The Voice 22 Knockouts: Kim Cruse Can’t Stand the Rain

THe Voice 22 Knockouts
Pictured: (l-r) Emma Brooke, Kim Cruse, The Marilynds — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Monday night’s The Voice Knockouts  were the last of season 22. By the end of the show, the Top 16 was finalized (Read our Recap). Although the Knockouts weren’t the strongest we have seen, the Top 16 is a very competitive one. There were a few standout Knockouts, and one of the best triios was from Team John Legend. Jazzy R&B singer Kim Cruse took on pageant sisters The Marilynds and classically trained Emma Brooke.

The Voice season 22 - The Marilynds
Pictured: The Marilynds — (Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Kim delivered one of the best knockouts of the season and ultimately won.

The Marilynds’ and Emma Brooke’s efforts weren’t enough to take down powerhouse Kim Cruse, but both delivered some of their best vocals yet. The Marilynds’ take on “Chasing Cars” was their most emotive effort of the season, and the two had a few big harmony moments. Emma, although lacking some of the anger that Gabby Barrett’s “I Hope” needs, delivered one of the better covers I have heard of the song. She is a very gifted vocalist and had she been on a weaker team or in a weaker pairing, she may have prevailed. Kim delivered one of the best knockouts of the season and ultimately won.

The Voice 22 Knockouts - Emma Brooke
Pictured: Emma Brooke — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

In rehearsals, Kim’s opponents appeared a bit intimidated by her huge powerhouse vocals. She chose to sing the Tina Turner version of Ann Peebles’ “I Can’t Stand The Rain.” The singer explained that she truly hates when the rain keeps her inside, so she relates to the song. Kim hoped to prove that she is “more than just the smooth, jazzy R&B singer.” John advises her to start smaller and build the song into a bigger version with “country stank.”

Pictured: Kim Cruse — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

Kim’s starts off similar to her past outings–a bit jazzy, with a little grit and some cool percussion. Then she builds the song up to a powerful crescendo. Her jazz inflections combined with the classic Tina Turner rasp makes the performance a memorable one. Her tone is really interesting, and at times is reminiscent of Macy Gray, but with a more powerful style and voice. She could do a really interesting version of Gray’s hit “I Try.”

“A World Class Vocalist”

The judges get on their feet for Kim. Blake Shelton said the singer was “drowning in the sauce,” referring to her talent. Camila Cabello called Kim a “dragon,” adding that she “set the stage on fire.” Gwen Stefani wanted to “rewind it” because the performance was so “mind-blowing.” Kim sings every song like it’s her own with “such precision and fire,” says John. In the end, John chooses Kim, whom he calls a “world-class vocalist.”

The two standouts of the night were Kim and new Team Legend member Sasha Hurtado. They were the most gifted vocalists. Team Legend, full of powerhouses and a smart steal, is super strong going into the lives. Honorable mention goes to Team Camila’s Devix who has a tone that I am looking forward to hearing more of in the lives. See you next week for the playoffs!

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