The Voice 20 Recap: Blind Auditions 3 Live Blog (VIDEO)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 2003 -- Pictured: Emma Caroline -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Emma Caroline — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 20 Blind Auditions continue with returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Nick Jonas rejoins the panel after a season off. Carson Daly returns as host.  We’ll be live blogging all the Blind Audition 2 performances right here.

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Ryleigh Modic – When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish – 18 – Spencer MA – The young singer read her tarot before her Blind Audition and it gave her a lot of hope. Dad is a business man but works as a musician at night. Her parents are very supportive. Even when she shaved her head! Music has helped her come to terms with being gay. When she came out, some friends turned against her. She picks a Billie song, because she’s inspiring.  Ohhh. Her low notes are gorgeous. She glides into her higher register effortlessly. Terrific phrasing. Good song pick for her. Kelly turns first. Nick turns next. Nick says her sound speaks to his soul. When Ryleigh declares she’s gay, Kelly cackles that Nick’s wooing won’t work. Nick felt her nerves, and feels he can help her. Kelly didn’t think she was nervous–but lost in the song. However, Ryleigh admits she WAS nervous. Kelly thinks it should have been a 4 chair turn. And in the end, Ryleigh picks Team Kelly.  – Kelly and Nick turn. Ryleigh picks Kelly Clarkson

Pia Renee – Master Blaster (Jammin) by Stevie Wonder – 37 – Chicago IL – She had a bunch of day jobs including flight attendant and truck driver. She has a family to support. She got pregnant at 15. Still, she managed to graduate high school on time, and go to college. Now, she’s a reggae musician. Good song pick–a familiar reggae tinged song. Folks can relate to this. Pia has a slight rasp and her timing is very very good, She doesn’t oversing, but performs with intention and passion. Blake and John turn at the last minute. Blake is very mad. Heh. “I feel like I’m getting one last look at her,” Blake says dolefully. He pushes his experience on the show. John drops artists names that Blake couldn’t possibly know. Kelly might steal her! In desperation, Blake drops Gwen Stefani’s name. “Wouldn’t it be great if she were here to coach you,” John snarks. Of course, Pia chooses John – John and Blake turns. Pia picks John. 

John is the only remaining coach with a block left. 

Andrew Marshall – Gravity by John Mayer – 21 – Boxford MA – He and his sister started doing theater together. Even as a youngster, he was a good singer…say his parents! At 16, he was diagnosed with Leukemia. It took 3 1/2 years of treatment. Music got him through it. Finally, he’s in remission. The singer cries as he talks about his parents support through all the hard times. Andrew got to meet Mayer through Make a Wish. Nick hits his button right away. Andrew’s voice isn’t super-distinctive, but his bluesy phrasing and intonation are pretty great. And that’s it. Only Nick turned. John didn’t think the song went a lot of places musically, but likes his tone. Kelly thought he needed to hold out some notes a little more. – Only Nick Turned

Emma Caroline – Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves – 25 – Tuscaloosa AL – She attended the University of Alabama. Her dad is a military helicopter pilot and traveled overseas a lot when she was a kid. She has a pretty tone. Blake turns around quick. Surprisingly, because she’s not really taking this song anywhere, and there are some pitchy moments. Kelly hits her button next.  Nick thought the performance was a little timid. I agree–it was fine, but needed something else. John felt he couldn’t compete against Blake. Kelly notes that she won The Voice with a female country artist. Blake loves finding new young country talent, he says. In the end, Emma picked Blake. – Kelly and Blake turn. Emma picks Blake

James Tutson – Beyond by Leon Bridges – 31 – Iowa City IA – James has  been married for 7 years, and has two kids. He’s in a band with a “bunch of dads.” He calls himself a “late bloomer.” It seems he doesn’t have much professional experience. His performance has many pitch problems, and nobody turns. John calls his tone sweet, but notes the pitch issues. Blake thought the singing was a “little too laid back.” Kelly thought he was very nervous.  – No Turns

Ciana Pelekai – Dance Monkey by Tones and I –  20 – Las Vegas NV – She’s originally from the Hawaiian islands. Apparently, a lot of Hawaii people live in Vegas. The more you know! A video of her singing “If I Were a Boy” she recorded as a kid went viral. She sang at the Staples center. But she still struggles. Ciana would love to work with John Legend. But she’d love to work with Nick too. She thinks he’s the cutest Jonas. Ha. John turns pretty fast! So good for her. Oh. John BLOCKED Nick. Oops. Oh well. John seemed to be Ciana’s first choice. Nick hopes to steal her at some point. I’m not in love with this song choice, the performance seemed somewhat pageanty. John calls her charismatic and her tone cool. He compliments her sense of rhythm. In his “welcome to Team Legend” song, he sings some funny lyrics about using his block. – John and Nick turn, John blocks Nick. 

