The Voice 21 Recap: Blind Auditions 2 Live Blog (Videos)

THE VOICE -- “Blind Auditions” Episode 2102 -- Pictured: Samuel Harness -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Samuel Harness — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 21 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Pop star Ariana Grande joins the panel.  Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition performances right here.

The Voice airs on Mondays and Tuesdays this season. The teams are back at 12 artists each. A top 48 will emerge by the end of the round. 

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The show opens with the coaches bringing Ariana “grande” coffees. Get it? HARDEEHARHAR.

Lana Scott – 28 – Chesapeake VA

Hole in the Bottle by Kelsea Ballerini – She currently lives in Pasadena, California. Her grandmother inspired Lana to sing country music, but passed away before she moved to California. Lana chose the west coast over Nashville, because musical diversity keeps her on her toes. She keeps pet chickens! Her dad wants her to choose Blake.But she’s leaning toward Team Kelly. Lana called her musical style “pop country” but has a very old school sound. Blake turned immediately. Kelly hit her button next. Lana has a cool little break in her voice with a slight rasp. Nice.

Pictured: (l-r) John Legend, Ariana Grande — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

“That is country!”  Blake declares afterward.  Kelly and Blake fight over who’s the bigger friend of Kelsea Ballerini. Blake loves her personality. Kelly compares her to Natalie Maines. As Blake goes on and on and on, John and Ariana leave for a snack. For real. They return, and Kelly and Blake are still going at it. They both advocate for Team Kelly. But Lana picks Team Blake. She did it for dad, the Blake stan.  Blake does a victory dance, as he calls each of his fellow coaches “crybabies.” 

Kelly and Blake turn. Lana chooses Team Blake

Samuel Harness – 26 – Fort Wayne IN

Here Without You by 3 Doors Down – He and his 4 siblings were all adopted. His dad and brothers perform in a family band. As a young man, he longed for his birth mom. He finally met her. “It gave me a sense of understanding.” Now, he has a son of his own. I don’t like this song pick at all. He reminds me a little of Chris Daughtry, with that quavery vibrato and rasp. John turns right away. Blake and Ariana turn next.

Ariana loved the whole journey from beginning to end, and his rough-hewn voice, that manages to sound healthy. Samuel says “hard pass” to singing country. Oops. He loves Bruno Mars, Lewis Capaldi and Ed Sheeran. John loves the way he emotes. Blake insists that he’s not a “country coach.” Don’t be boxed in, he says. Kelly is losing her mind, because it’s the opposite of what he said for the last singer. Blake compares Sam’s voice to a “frying egg” which he seemed to like. After a commercial break, Samuel picks John. Ariana regrets not using her block.

John, Kelly and Ariana turn, Samuel picks Team Legend

Carolina Alonso – 23 – Reno NV

El Triste by Yuri – Carolina introduces herself in Spanish. She’s saving money for pharmacy school. When her family arrived in Reno, they lived in her uncle’s garage. They worked hard, and now they own a house. Dad was always in mariachi bands, and inspired her to sing. The two sing in a Mexican restaurant. Kelly, who loves Spanish music, hits her button. She sounds a little strained on the high notes, and the band is overpowering her. She hits a tiny, thin high note at the end. But Kelly is, nevertheless, very excited. John felt her higher notes were “squeezed.” Yes. Blake jokes that Carolina can help Kelly learn Spanish. 

Only Kelly turned

Chavon Rogers 23 Ada Oklahoma

drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo – He has a really weird tone, but it improves on the higher notes, which prompts Ariana to turn her chair. He’s better on the high notes, much better. He’s an indie artist, and probably won’t pass muster as a vocalist in the end. But there is something compelling about his presence. John finally turns his chair. Chavon has 7 brothers and sisters, and currently lives in Tulsa, but comes from Blake’s small hometown. He gifts him with a special “Ada” brick from the early 20th century. He married a girl he met in church. His wife has encouraged him to peruse music. Fun fact: Chavon auditioned for the American Idol judges in 2020, but it wasn’t aired.

Ariana loved the “journey” of the performance. She likes when there’s an “arc.” Chavon admits that he was nervous. John compares Chavon to Jeff Buckley, which I think is apt. In the end, Chavon chose Ariana. I thought he’d pick John! But Chavon reveals that Ariana’s style and song choices are  “more up my alley.” He considers himself a pop singer. 

Ariana and John Turn, Chavon picks Team Ariana

Serenity Arce – 14 – Jupiter FL

I See Red by Everybody Loves an Outlaw – Hm. She’s only 14? I SMELL A NO TURN. She’s been singing since age 7. So she started only 7 years ago. Serenity is excited to sing in front of Ariana. She’s a big fan. Her voice is interesting. She’s got a lot of soul and character in her tone. She’s staying in tune. I’m surprised nobody has hit their button. She should come back next year.

Kelly says, “I could tell you were young.” Serenity shares that she is very involved in theater. Ariana advises that she keep doing that. Blake is glad she got no turns. “You probably wouldn’t have made it that far in.” He advises that she wait a year and come back. OR FORGET THE VOICE AND GET YOURSELF A RECORD DEAL he says. Heh. Ariana calls Serenity a rockstar.

