The Voice 22 Recap: Battles Part 3 Live Blog (Videos)

The Voice 22 Battles - Benny Weag, Brayden Lape
Pictured: (l-r) Benny Weag, Brayden Lape — (Photo by: Tina Thorpe/NBC)

The Voice season 22 Battle Rounds continue tonight with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend. Pop star Camila Cabello joins the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Battle performances right here.

Celebrity advisors will join each team: Jazmine Sullivan joins Team Legend, Sean Paul joins Team Gwen, Charlie Puth joins Team Camila and Jimmie Allen joins Team Blake

The coaches will pair up their team members for unforgettable duets. Afterward the coach will choose the winner. The eliminated contestant can be saved by the coach, or stolen by a rival coach. Each coach gets 1 steal and 1 save.

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Eric Who vs Sydney Kronmiller  – Team Camila – Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

NBC previewed this battle earlier today. Eric was montaged during the Blinds. He sang a Billie Eilish song and was a single chair turn. He grew up performing in the church! Sydney, studying at Berklee College of Music, covered Latch and impressed the judges with her unique lower register. Charlie loved the harmonies. Eric thinks he needs to tone it down maybe, but Camila disagrees.

Sydney’s tone is very…interesting. But her warbly vibrato is distracting, and she’s pitchy sometimes. Eric isn’t as interesting a singer. But he’s a very compelling presence on stage. The song favors him. There are songs that would be perfect for Sydney. She’s an artist who has something very different to bring. The duo’s harmonies were the best part of the performance.

Gwen calls them both “weird” but in a good way. She couldn’t stop watching Eric. John compliments Sydney’s low register. He notes Eric’s “light,”adding “Both of you were phenomenal. Blake calle Sydney’s voice “shocking.” Camila has a tough decision to make. Camila picks Eric, Sydney is eliminated

Brayden Lape vs. Benny Weag – Team Blake Shelton – Pretty Heart by Parker McCollum

Brayden is 15 and has only been singing for 1 1/2 years. Benny, at 29, went through a painful divorce. The breakup pushed him to perform more. He was a one chair turn. Blake compares Brayden to Taylor Swift! At the last minute, the two decide to ditch their acoustic guitars.

Benny has a strong, clear tone. He’s the more confident singer. Brayden is young and appealing and has potential, But there is something about Benny. His voice cuts through. Brayden needs more time to grow.

Camila is flirting again! She loves the crack in Brayden’s voice, and notes she was also 15 when she competed on a singing competition. She wonders why she didn’t turn for Benny after hearing him sing again, but she would choose Brayden, because she loves his tone. Gwen appreciated Benny’s energy. But maybe it was too much. John thinks Benny pushed too much, but loves Brayden’s tone, although he needs to develop more. The consensus seems to be that Benny is the better singer, but Brayden is young, cute and irresistible. And indeed,  Blake picks Brayden, Benny is eliminated.



Next, it’s three monataged performances.

First it’s Eve Ullmann vs Ansley Burns from Team Blake Shelton singing Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams. Blake picks Eva and Ansley is eliminated

Next, it’s Morgan Taylor vs Solsong from Team John Legend singing “Die For You” by The Weeknd. John picks Morgan, Solsong is eliminated. Poor Solsong DOUBLE MONTAGED (the show edited down both his Blind and Battle performances) and then cut from the show!

Lastly, it’s Daysia vs. Julia Aslanli from Team Gwen Stefani singing Home by Michael Buble. Gwen picks Daysia, Julia is eliminated.

Parajita Bastola vs. The Marilynds – Team Legend – How Deep is Your Love by Bee Gees

The Marilynds are singing sisters and former beauty queens from Maryland. Parajita, a four chair turn, is only 17 years old. The sisters both struggled with eating disorders. Their bond helped them get through it. Jazmine advises Parajita to not let the audience know when she messes up. John suggests cutting back on some of the harmonies for more solos. Jazmine and John work on tightening the arrangement. The sisters are forgetting that they are harmonizing with a third person. 

The Marilynds are really corny. It’s like they still think they’re waving at people on a pageant float, plucked straight from the Lawrence Welk Show (look it up on Youtube kiddos!). Parajita is young, but is astoundingly mature sounding. She’s effortlessly talented. A fully baked teen!

Blake compliments how “locked in” the sisters are vocally. He compliments Parajita’s confidence and unique voice. He’d pick her. Gwen saw even more talent than the first time she saw The Marilynds. She compares Parajita to a 70’s singer-songwriter vocalist. John felt they all found a way to connect as a trio. John picks Parajita, but saves Marilynds. Why is John so enamored by the sisters? It’s perplexing.


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  1. Camila: “everyone’s a threat except Blake’s team”
    Well this isn’t going to do her any favors with the Facebook crowd

  2. Damn. I know this is edited. Still, when Charlie and Camilla have given advice, it has 100% improved the performances.

  3. Camilla said DRAMA in capital letters. They delivered. I enjoyed both.

  4. yea the singing is good but I just dont think this song works being flipped

  5. Me too. It seems so pointless. It doesn’t do anything to enhance the song.

  6. I wish it hadn’t strayed so much from the original. The guy did better whereas I think the girl has a lot more to show than what she was allowed to do here.

  7. I enjoyed Sydneys audition. Subjectively, I would go with her. I say subjectively as I do not think she outsung Eric. I enjoy her voice a bit mroe

  8. Agree, but that haunting tone intrigues me. I can hear it working well on a different song. I do not care who wins. They both did fine.

