The Voice Blind Audition: Andrew Marshall is Connected to ‘Gravity’ (Video)

THE VOICE -- "Blind Auditions" Episode 2003 -- Pictured: Andrew Marshall -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)
Pictured: Andrew Marshall — (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 20 Blind Audition: Andrew Marshall Has an Emotional Connection to John Mayer’s Gravity

Andrew Marshall, 21 years old from Boxford, Massachusetts is a survivor of cancer. Doctor diagnosed Andrew with Leukemia back in 2016 as a junior in high school and has been cancer-free since 2019. He said that the difficult experience brought him even closer to his supportive parents. Andrew has been performing for a while now including some school performances. For his Make-A-Wish, he got to meet John Mayer, so his song choice of Gravity for his The Voice Blind Audition, which aired Monday (March 8) is quite special to him.

Andrew has a very calm and smooth style that clearly suites Team Nick Jonas. Maybe that is why only Nick turned his chair. Another reason could be that the audition never really went anywhere. The melody of “Gravity” doesn’t go a lot of places, so unless the singer inserts a big note in there, a wow moment is not likely to happen. But I appreciated that Andrew didn’t try to be a powerhouse, because that is not who he is. Viewers may want him to implement a few more wow moments. It is a competition after all, where he will eventually have to go against powerhouses.

Blake jokingly and correctly guessed that it was a John Mayer song, which he claims to love. John doesn’t think the song really goes anywhere. Kelly agrees and offered that when the music dropped, he should have held out a “big note and sustained it” to create more intimacy. I completely agree. Kelly does note Andrew’s “awesome” tone. Nick pointed out that every single face lighted up as soon as Andrew took stage, noting his likability and performer quality.

I think Andrew needs to amp up the vocals, because his tone is quite versatile. And his versatility should help if he is given any curveballs for song choices. I think he could just implement some runs in his singing, as he has a very smooth and easy listening voice that he rarely strains.

Check out his chill and refreshing rendition of “Golden” by Harry Styles, where he displays his falsetto HERE.   Here’s an original that he submitted to NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest HERE. Instagram and Tik Tok.

The Voice 20 Blind Audition: Andrew Marshall sings John Mayer’s “Gravity”


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