The Voice 22 Recaps: Knockouts End, Top 16 Revealed!

The Voice Knockouts Part 3
Pictured: (l-r) Alyssa Witrado, Daysia, Sasha Hurtado — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

The Voice season 22 Knockouts END tonight. A brand new format means that instead of TWO acts facing off against each other with a solo song for a spot on their coaches team, THREE will face off against each other. Only ONE moves on. One or Two of the eliminated acts CAN be stolen by another coach. Each coach gets ONE steal.

A Top 16 will be revealed ahead of next week’s Live Show kickoff on Monday November 14. Tonight will feature the final five Knockouts. John Legend still has steal to use. 

Coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend. Pop star Camila Cabello have big decisions to make as they whittle the field from 36 to a Top 16.  Carson Daly hosts.  We’ll be live blogging all the Knockout performances right here.

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Kayla Von Der Helde, Cara Brindisi, Justin Aaron – Team Gwen Stefani

Gwen wants Kara to sing the song even harder. “I want to take her to the next level,” Gwen says. Justin is a gospel singer, but wants to show more sides of his artistry. Gwen suggests more swag for Justin, and that  Kayle stick to the melody of her song. 

Cara Brindisi – Love Me Like a Man by Bonnie Raitt – This song is from early in Bonnie Raitt’s career. It harkens back to her Cambridge, Massachusetts days in the early 70s. It’s a great song! And a great song choice. Cara’s bluesy rasp is perfect. She throws in a few high notes for good measure. That performance was FIERCE. 

Justin Aaron – Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell – Choir boy Justin took Gwen’s notes and performs the sexy song like a big come on. He sings with a pleasing R&B tone. He’s got a hint of rasp. He nails the key change. Good dynamics and build from Justin. Camila is out of her seat feeling a little something something! 

Kayla Von Der Heide – Losing My Religion by R.E.M. – Kayla is having a few tuning issues. But regardless, she sings with a trembly, emotional tone. She’s interesting. But not really The Voice type. The weirdos usually don’t get far. Kayla would be awesome fronting an alt/rock band. 

Camila calls it the “sexiest knockout.” Camila thinks she and Justin had a moment. No kidding. She calls Cara’s performance both sexy and empowered. She can’t pick. Blake also had praise for all three singers, but he’d go with Justin. John calls Justin a “superstar,” Cara “flawless,” and appreciated the “flutter” in Kayla’s emotional voice. Gwen described how she coached Justin to be flirty, Gwen picks Justin, Kayla and Cara are eliminated. Eh. I would have chosen Cara or Kayla over Justin, who delivered a solid, well built, but generic performance. 

Austin Montgomery, Eva Ullman, Brayden Lape – Team Blake Shelton

Blake put together three of his youngest singers. Austin picked his song for his grandma. Never a good reason to pick a song. Blake coaches him to control his vibrato. Eva is very nervous and having pitch problems. Blake tries to help He doesn’t give Brayden many notes, except to make sure and connect to the song. 

Austin Montgomery – You Look So Good in Love by George Strait. – Austin’s fast vibrato pulls him off the note sometimes. He’s got potential, but he could use some vocal lessons, to work out the pitch issues and to deepen his tone and even out that vibrato. He’s not ready for prime-time yet. 

Brayden Lape – Mercy by Brett Young – Brayden is not an amazing vocalist, but he’s sincere and open hearted. He allows himself to be vulnerable, which for a male teen singer is everything a potential fanbase could want. 

Eva Ullman – Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande – Eva took on a big song from a big singer. And it’s too big for her. She doesn’t make the song her own or make it special. She still needs to figure out who she is. 

Camila calls Bayden’s voice “emotionally innocent.” She calls Austin an “old soul.” Gwen loves Brayden’s understated style. John loves the quiver in Austin’s voice. He believes Eva “nailed” her song. Blake doesn’t think Austin has sounded better. Blake picks Brayden, Austin and Eva are eliminated. He believes Brayden can win.

Emma Brooke, Kim Cruse, The Marilynds – Team John Legend

John saved The Marilynds, a sibling duo, in the Battles. He gives them advice on when to harmonize, and when to sing unison.  John calls “I Hope” a sneaky revenge song and coaches Emma to navigate the switch from innocent to evil. She’s classically trained–John suggests she loosen up. He strips down the arrangement to allow Kim’s “country stank” to shine through. 

Kim Cruse – I Can’t Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles (TIna Turner) – Kim brings her own flavor to this very popular Tina Turner song. Her tone is sturdy and strong. She can power her way through a performance with a compelling fierceness. She means what she’s singing. Her strong vibrato cuts right through. Tremendous.