No Turns

Joshua Vacanti – 28 – Lockport NY

Into the Unknown from Frozen II – As a kid, Joshua took steroids to control asthma and gained a lot of weight. Finally in high school, he turned vegetarian and lost weight. Joshua has a dramatic Broadway style voice, crossed with a rock style. John hits his button, while blocking Ariana. When Joshua hits a high note Ariana finally turns and OH NOES. Sadly, she’s probably the better coach for Joshua’s style.

“You don’t have to be an experiment on a new person’s team,” jokes Blake. Ariana is so mad. Actually, I’m a little mad too, on Joshua’s behalf. At least John admits that he’s selfish. It’s why I hate the block. John just kept Joshua from the best coach for him. John is familiar with “Into the Unknown” because his kids have seen the movie? Sheesh. 

John and Ariana turn, John blocks Ariana

Hailey Green – 15 – St. Martin MS

Home by Marc Broussard – Hailey was a no turn from season 19. At the time, Blake told her to come back. And now here she is. She is a female linebacker on her high school football team. But music is what she loves. She worked hard to make it back onto The Voice. Her style has changed a little, she says. At this point, she’s glad to have had the extra time. As  a performer, Hailey has more confidence. She doesn’t seem nervous this season. Her voice is sturdy and strong, punctuated by a growl.

At the last minute Blake hits his button. After jumping around like a lunatic, he claims that he waited to psych everyone out. John calls her voice “grown up sounding.” Ariana regrets not turning. 

Only Blake turned

Jim and Sasha Allen – 57, 19 – Newtown CT

Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver – They are a father/son duo. Sasha learned to play music from his dad, a music teacher. The big story here is that Sasha is a transgender man. Growing up, Sasha didn’t feel comfortable. He wanted to wake up a completely different person. Jim said it was important to listen to Sasha, even if he didn’t understand what he was going though at first. But now, it’s not a big deal. Sasha endured hateful comments, even from teachers.  Their voices are very pleasant. Sasha is the dominant singer. When the harmonies kick in, Kelly hit her button. Ariana hits hers next.

Sasha gifts Blake with a photo he drew of the three of them together. And now, Blake feels like crap that he didn’t turn. Kelly admits that she has a trio. But she loves them too. Ariana calls the harmonies “perfectly knit.” She felt connected to it. But she’s looking for more range, which is where she can help. The duo choose Ariana. Not surprised. Sasha looked way excited when she turned. 

Kelly and Ariana turn, the duo pick Team Ariana

Paris Winningham – 32 – Jacksonville FL

Superstition by Stevie Wonder – Paris joined the Navy at age 20 and traveled all over the world. He sang the National Anthem for the Navy’s birthday. But a knee injury seent him out of the military. Paris’ voice is pleasant enough, but generic. When he eventually throws in a few growls, things get more interesting. John hits his button first. After Paris finally gets lively, Ariana turns. I think he took too long to get to where he was going. 

Ariana said his performance felt “contagious and effortless.” John is so enthusiastic, “You lit this stage on fire!” Kelly notes “some pitchy things.” The front half was weak, I think. Paris picks John. He makes it clear afterward that he’s a huge fan. Ariana didn’t stand a chance.

Ariana and John turn, Paris picks Team Legend

Camryn B. – 21 – Mount Shasta C

Hometown Glory by Adele – She lives in a nature wonder land, with beautiful scenery and animals all around. Her older brother became paralyzed after a high school football accident. She took care of him. Now, he wants her to pursue her dreams. Camryn has a pretty and deep tone, but her performance is laconic.

NO TURNS.  These contestants need to follow rule number 1. TAKE THE SONG SOMEWHERE MONEY NOTES MONEY NOTES. Incredibly, Camryn is a fan of the show. She’s attended tapings. And didn’t figure it out. Hm. She admitted that she was nervous. Kelly wanted to hear less of Adele’s influence. Ariana admires the way she handled rejection. 

No Turns

Gymani – 23 – East Point GA

pov by Ariana Grande – NBC dropped this particular Blind Audition on their Youtube channel this morning. Gymani works out of her home salon. Her specialty is eyelashes. At 19, she got pregnant, but it was the best day of her life. She has two girls under the age of 3. Her mother was also a singer. Blake hits his button first, followed by Ariana, then John. Finally, Kelly turns. A 4 chair turn. Gymani has her way with Ariani’s hit and it’s very very good. Her phrasing is wonderful She’s soulful and creative. Good stuff.

“That’s your song now,” says Ariani. She trusted every alteration Gymani made to the melody. “I am honored that you sang my song.” John compares her to Jill Scott. Right now, this feels like a fight between Ariana and John. Kelly thinks she has an incredible ear for covers. Blake calls Kelly a liar and wants Ariana as a witness. She won’t say! John calls Gymani “singular.” You did you. OH WOW GYMANI PICKS KELLY. I was not expecting that. Kelly flips out completely. John and Ariana are both pretty shocked. 

4 chair turn, Gymani picks Team Kelly


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