  9. Camilla should take Gwen’s advice – doing a cover give a few entries that stay true to the original – to catch the audience’s approval and then make it your own as the song progresses.

  10. Well, I hope the montage singers do not go three for three. GO BRAYDN

  11. I wrote that Bodie delivered my fave vocal of the season in the battle. Braydn had my fave audition. When I wrote my fave for Braydn, Jael responded

  12. This is the kid whose “sob” story was that he is good at everything.

  13. I guarantee there’s gonna be at least one solid battle that gets skipped over this season and instead we get…this.

  14. Wow. Daysia was entirely out of tune that snippet. Glad they skipped that one

  15. SOLsong got a double montage off the show. At least Eva’s moving on and might get shown in the KOs.

  16. And I liked her audition too. How bad.must this battle have been?

  17. soooo this montage featured:
    -eva who was double montaged
    -ansley who was in the semis on agt14, was blake’s block, and wasn’t even shown singing
    -SOLsong who was double montaged with no full performance
    -morgan taylor who was montaged while being a 4-chair turn

  18. remember in the early seasons when they would show every battle in full

  19. Bryce, the montaged singer who intrigued me most, has not got the double montage treatment, at least, not yet.

  20. the voice logic:
    3 battles in 60 minutes
    3 battles in 2 minutes

  21. I would have teamed the sisters with a guy or someone who is more experienced. John should be more considerate.

  22. I understand little about the world today. The voice likes to take ALL THE SURPRISE out of the equation. Leaks and always saves or steals as the finale. Showing previews of what is coming before commercial. The entire idea of a saves and steals is THE SURPRISE. I do not get it.

  23. see you’d think there’s no surprise when it’s taped in person but almost every EPIC STEAL and EPIC SAVE is literally used on the first chance the coach gets so that’s not really a surprise either

  24. Parijita sounds like a seasoned pro. Her voice flows from note to note. She effortlessly conveys the lyric. Awesome

  25. This is ridiculous. This is such a mismatch. It exposes how weak the duet is.

  26. the duo is so boring LOOOOL they look and sound exactly the same and they just sound like backup singers for queen parijita

  27. The sisters are getting beaten up by someone who wasn´t even born when they started singing. Embarassing.

  28. Only John Legend could save this duo. He continues to amaze. I do not mean that in a good way.

  29. Outside of Andrew and Zach still to go, my top 8 has sailed through battles

  30. this duo was never beating parijita, and the EPIC SAVE was spoiled

  31. Have a gn all! Will be celebrating my b day tomorrow so hope everyone takes care

  32. they do offer something special john!
    a special sleeping pill!

  33. I must admit the live shows are looking a bit brighter. There have been some strong performances and especially with Camilla, some massive improvement. I still believe Braydn will deliver something beautiful in the knockouts. Only one complete robbery in battles. It was not entirely unexpected, given the winner had a country twang.

  34. Have a good week y’all! Stay safe. Certainly not as good a night as Monday!

  35. I think the coaches often know who they want to pick in advance, then choose songs that favor that contestant.

  36. Nothing exciting tonight. I would have picked over Eric over Sydney, but I thought the song favored Eric, so . . . ? I don’t get the Brayden love. I didn’t love the crack in his voice (sometimes cracks can be effective, but that wasn’t the case here, IMO). I would have have chosen Benny. He sounded much better on the song. I wanted to hear the montages, particularly Eva and Daysia. Boo! :-( The last battle wasn’t even close — Parajita ran away with that performance. Her voice is so good, as is her musical phrasing. She sounds warm and welcoming and effortless, and is so poised and able to connect with the audience.

  37. The singing was good, the arrangement terrible, both are ok but I don’t actually care which one stays. But with the Camila comment looks like Eric

  38. That must be why I didn’t recognize it, because I’m fairly sure I’ve heard Gaga’s version.

  39. A little behind, but I hope the small amount of exposure the Voice still affords helps Sydney. She has a truly distinctive sound.

  40. Since I can’t watch on TV and only watch the videos here at MJ’s, I hate that the video srceenshots show the contestant and the coach (on the auditions), so you know exactly who the contestant chose (if it was a multi-turn) or which coach ended up with a given contestant. Just ZERO surprise.

  41. Damn Braydns tone is so fucking good. This is not a great song for him tho

  42. Pretty even on this song Blake chose, don’t have a fav just based on this.

  43. Right. Eva sang Light on in audition. wanted to hear more from her

  44. Especially for jurisdictions you can’t vote in! (I live in MA and get to “enjoy” a LOT of NH ads.)

  45. to be fair some of those battles should have been montaged remember erin martin vs the shield brothers LOL

  46. Parijita was the only audition this season where I really felt like I was watching something really special tbh

  47. I want to think Parijita will be in the finale but facebook grandmas control everything and they’d probably rob her in semis or something lol

  48. Braydn was terrible but his tone is super interesting. His voice is not strong enough to convey. I loved his audition tho. I believe with the right song choice, he will surprise. Could not stand the duet. Only John Legend could find reasons to save them. Parajita is incredible. Monday was a far superior show. The Bodie duet was impressive.

  49. I didn’t read the blurb and had no idea she was 17 when i watched the clip. When i read that i was stunned, lol. She is SO ready to be on stage.

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