The Voice 20 Recap: Knockouts Pt 2 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Knockout Rounds" Episode 2011 -- Pictured: Cam Anthony -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Cam Anthony — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

Tonight, the Knockouts conclude on The Voice season 20.  In the Knockouts, the coaches pair up members of their teams. Each artist will perform a song of their own choosing. After the performance, the coach picks a winner. The loser is either eliminated or stolen by a rival coach. Team Kelly and Team Blake are the coaches with remaining steals.

Assisting coaches Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Nick Jonas as Mega Mentor is rapper and television personality, Snoop Dogg.

Tonight, the four artists saved by their coaches during the Battles will sing for YOUR votes. The winner will be announced on the Live Playoffs, Monday May 10 and will join the remaining 16 artists to perform.

The Voice 20 Top 16 Knockout Spoilers: Matchups, Song Choices, Results
Who is Performing on The Voice 20 Week 2 Knockouts? Find Out! (Video)

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Team Nick – Rachel Mac vs Zae Romeo

Rachel wants to prove she can deliver an emotional performance people can connect with. Snoop Dogg said she managed to sing the song like she wrote it herself. Nick advises her to watch her pitch. Snoop Dogg thinks the ending could be better, and Nick agrees. Zae wants to dedicate his performance to his late grandfather. Zae stripped down the arrangement, and Nick believes he could have a moment with this performance. Snoop Dogg tells him to perform at his highest level. Nick thinks this battle will be his toughest decision yet.

Rachel Mac – Foolish Games by Jewel – Rachel delivers a pretty vocal performance. She’s connected to the lyrics, and she showcases her range as the song progresses. The song suited her very well, and it’s an overall strong performance.

Zae Romeo – Electric Love by BØRNS – Zae has a nice tone to his voice, and he delivers a smooth vocal performance. Like Rachel, he also showcases more of his range as the song progresses. He’s connected to the emotion of the lyrics too, and it’s a strong performance too.

John likes Rachel’s “interesting” vibrato, and he thinks Zae showed who he is as an artist. He would choose Zae. Kelly is surprised Rachel is only 16 years old. Kelly was impressed how Zae got lost in the song, and she thinks he was incredible. She would choose Zae. Blake remembers how Zae was a four-chair turn and Rachel was a one-chair turn. He says Zae was expected to do well, but he noticed growth from Rachel. Nick says Zae sang his personal best so far. Nick also notes how much Rachel has grown throughout the competition. Nick says it’s a difficult decision. Nick chooses Rachel. Kelly STEALS Zae! Kelly says it was a no-brainer, and Zae’s voice gave her chills.


Team Kelly – Avery Robinson vs Kenzie Wheeler

Kelly says they both fill the same lane in country music, and she wants to see which one rises to the top between the two. Avery likes the storytelling aspect of “Tomorrow” by Chris Young, and Kelly thinks it’s a solid pick for him. She likes his tone, but she advises him to try singing with vibrato. Snoop Dogg agrees, and he tells Avery to add layers to his performance. Kenzie wants to challenge himself with “Beer Never Broke My Heart” by Luke Combs. He’s ready to have fun on stage. Kelly thinks the performance will make Blake even more upset that Kenzie isn’t on his team. Kelly thinks the song will let him show a different side to himself. Snoop Dogg became a fan of the song just after listening to Kenzie’s rehearsal. Kelly says she loves her country boys, and this will be a hard decision for her.

Kenzie Wheeler – Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs – Kenzie looks a bit awkward on stage at first, but that could be due to a lack of audience or experience. He gets more into the groove as the song progresses. The song suits him very well, and he really showcases his vocals in the chorus. Overall, it’s a fun performance.

Avery Robinson – Tomorrow by Chris Young – Avery accompanies himself with guitar. Avery’s voice sounds a bit uncertain in the first verse, and the arrangement is a bit more subdued than the original recording of the song. He delivers a heartfelt performance, but there were a few shaky vocal moments. It was a decent performance, but Kenzie sounded better tonight.

Blake stands up and tells Kenzie he’s probably going to win the show. Blake thinks Avery is getting better, but he thinks Kenzie is the “real deal.” He would pick Kenzie, and he remarks how he’s bothered Kelly blocked him from joining Team Blake. Nick liked the texture Avery brought to the performance, and he tells Kenzie that he brought the party. He thinks Kenzie could win the show too, but he would pick Avery. John believes Avery is holding back; he says Avery could add more passion to his performances. John says people will want to hang out with Kenzie. Kelly says Avery did a beautiful job, but he doesn’t realize how good he is. Kelly tells Kenzie has a natural presence that draws people in. Kelly picks Kenzie. Avery is eliminated.


Team Legend – Rio Doyle vs Zania Alaké

John likes Rio’s song choice, and he thinks she can pull it off. Snoop Dogg is surprised by how big Rio’s voice is. John advises her to open up the vowel sounds. He adds that she should stay with the staccato when necessary. Snoop Dogg says with more practice, Rio will have a stellar performance. John likes the emotion Zania brings to the performance, but he advises her to work on the lower notes. Snoop Dogg says Zania has the pipes to cover a Gladys song. John says they both have the ability to be compelling and moving, and he’s ready to see who brings it more between the two.

Rio Doyle – Issues by Julia Michaels – Rio has a husky tone to her voice that suits the song. She stays pretty close to the original version, but she showcases more of her range toward the end of the song. She has good stage presence and delivers a solid performance.

Zania Alaké – If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight – Zania is very comfortable with the song. It suits her very well, and she delivers an excellent performance. She brings a maturity to the performance that makes her seem like a seasoned pro. Her vocals are stellar too, and she’s the clear winner of this Knockout. Zania is the best so far tonight.

