywood Duet Challenge Performances and RESULTS – Season 21 Hollywood Round featuring judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan along with host Ryan Seacrest concludes as the Top 55 is revealed!.

The remaining contestants choose their own duet partners, rehearse and perform in front of the judges for the opportunity to advance to the Showstopper Round.

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The four platinum ticket holders get first dibs. Elijah McCormick picks the superb Lucy Love.

Elijah McCormick and Lucy Love – Dunamis Duo – My Girl by the Temptations

Dunamis is the Greek word for power Lucy explains. It’s not an exciting song choice. But the contestants probably don’t have a wide range of songs to pick from. The duo overdoes the riffing at times, and there is a dissonance in the harmonies that sounds off pitch. The judges seem very very excited, though. The two do have chemistry. The crowd is on their feet. “Way to scare everybody,” says Katy. “I’m so grateful to have you both on the show. After a judge confab, both singers advance

Elijah and Lucy advance

CARINA DEANGELO and NUTSA – The Jet Setters – I Put a Spell on You

They were friendly in Las Vegas during auditions. But Carina is upset that Nutsa went to bed without rehearsing properly. Oh noes. “Hollywood week is not a joke!” Carina says. Nutsa insists that SHE doesn’t need rehearsal, and seems to resent that she has to manage a nervous partner. Carina feels Nutsa arranged the song to only suit her voice. Katharine McPhee’s sister, Adrianna is coaching them. The two go to bed in the middle of the night. Carina thinks the performance sounds like “s***.”

Even later, with Ryan Seacrest, the two snark at each other in the most passive aggressive way possible. They air out their differences in front of the judges. Hoo boy. Nutsa is better than Carina, who seems less professional and experienced. Nutsa hasn’t won a bunch of competitions so far in her musical career by being magnanimous, I imagine. Lionel could feel the tension. “The energy was broken between the two of you,” says Katy, “I think you’re better than that performance.” Carina is eliminated, Nutsa advances, despite her subpar performance. Katy reminds Nutsa “not to forget about grace.” Ooof. In other words? Don’t be a B.

Carina is eliminated, Nutsa advances

Elise Kristine and Matt Wilson – Chocolate Vanilla Swirl – You are the Reason by Callum Scott

Matt required Elise to audition for him! Matt competed for the AMAs Platinum Ticket. He would have been a worthy winner. This is a lovely duet. Their harmonies are very sweet and pretty. They both have beautiful tones. Elise can also belt her head off. Some of the high notes are off, but overall, a top notch duet. Matt is one of Luke’s favorites. Katy compliments his confidence. Both go through to the next round

Elise and Matt advance

Hannah Nicolaisen and Warren Peay – Blue Bonnet – It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

These duo partners can’t seem to stay on pitch. It’s probably fatigue and lack of rehearsal. This duet is a little messy, but the two, who have just met, do a good job connecting. They have real chemistry, but also really authentic voices. Luke saw their rehearsal, “There was a lot of magic there…you really made it your own.” Luke was out in the room watching their rehearsal. Unsurprisingly, they both advance

Hannah and Warren advance

Isaac Brown and Zachariah Smith – Body Roll Boys – I’m Still Standing by Elton John

The two are just wild and crazy guys. Really, they are compatible that way. But the singers are finding the process more challenging than they expected. They can’t remember the words, no matter how much they rehearse. The vocal coach tells them to put away their phones. Zach is so upset, he breaks down into tears. On stage in front of the judges, Zach has his phone out, and Katy stops the song. He really thought the judges were going to let THAT fly?

“You gotta call to make?” Katy asks sarcastically. So…they make up the words. Isaac is so off key. This performance is a classic Hollywood Week trainwreck. The performance should get them both eliminated. But the judges are out of their chairs urging them on and seem to enjoy the craziness. Based on their “teamwork” and past performances, the judges put them through.

Isaac and Zachariah are through

Kaylin Hedges and Tyson Venegas The Shenanigans – Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen

These two Platinum Ticket holders chose each other as duet partners. The song starts off as a bluesy burner. The harmonies are gorgeous. But when the song shifts uptempo it goes off the rails a little. Again with the pitch problems! But soaring high pitched vocals end the song on a beautiful note. “Full body chills,” says Luke. Both Platinum Tickets are through to the next round.

