The Voice 10: Ranking the Top 12 Finalists

THE VOICE -- "Live Playoffs" Episode 1012C -- Pictured: (l-r) Bryan Bautista, Nick Hagelin, Paxton Ingram, Laith Al-Saadi, Alisan Porter, Emily Keener, Mary Sarah, Daniel Passino, Shalyah Fearing, Hannah Huston, Owen Danoff, Adam Wakefield -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Here we go. The first The Voice Power List/Ranking of the season, as we head into the Top 12 performance show, set to air on Monday (April 18).

The list is going to be really random this week. There were a couple of really surprising results coming out of Wednesday’s Top 12 Playoff reveal by both America and the coaches. I put together a vague list based on iTunes standings, relative weakness/strength of the coaches teams, and relative weakness/strength of the coaches picks. It’s probably all wrong! But I’m giving it a shot anyway.

Christina and Adam’s singers dominate the stop of the list, while Pharrell’s dwell in the bottom. So far, Pharrell’s team doesn’t appear to be strong, but we’ll get a clearer idea of how the teams stack up now that they are finally competing against one another.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in comments!

1. Alisan Porter – Team Christina – Alisan has been the frontrunner ever since she stepped on the stage for her Blind Audition. She comes to The Voice already a celebrity of sorts, as a child star, cabaret standout and songwriter. While The Voice exposure may help restart her showbusiness career, being an early frontrunner puts her at a disadvantage, not to mention the challenges she faces as an older singer trying to break into the agist and sexist world of pop music. In any case–white men generally rule on competitive singing shows.

2. Shalyah Fearing – Team Adam – This 15 year old R&B belter can SANG her face off, but I’m convinced Adam is not the right coach to make the most of her gifts. When he’s instructing her to not hold back on her runs and big notes, rather than save or finesse them, you know there is going to be trouble. It didn’t help that Shalyah was rewarded last week for caterwauling through a performance of “Listen.” She’s got to show some versatility and restraint if she’s going to last.

3. Laith Al-Saadi – Team Adam – That Laith was saved by America goes to show how classic rock favorites, performed by a seasoned contestant, can turn a singer into a fan favorite. His tasty guitar playing doesn’t hurt at all. He’s going to have to show versatility to make it through to the very end, however.

4. Nick Hagelin – Team Christina – Nick was America’s feel good comeback story. He’s handsome (GROW BACK THE HAIR THOUGH, DUDE) and has a heartwarming story about how he put his special needs son’s well being ahead of a label deal. He’s not the best singer in the competition, but his sweet vocal delivery has the ability to melt a few hearts.

5. Adam Wakefield – Team Blake – Adam has the potential to be the Season 10 darkhorse. Like Laith, he’s an experienced performer, but with an even better voice. His strong country vocals and assured, confident stage presence could catapult him past everyone. He’s got a Chris Stapleton vibe that makes him relevant to what’s current in country music these days.

6. Mary Sarah – Team Blake – That America saved Mary after she pretty much butchered the classic “Rose Garden” speaks to a fan following ready to save her even after a misstep. It’s an important factor that should keep her safely in the competition.

7. Owen Danoff – Team Adam – Initially, I was surprised that Owen had to be saved by Adam. But thinking about it–he performed a song, “Hero,” many viewers had never heard before. It was an emotionally connected performance, but his quiet charm was no match for the big-voiced presence Laith and Shalyaya brought to the stage. I’m glad Adam saved him, because Owen has something special that has the potential to grow. He needs to pick familiar songs to make his own if he’s going to go farther in the competition. Having said that, he has more charisma than fellow folkie, Joshua Davis, who came in 3rd season 8. Owen has dark horse potential, but he needs to stick to the classics.

8. Daniel Passino – Team Pharrell – I’m imagining the cornball song selections Pharrell has up his sleeve for Daniel. Yeah, America saved him. But he’s on a weak team. I expect he’ll be annihilated when he has to compete against more talented singers.

9. Hannah Huston – Team Pharrell – Hannah is one of my favorites right now. Please do right by her Pharrell. Still, she’s going to have a tough time up against fellow big voiced singers, Alisan Porter and Shalyah Fearing.

10. Bryan Bautista – Team Christina – It was disappointing that Bryan wasn’t saved by America. He’s one of the best singers in the competition. I’ve got him low on the list this week, but fingers crossed that he turns things around on Monday. I think he deserved to move forward over Nick Hagelin and his sob story, if I’m being really honest here.

11. Emily Keener – Team Pharrell – It’s been obvious that Pharrell has a thing for his “unicorn” Emily Keener. But she’s only 17 and Lorde she is NOT. Her performances have been hit and miss. She’s frequently off pitch. Her rendition of ” “Still Crazy” lacked connection. She reminds me of Amy Vachal and Madi Davis–two indie-type singers who had a loyal following that bought iTunes downloads. Both singers had uneven performances, however, and were knocked out before the finals.  Not as ready for this as those two even, I expect a mid-pack demise for Emily.

12. Paxton Ingram – Team Blake – I’m going to be really honest and say I kind of like Paxton, He’s a decent singer and a fun performer. But America does not share my opinion NOR Blake’s enthusiasm for the boy. Why save a singer who will likely be voted out the first week of the finals? We’ve seen the best Paxton can do, and it didn’t get him votes or a high ranking on the iTunes chart. Paxton’s save continues to be a real head scratcher.

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