Emma Brooke – I Hope by Gabby Barrett – Emma sings with a beautiful tone, and her range is impressive, but her phrasing plods. She could use more vibrato on those long notes. John advised her to tell a “revenge” story, but she didn’t bring the anger the song needs.  

The Marilynds – Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol – It’s the duo’s best performance so far. They sing with beautiful harmonies. Great song choice, and they manage not to pageant up their performance.

Blake compared the Marilynds to Wilson Phillips. Camila calls Kim a “dragon.” She liked Emma’s song choice, but declares that Kim set the stage on fire. Gwen calls the Marilynds “artistic.” She wants to see Kim’s performance again…and again. John thought Emma pulled off her song. He felt Kim “owned every moment.” He calls The Marilynds authentic and powerful. John picks Kim, The Marilynds and Emma are eliminated

Devix, Andrew Igbokidi, Steven McMorran – Team Camila Cabello

Andrew really likes his song choice, even though it’s not necessarily in his genre, Camila suggests that he lengthen his notes and loosen up his body. She has him running around flapping his arms. Camila saved him in the battles. Steven is 40 and has been married a long time. Camila encourages Steven to change up some of his phrasing to mix it up. Devix’s mentions his mom who has cerebral palsy. Camila helps Devix find more fun and expressiveness in his performance.

Devix – Yellow by Coldplay – A creative singer, Devix does some interesting stuff with a song that an be deadly boring. His voice opens up with a cry on the chorus. He brings emotion and verve to his interpretation. Very good. This is better than Chris Martin’s version. 

Andrew Igbokidi – Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. – This poor guy seems to deal with nerves constantly. Consequently, his performances tend to be stiff. If he could loosen up, he has the potential to be an interesting singer. The second half of his performance was better than the first.

Steven McMorran – It Will Rain by Bruno Mars – Steven has major Michael Bolton vibes. He’s a power singer, but old fashioned and somewhat bland. Having said that, if he made the lives, there would probably be a place for his Adult Contemporary stylings. 

Gwen loves Andrew’s tone ad approves of Steven’s song choice. John calls Andrew “unpredictable,” and Devix “cool.” Camila didn’t love Andrews’s song choice, but she appreciates that he took her notes. She feels Steven’s personality has blossomed. Camila picks Devix, Steven and Andrew are eliminated.

Alyssa Witrado, Sasha Hurtado, Daysia Reneau –  Team Gwen Stefani 

NBC previewed this Knockout last week. Gwen advises Sasha to sing the song as if she wrote it. Daysia lost her mother recently. Gwen calls her song choice “perfect” for her and offers tips on sounding more confident and controlled. Alyssa is a huge Gwen stan who sang “Don’t Speak” for her Blind. Gwen pushes Alyssa to be more “punky.” 

Alyssa Witrado – Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen – Gwen is so smitten with this extremely underbaked young singer. And it’s because she’s a huge stan? It must be. She has some strong moments here, but she lacks control and precise tuning. She’s been meh throughout the competition so far. 

Daysia – Get here by Oleta Adams – Daysia delivers a pretty performance, but this song is old fashioned and overdone on singing shows. However, her phrasing at the end is lovely. 

Sasha Hurtado – Make it Rain by Ed Sheeran – It’s a masterful performance from beginning to end. Bluesy, beautifully phrased and deeply felt. This might be THE performance of the Knockouts. What a gifted singer. She knows how to use that little bit of rasp in her voice. She’s only 18! 

John compares Alyssa to Gwen. “She’s my daughter!” Gwen says. He calls Daysia an “old soul” and Sasha “flawless.” He would pick Sasha after a “tour de force” performance. Blake thinks she won. Incredibly, Camila let Sasha go in the Battles. She compliments her confidence while noting Alyssa’s “star power.” Gwen thinks Alyssa is “awesome.” She calls Daysia “iconic.” and Sasha’s performance “perfect.” Gwen picks her mini-me Alyssa, John uses his steal on Sasha, Daysia is eliminated. Gwen hugs a crying Daysia. Thank God John saved Sasha. She’s such a great singer, and two coaches gave her up. 

The Voice 22 Top 16

Team John Legend

  • Omar Cardona 
  • Parijita Bastola 
  • Kim Cruse 
  • Sasha Hurtado (Stolen from Gwen)

Team Gwen Stefani

  • Alyssa Witrado 
  • Justin Aaron 
  • Kique Gomez 
  • Kevin Hawkins (Stolen from Blake)

Team Camila Cabello

  • Devix 
  • Eric Who 
  • Morgan Myles 
  • Kate Kalvach (Stolen from Blake)

Team Blake Shelton

  • Bodie 
  • Brayden Lape 
  • Bryce Leatherwood 
  • Rowan Grace (Stolen from Gwen)

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