The Voice 2 – Blind Auditions #5 – Recap and VIDEO

Recap and Video: Live blogging The Voice Blind Auditions #5 RIGHT HERE.

It’s the LAST WEEK of the Blind Auditions. Cee Lo needs 3 more contestants. Christina, Blake and Adam need 2.

What did you think of tonight’s The Voice?  Tonight’s episode wasn’t exactly brimming with originality. Solid voices–but hardly anything leaped out to me.  Wade, who sang “Rehab” was the best of tonight’s singers, if only because he really manged to put his own spin on Amy’s song, on top of having great vocals. I also liked The Shields Brothers–they aren’t great singers or musicians, but they definitely bring the fun factor.

Whitney Myer – 23 – Reno, NV – “No One” – She plays music with her uncle and her dad. They sing “Rock-soul-funk”. Adam turns around pretty quickly. Cee Lo is next. Then Blake. Christina resists for a second. All four have turned around. She’s got a very radio friendly R&B sound, and she sings with confidence. Adam says she’s blessed with the ability to sing. Adam wants her SO BAD. Christina says she kept it solid and made her forget it was an Alicia Keys song. “You sold it for me.” Blake was glad he pushed his button early, because he got to watch her. Adam thinks she can win the whole thing. Christina says she’ll love and support her. Whitney chose Adam. I knew she would! – Team Adam.

Whitney Myer – No One – The Voice 2012 (Auditions) by IdolxMuzic

David Dunn – 27 – Midland TX – “The man Who Can’t Be Moved” – His dad owns an oil company. Yeesh. David is an honors grad in petroleum engineering, but wants to pursue music. He’s under pitch in spots, but has a nice tone. There’s a little trouble with those high notes. His performance got weaker as it went on, unfortunately. Nobody turned around. Ah well, He comes from money, he’ll be alright. The audience loved him. He’s good looking, so there’s that.

David Dunn – Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

The Shields Brothers – “Dancing With Myself” – The boys live on a farm with their parents and practice in their garage. They want to “punch America in the face with Rock n. Roll.” Aw. They’re all power poppy and stuff! Cee Lo turns around right away. I like them! We haven’t seen anything quite like this on a singing competition.  Simon Cowell needs to bring on guys like this for his groups. Blake thought it was chaotic. Well, yeah. Cee Lo really wants to coach a duo and he LOVES Billy Idol. That was fun. These guys don’t have great voices and won’t get very far, but it’s all good. – Team Cee Lo

The Shields Brothers – Dancing With Myself – The… by IdolxMuzic

Cheesa – 21 – Honolulu HI – “If I Were a Boy” – Her parents moved to Los Angeles to help her start her music career. The family nearly went bankrupt.  Oh dear. She’s not that great.  Her poor family giving up everything.  Cee Lo turned around at the very last minute. Like on her last note.   Is this show fixed? That’ pretty fishy, considering Cheesa said she wanted Cee Lo as a coach.  Team Cee Lo

Cheesa – If I Were A Boy – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Six open spots are left.

Preston Shannon – 64 – Memphis TN – “In The Midnight Hour” – He’s the King of Beale street, or something. But sadly, he’s got to compete on a crappy singing show to get a record contract.  Hm. He’s kind of a poor man’s B.B. King.  Blake alllmost presses his button. Oh. That’s sad. Nobody turned around.  Just as well, it would have been a waste.  Dude has gone as far in his career as he’s going to get. “You’re cooler than we are, for sure,” says Adam.

Preston Shannon – Midnight Hour – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Lex  Land – 24 – Austin TX – “I Can’t Make You Love Me” – She studied classical voice for many years, but is now a singer/songwriter. She’s a counselor and teacher at a music camp.  Se feels intimidated and terrified. She’s got an unusual voice, but she sounds…off key?  She also sounds drunk. The judges love it.  Well, not Christina, who winces at a flat note.   Cee Lo, Adam and Blake turned around for THAT? I think they turned around too fast, because she got considerably worse as the performance went on.  She reminds Adam of Adele. He wants to steer her away from that. Blake heard 3 different singers though the course of the song. They like her lower register.  She goes with Blake, Which is actually a smart choice. He’ll pay attention to her. – Team Blake

Lex Land – I Can’t Make You Love Me – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

Carson delivers an invite to the Voice to Orlando Napier.  Wonder what his deal is?

