The Voice 22: Alyssa Witrado, Daysia, Sasha Hurtado Knockout

The Voice Knockouts Alyssa Witrado Daysia Sasha Hurtado

The Voice season 22 Knockouts end on Monday, before the live shows begin a week later on November 14. Check out a new preview from Team Gwen Stefani featuring Alyssa Witrado taking on Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now,” Daysia singing Oleta Adams’ “Get Here” and Sasha Hurtado performing Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain.”

John Legend loved Alyssa’s look and her energy. “I sensed a little bit of Gwen in you in the choices you made,” he said. Gwen joked, “She’s my daughter!” Alyssa is the huge Gwen stan who covered “Don’t Speak” for her Blind Audition. John called Daysia an “old soul” who understands all the references to old songs. “Every note you hit was flawless,” John remarked to Sasha, particularly the “super-high” part of her head voice. He also loved her vibrato. Calling her performance a “tour-de-force” John would pick Sasha.

Blake Shelton came straight out to say that Sasha won the Knockout. “Your singing was incredible.” He chastised Camila Cabello for giving her up in the Battles. “I’m an idiot!” she agreed. When Blake suggested that Gwen choose Sasha, she responded, “Thank you husband Blake,” to which Blake fondly said, “You’re welcome wifey!”

“Alyssa, you have so much spunk,” Camila gushed, “It’s so much fun watching you! Your energy and star power has been there from the very beginning.” When Daysia performs, Camila feels like “time slows down.” She compared the singer to watching an “iconic artist.” Camila noted her former team member Sasha’s confidence considering that she’s only 18 years old.

“I have no idea what to do!”

Gwen shared her thoughts before making a big decision. “Alyssa, you were just incredible,” Gwen said. For the coach, there is something about the young singer. “It’s something that you can’t really put words to. I just think you’re awesome!” As far as Daysia is concerned, Gwen feels that when she hits the right notes, “it’s so iconic.” And to Sasha Gwen remarked, “You made it really complicated for me, because that was a perfect performance.”

“I have no idea what to do,” Gwen whined.  What will she do? One steal remains, and it belongs to Team Legend. Will he use it? Tune in on Monday, November 7 on NBC at 8 pm ET/PT to find out.

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  1. Not really fair to compare it to, arguably, one of the best performances ever on this show. She was no Koryn, but I thought Sasha was by a landslide the clear winner here.

  2. Not really fair to compare it to, arguably, one of the best performances ever on this show. She was no Koryn, but I thought Sasha was by a landslide the clear winner here.

  3. Koryn Hawthorne took that song to another level. I mean, I’ve heard the song before, but when Koryn sings it, it’s different. Still recognizable as the same song, but with an entirely different vibe.

  4. I haven’t watched yet, but the fact that I actually recognize these contestants’ names probably means this battle is gonna hurt, for me. Moreso if they don’t live up to their potential.

  5. That performance still gives me chills. And she was 17 years old. Unfortunately sometimes the voters on these shows are looking for the more understated to advance and win. But often the runner-ups (she placed 4th) go on to have the bigger careers and her career is no exception.

  6. Sawyer Fredricks won. He was talented and I liked him just fine. And I knew he would win but…..she was just on another level! imo.

  7. I could listen to this video on repeat. And watching her perform gives new meaning to “inhabiting the music.” Iconic performance. Sasha did a perfectly fine job, but there really is no comparison to Koryn. The song just oozes out of her pores. I wish Koryn were in a broader genre, but she’s making inroads in Gospel/CCM. Now I’m compulsively watching other videos of her. Didn’t watch her season. Who won?

  8. I didn’t like the girl that won at all. I’d have been happy with either Sasha or Daysia over her.

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