The Voice 22 Top 10 Ranked: Now YOU Rate the Artists!

The Voice season 22 Top 10
Pictured: (l-r) Kique, Omar Jose Cardona, Kim Cruse, Justin Aaron, Parijita Bastola, Morgan Myles, Rowan Grace, Brayden Lape, Bryce Leatherwood, Bodie — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

The Voice revealed the competition’s Top 10 contestants on Tuesday (Nov 22). Team Camila Cabello took a huge hit. Fans voted out three contestants and TWO were from Camila’s team, leaving her with only one singer. Luckily that one singer is the big voiced vet, Morgan Myles. She’ll at least make the finals most likely.

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Meanwhile, Team Blake Shelton still has four singers in the game. While the seemingly popular Kique from Team Gwen Stefani had to sing for the Instant-Save, Blake’s steal, Rowan Grace remained safe.

On Monday November 28, the Top 10 will perform for your votes. It’s Fan Week–which means fans chose songs for each of the contestants. It appears the show will be conducting a remote at Blake’s bar, Ole Red and a few alums like Wendy Moten and Jeremy Rosado will be participating. The Ole Red tie in is probably part of promoting Blake and Carson Daly’s new game show, Barmageddon, premiering December 5 on USA Network.

As far as this week’s rankings are concerned, being nearly eliminated last week ranks Kique dead last this week. Rowan is ranked at 9, but maybe she deserves to be higher? I am also not sure about country singers Brayden Lape and Bryce Leatherwood. They may be more popular than they appear. The singers ranked higher all gave strong performances and have been season fan favorites. Justin Aaron had a very strong week. Will it last? Maybe not. But for now, he ranks high.

The Voice 22 Top 10 Rankings

10. Kique – Team Gwen – That Kique had to sing for his life last week was a little shocking. Hopefully fans chose something out of the box for the young singer that will allow his creative arranging abilities to shine. The “Superstition” performance may have been too familiar and on the nose.

9. Rowan Grace – Team Blake – I fully expected Rown to be in the bottom last week. Her performance of “The Winner Takes it All” did not highlight her vocal strengths. She’s not a strong singer. But her tone and phrasing make up for it, when she’s at her best. She was not last week. She’s been singing the song for as long as she can remember, but Blake should have waved her off the song choice.

8. Kim Cruse – Team Legend – Unfortunately, too many times talented female R&B singers are voted off the show too early, and I’m afraid Kim will fall victim to this trend. Last year, Wendy Moten powered through the competition to 2nd place with the help of Team Blake, and her own experience and savvy. Kim is competing with a bunch of very talented singers this season. She needs a major break out moment right about now.

7. Bryce Leatherwood – Team Blake – I may have Bryce and Brayden ranked too low. I would not rule out a shock boot–say Parajita getting the boot–as Bryce and Brayden remain safe. But I’m basing the rankings on the impact they each made last week compared to the singers ahead of them. Bryce is a perfectly solid country singer who would sound fine on country radio. Is he a bit generic? Yes. But his tried and true qualities may be what attracts country music fans and their votes.

6. Brayden Lape – Team Blake – Brayden will probably stick around for awhile because he’s cute, sincere and just damn likeable. He’s not a great technical singer, but he’s got a charm, innocence and vulnerability that’s appealing.

5. Parajita Bastola – Team Legend – Teenaged singer Parajita didn’t have her strongest outing last week, particularly versus the singers ahead of her on this list. But she’s still a strong contender for the finale. At this point, she’s set the bar so high, she needs to find ways to surpass herself. There is such a thing as coming across so effortless, that viewers tune a singer out.

4. Justin Aaron – Team Gwen – Justine went from competent and generic to a real contender in just a couple of weeks. Can he keep it up? Fans better pick some good songs for him this week!

3. Omar Jose Cardona – Team Legend – Omar and coach John Legend did a smart thing last week, choosing a song that showed the singer’s vulnerability. Omar could take it even further. For instance, John could coach Omar on how to use dynamics. Loud and big isn’t necessary better. Mixing in some soft, tender moments would make Omar’s performances even more impactful.

2. Morgan Myles – Team Camila – Lucky Morgan will have ALL of Camila’s attention now that the coach has lost the rest of her team. Not that Morgan needs much coaching. The road warrior and music vet knows exactly what she is doing.

1. Bodie – Team Blake – Bodie really could win the whole dang thing. He’s a stellar pop vocalist who knows his own vocal strengths and weaknesses, and how to expertly flip a song to suit his voice. He could have a career in pop or Christian music once the confetti flies.

The Voice airs on NBC Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT.

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