Cameron Novack – 28 – “You Oughta Know”  – He’s a jack of all trades. He even sings opera. He’s very “confident”.  Oh, he raps off the top of his head. He’s kind of annoying, actually.  He thinks The Voice is perfect for his career, because all of the coaches are on the charts. Dude if you win YOU won’t be.  His voice is very throwback theatrical rock.  Nobody turns around for him. His daughter is crying Aw. Adam says he didn’t expect him to look like that. What was he expecting? Oh my God. He’s rapping again. Super duper annoying, this guy is. Cee Lo now thinks he made a mistake. Wait They are going to break the rules and pick him after turning around? That’s wrong.  Nope. They can’t do it. “We can’t ruin the integrity of the show,” says Cee Lo.  Dude was douchy–he would have never made it through the the voting rounds.

Cameron Novack – You Oughta Know – The Voice… by IdolxMuzic

OMG that “Lorax” commercial with Zac Efron and Betty White “auditioning” for the Voice was really dumb.

Orlando Napier –  “Waiting on the World to Change” – Drinking and drugging caused a lot of strife in his life, until he really got serious about music.  His dad plays in his band. He starts at the piano, then gets up with his mic. He’s got a nice soulful voice, and sings with confidence, but I wouldn’t say he’s very original. Adam turned for him very quickly  He liked his timing. – Team Adam

Orlando Napier – Waiting On The World To Change… by IdolxMuzic

Adam’s team is complete.

Lee Koch – “Like a Rolling Stone” – He’s a baker. He wants to be a musician who bakes, not the other way around.  He’s got an interesting voice, but nothing really out of the ordinary. After a long long time, Christiana finally turns around. “Your voice spoke to me.” She says the harmonica sold it. If Adam says that if his  team hadn’t filled, he would have turned around. Easy to say now.  – Team Christina

Lee Koch – Like A Rolling Stone – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Wade – “Rehab” – Ok, this dude has a very interesting vibe. He’s got the retro yet modern thing down pat. Finally, Cee Lo turns for him, and that is actually pretty perfect. He’s got a great voice, and he’s got some originality, to boot. I like the way he’s reworked this song, he really made it his own. Blake says he made it so much fun. Cee Lo said he was just about to work with Amy Winehouse before she died. Hm. – Team Cee Lo

Wade – Rehab – The Voice 2012 (Auditions) by IdolxMuzic

Cee Lo’s team is complete.

Adley Stump – 22 – Tulsa OK – “Last Name” – She’s only been singing for a few months? She started singing in her college sorority. Eh. She’s got no style. How could she when she hasn’t been singing that long. Christina and Blake both turn around at the last minute. Blake likes her name. Blake is admitting that he pushed his button because Christina did. Blake asks what “chops” are. “You don’t know because you aren’t a real vocalist.” Burn. Christina says she can help her on a vocalist level. Blake thinks how you express yourself is more important. Actually, Blake is absolutely right. He’s be a better coach because he can help her develop a style, and sing with emotion. She lacks that now. Wisely, she chooses Blake – Team Blake

Adley Stump – Last Name – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

Blake’s Team is complete.

Christina is the only judge who needs to complete her team. She’s listened to several voices, but declines.

Sera Hill – 24 – Atlanta GA – “I’m Going Down” – This is the audition that was featured in the promo I posted today.  It doesn’t take Christina long to turn around. Conveniently, Christina is exactly who Sera wants as a coach. Christina says she got so excited she wanted to grab a mic and sing with her. And wouldn’t you know…she joins Sera on stage. SCRIPTED MUCH PEOPLE. Oh please.   Sera has solid vocal skills, but nothing I haven’t heard before.

Sera Hill – I’m Going Down – The Voice 2012… by IdolxMuzic

The Battlerounds begin next week.

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