Kaylin and Tyson are through to the next round

Jon Wayne Hatfield and Preston DuffeeCamo Cousins – Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis and Luke Bryan

The two became friendly at the New Orleans auditions. They got matching tattoos. They both auditioned with originals. Jon Wayne is the auditioner who wrote a song for his gay grandfather. THEY BETTER REMEMBER THE WORDS. They sing, but look at each other, unsure. They don’t seem prepared. And of course, they are off-pitch. The energy is real low as they try to remember the song. Luke doesn’t look thrilled. Jon Wayne is sent home, while Preston goes through. Idol loves splitting up friends! It’s so dramatic. Luke says that considering the abundance of country talent in the competition, cuts are needed.

Jon Wayne is eliminated, Preston advances to the next round

Oliver Steele and Iam Tongi – Kindred Spirits – Save Your Tears by The Weeknd

Oliver’s dad had a stroke, while Iam’s recently passed away. They bonded. Iam is unsure about singing harmony. He needs pep talks from Oliver. And then, right before the performance, the guitar his dad gave him broke. Now, he’s not feeling confident at all. The judges ask him about his guitar, and he bursts into tears. He had promised his dad that that he would use it for every performance. The judges promise the guitar will be fixed, and it will be fine. It’s a great song choice, arranged creatively. These duets are not perfect. But the vibe here is really easy and smooth. Iam admits that he had the lyrics taped to his guitar. “It’s butter,” the judges describe their vocals. They didn’t even deliberate. Oliver and Iam are through.

Oliver and Iam are through to the next round

Jayna Elise, Adin Boyer, Summer Joy – The Trio – I’m Still Standing by Elton John

Aidin Boyer, who is autistic is feeling overwhelmed by having to choose a duet partner. He begins sobbing at one point. It’s too much for him. He walked out of the auditorium for a needed break. At the end, he’s the only contestant without a partner. A duo offer to take him in, and a trio is born.

Adin plays electric keys for the trio. He’s a better musician than he is a vocalist. He noted that the harmonies were off during rehearsal, and they still are very VERY off-pitch. The ladies on their own are talented and soulful singers. Also, I bet Adin came up with the creative arrangement. Katy appreciates their “team vibe.” All three go through.

Jayna, Adin and Summer advance to the next round

Wé Ani and Pjae – The Cryptics – Hit Em Up Style

The two make sure not only to deliver the great vocals, an inventive presentation, but they also bring a performance, working the stage. They believe the judges are looking for that. It’s a complicated and jazzy arrangement. It’s A LOT to arrange in a short time, and they are nailing it. Crazy. We is a revelation. That is all. “We’ve never had so much fun watching a duet,” says Katy. “You were so complimentary to each other. Katy is also shocked they could bring that together so quickly. Both singers are through to the next round.

We and Pjae advance to the next round

Cam Amen and J Valerione – Listen to the Music by the Doobie Brothers

Cam is the final Platinum Ticket holder to choose a partner, he chooses J who seems VERY surprised and delighted. “I’m so honored,” he says, “But I’m also scared.” In Los Angeles, he’s basically couchsurfing. Cam raised his younger siblings when he turned 18.

Trouble brews. That night before the round, J texted Cam to say he withdrew from the competition. J leaves the theater, but then returns the next morning. Cam is pretty upset. He’s been rehearsing on his own. They only have a short time to rehearse together. It’s a wreck from the moment it begins. Neither are prepared. It turns into a bunch of riffing and made up words. Katy calls J a leader, and Cam compassionate. When they both make it through, Cam is no longer angry.

Cam and J advance to the next round.

Jayne Elise and Fire (Kayla Stewart Drops Out) – Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert

The two met 30 seconds before they became a duo. Kaya’s dad is Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics, while Fire is an exotic dancer trying to make a better life for her daughter. Unfortunately, Kaya got sick overnight and the two couldn’t rehearse. Kaya feels horrible because she can’t give 100 percent. The two take the stage. Kaya announces that she’s not going to be performing. Basically, she’s dropping out. She walks off the stage in tears. Fire is also crying.

Katy asks for a volunteer to sing with her. Jayne Elise offers to take the stage with her. Fire begins to sing, but she’s really stressed and not present in the performance, even with Jayne there to support. She’s crying and can barely finish. Now Katy is crying too. “You are growing little by little,” says Katy, She thanks Fire for fighting before announcing that she’s through to the next round.

Kayla drops out, Fire is through to the next round

Remember in the old days when the judges ripped singers who forgot the words instead of encouraging them? To be sure, if a favored singer messed up in the group rounds they were often advanced anyway, but not until after being read the riot act.

The Showstopper round list hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s likely accurate. Check it out HERE.

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