Jose Figueroa Jr. – At This Moment by Billy Vera & the Beaters – 34 – Kissimmee FL – Jose’s video package aired AFTER his performance. He likes very sparkly jackets.  Jose’s day job is teaching Zumba classes. John turns, followed by Nick a little later. I’m a bit surprised? Jose is very old fashioned. Lots of runs, but…eh. The performance felt very “Star Search” to me. John calls it a 4 chair turn worthy performance.  John loves his dynamics and range. Kelly thought he did too many runs. Yeah, I agree. Blake looks forward to Jose and Nick singing a duet further in the competition, for some reason? Nick is reduced to begging Jose to choose him. COMMERCIAL BREAK And, Jose picks Team Nick! He picked Nick because he wanted a coach “a little bit out of my realm.” – John and Nick turn, Jose picks Nick

Halley Greg – I’m Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado – 29 – Seattle WA – She’d been teaching science to high schoolers, until she gave up her day job. Living a double life was exhausting. She’s been writing her own music. Interestingly, she resigned her position BEFORE the pandemic started. And then, no gigs. She considers The Voice a Godsend. Kelly turns first. Halley has a very delicate tone and phrasing. Her fragility is appealing. It’s a very pretty performance, as she glides into some very lovely high notes. Only Kelly turned, but she deserved more. It’s OK. Halley seems happy with the results. Kelly calls her voice, pure, innocent and artistic, comparing her to Annie Lennox. John calls her performance “poetic.” – Only Kelly turned

Durrell Anthony – What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye – 34 – San Diego CA – He has two young children, that he spends time with during the day. He sang as a kid in Catholic church. In high school, he gained weight after quitting sports to do music. But in college, he began exercising and eating healthy. He met his wife at weight loss camp. Durrell starts dramatically, singing the high note without the band. John hits his button right away. He arranged the song in a way that makes it stand out in an audition. He’s a little pitchy, though. Kelly turns at the last minute. John calls the rendition, “beautiful.” Nick loved the song choice. Kelly, like John, liked his mid-range. No surprise, Durrell picks John. – John and Kelly turn, Durrell picks John

Jessy Desorcy – Dust on the Bottle – 29 – Burrillville RI – He grew up on a “woodsey lake town.” He eventually joined the Coast Guard. But he was diagnosed with a rare eye disease which affects the optic nerve. Now, he’s legally blind, although he can see a little. At that point, he began playing guitar more and put together a band. He’s opened for some big acts. Kelly sings along a little, but doesn’t hit her button. Jessy has a pleasant, raspy voice. Good tone, but not a lot of range. No turns. Aw. And Kelly had to tell him no one turned. Dang. Blake thought he was singing sharp. Nick thinks he should stick with his band. John suggests that he work on his control – No Turns

Avery Roberson – If You’re Reading This by Tim McGraw – 20 – Rutherfordton, NC – We previewed this performance HERE. He’s dreamed of being on The Voice since he was a kid. His grandpa is in a bluegrass band. His dad had a song on the charts? He didn’t go into detail. The older ladies compare him to Elvis. They love him. Kelly and John turn right away.  Blake turns third. Nick hits his button before the song ends. 4 chair turn! Avery has a very pretty, heartfelt voice. Kelly loved that he kept the performance intimate. “I have won this show with a male country singer,” she reminds everybody. Blake accuses Kelly of “walking away” from country music. He’s always been country! Ten years in the Opry, too. “I’m the only person on the panel who knows the person who sang [your song pick]”  Nick makes a pathetic attempt to woo Avery. Interestingly, Avery sang pop in high school. Blake starts the “Hollywood” diss. OK. We get it. Time to let it go. John thinks all that matters is that he loves music. Blake implores, “It’s not about me, it’s about you!” And Avery picks Blake – 4 chair turn – Avery picks Blake


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