Kelly says Zania sang the song as if it was on Zania’s record. Kelly thinks Rio did a good job too, but Zania had a bigger moment tonight. Blake believes that Rio performed “Issues” better than anyone else who covered the song. However, he says Zania had a moment tonight with “If I Were Your Woman.” Nick likes Rio’s storytelling approach with “Issues,” but he agrees that Zania had a moment with her performance. He says she is one to watch. John says both contestants made him proud. He tells Rio that she sold the song and should be proud of herself. John says Snoop Dogg will be happy with Zania’s performance. John picks Zania. Rio is eliminated.


Team Blake – Connor Christian vs Cam Anthony

Connor says his song choice makes him think about his fiancé. Snoop Dogg likes that Connor is challenging himself by showing a different side to himself. Blake compliments Connor’s energy, but he notes how Connor is trying to push a smoky tone a bit much. He says it could restrict how much he can open up. Cam says he wanted to choose a song that he can lose himself in. Snoop Dogg is surprised Cam is only 19 years old. Blake wants him to remind people that he’s here to stay. He wants Cam to deliver a big and explosive vocal performance.

Connor Christian – Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer – Connor has an interesting tone, but his phrasing isn’t perfect. It seems like he’s struggling to keep up with the fast-paced arrangement. He sounds good in parts of the song, but it isn’t his best performance thus far.

Cam Anthony – Feeling Good by Nina Simone – From the first verse, Cam’s performance is already better than Connor’s. His vocals are strong, and he adds some good runs too. The performance only gets better as the song builds. Overall, Cam delivered an impressive performance.

Nick compliments Connor’s tone, but he calls Cam’s performance flawless and creative. John says he believes in Cam and thinks he can be a true artist after the show. John likes the fire from Connor, but he notes this wasn’t his best performance. Kelly agrees that Connor is talented, but she likes the artistic choices Cam made tonight. Blake thinks lack of air kept Connor under the notes. Blake says Cam has a gift and he’s very happy for him. Blake picks Cam. Connor is eliminated.


Team Nick – Jose Figueroa Jr. vs Raine Stern

This Knockout is montaged. Jose Figueroa Jr. covered “Break Every Chain” by Tasha Cobbs and Raine Stern covered “No Such Thing” by John Mayer. Nick says Jose has been solid on every performance. We don’t hear him give any feedback to Raine. Nick picks Jose. Raine is eliminated.


Team Kelly – Anna Grace vs Gianna Zoë

Anna picked “If I Die Young” since she can relate to the song. She almost died at a young age due to health issues. Kelly thinks Anna still has untapped potential. Snoop Dogg says she has a strong voice, but he wants to feel the emotion from her. Kelly says if she lets people in, then she will be hard to beat. Gianna recalls how she didn’t know if music was a possibility for her, and this song represents those feelings she had. Kelly says her rehearsal is her best performance on the show so far. Snoop Dogg is moved by the emotion of the song too.

Anna Grace – If I Die Young by The Band Perry – Anna’s version of the song differs from the original with a piano-driven arrangement. It sounds very different from the original country recording. It’s an intimate performance, and she delivers a heartfelt and beautiful performance. She also hits a very pretty high note halfway through. Overall, it’s a very strong performance.

Gianna Zoë – Glitter in the Air by P!nk – Gianna vocals are lovely throughout the performance. She’s connected to the lyrics, and she’s emoting very well. She hits some impressive high notes too. Like Anna, she delivered an excellent performance.

Blake thinks Kelly will struggle with her decision since both are very good and unlike anyone else. Nick thought Anna did a good job with making the song her own. He likes how unique Gianna is, and he says he would pick her. John compliments how both contestants brought confidence to their performances. Kelly thinks both are powerful in different ways. Kelly likes the ethereal quality Anna brought, and she’s impressed how good Gianna is at such a young age. Kelly says her decision will be who she believes will navigate the competition better. Kelly picks Gianna. Blake STEALS Anna! Blake only had male contestants on his team, and he’s glad to add a female artist.


4 Way Knockout

We see the mentoring sessions before any of the performances. Devan is emotional that his dreams are coming true. Snoop Dogg advises him to bring more stage presence. Kelly believes Savanna has an edge on her competitors. Savanna says it was an honor to have been stolen to be part of Team Kelly. Snoop Dogg likes Savanna’s soulful runs. Blake likes how Emma’s voice floats. Snoop Dogg tells her not to hold anything back and to just let it go. John believes Carolina has a voice that can dazzle the audience. He and Snoop Dogg felt the emotion from Carolina’s performance.

Emma Caroline – Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn – Team Blake

Emma delivers a pretty vocal performance. She’s a bit timid on the stage, but she sounds nice and the song is a good fit for her style.


Devan Blake Jones – Sign of the Times by Harry Styles – Team Nick

Devan showcases his soulful vocals. He looks comfortable on the stage too. Some of the vocals aren’t perfect, but he makes the most of his moment and ends on a strong note.


Carolina Rial – Anyone by Demi Lovato – Team Legend

Carolina delivers an emotional performance with strong vocals. She’s impressive as she belts out the big notes of the song. Overall, it’s an excellent performance from Carolina.


Savanna Woods – Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden – Team Kelly

Savanna has a unique style to her, and she showcases what makes her different from her competitors with her performance. Her vocals are pretty stellar, and she delivers a standout performance with many big notes.

Blake said he couldn’t be happier with Emma’s performance. Nick said Devon came out of his shell and delivered his best vocal performance. John said Carolina was wonderful, and he felt the emotion from her. Kelly said Savanna’s range is incredible, and she hopes America will vote for her.

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