The Voice 21 Battles: Jershika Maple “Holds On” Against Jeremy Rosado

THE VOICE -- “Battle Rounds” Episode 2107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jeremy Rosado, Jershika Maple -- (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)
Pictured: (l-r) Jeremy Rosado, Jershika Maple — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/NBC)

The Voice 21 Battles: Jershika Maple “Holds On” Against Jeremy Rosado

Monday night was a very pleasant start to The Voice Battles of Season 21 (Read our Recap). It was one of the better battle premieres to date. Solid singing all around with solid decisions. Every battle had some solid moments even the ones I wasn’t expecting to enjoy. 

My true favorite duet of the night went to Jershika Maple vs. Jeremy Rosado from Team Kelly Clarkson. American Idol season 11 alum Jeremy was one of my favorite Blinds. And although I didn’t love her song choice or all her vocal choices, security guard and worship leader Jershika’s audition showed potential. 

On paper, the song choice was a bit odd, and Kelly even noted that in rehearsal, as the two are singers that lean towards gospel music. Kelly advised them to work on dynamics in rehearsal, while celebrity advisor Jason Aldean and Kelly both suggested that the singers save the big moments for the end.

On first listen, I enjoyed this battle, but on a second listen, I found it even more compelling.

Jeremy’s range is very impressive. He took the higher harmony on this performance which is not typical for a male vs. female duet. His falsetto is so clean. His improvement since his Idol days is truly remarkable. Jershika’s background in worship comes through. Her passion and smooth runs remind me of The Voice alum Kymberli Joye, even though her tone seems a bit brighter and pop centered than Kymberli’s. Her sound suits pop music really well.

The battle was neck and neck. Once Jeremy would hit a big note, Jershika would top it with a cool run and vice versa. I leaned towards Jershika as the winner as I felt her performance a bit more. However, both were outstanding.

Blake Shelton noted how good the battles have been, adding that he felt like Jershika was “going to come out there and blow off the roof.” But he found, surprisingly, that Jeremy “stepped up to the plate.” Ultimately, he would pick Jeremy due to the shock factor. Ariana Grande told Jeremy that she loves her fellow Floridian. But Jershika’s runs nearly “catapulted” her “through the roof.” In the end, she would pick Jershika. John Legend was moved by the heart of both and loved Jeremy’s “silkiness” and “range.” He told Jershika that her runs were “precise” and “tight” before calling her a “damn good singer,” and he would go with her as the winner.

Kelly felt that they elevated each other and noted the craziness of their ranges with Jeremy singing the high parts and Jershika singing the low parts. She called them “stellar humans” as well. Ultimately, she chose Jeremy as the winner. Immediately, John and Ariana attempted to steal Jershika. The episode ends in a cliffhanger. Will Jershika choose Ariana who has mainly pop vocalists or will she go for John who has some stiff competition in her lane like Brittany Bree and other gospel/r & b vocalists? We will find out on Tuesday night’s show.

My favorites outside of the standout duet of the night were Bella DeNapoli and Katie Rae, Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose, and David Vogel. An honorable mention goes to KJ Jennings vs. Samuel Harness for making that Camila Cabello, pop forward song choice, “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” work, even if it was odd and way outside of their wheelhouses. I wished a coach would have at least stolen or saved KJ. But regardless, I understand that not everyone can get a steal or save. I just wonder if whoever is stolen/saved in future episodes will be as good as her.

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