The Masked Singer 9: Is Macaw a Beloved American Idol Alum? (Updated)

The Masked Singer David Archuleta
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Heads up old school American Idol fans! It’s country night on The Masked Singer this week, and the show just dropped a preview of performance from a new celebrity. In it the colorfully costumed Macaw belts out a heartfelt version of Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dying.”

The Masked Singer Prediction: Macaw IS David Archuleta

If the Macaw isn’t David Archuleta, I will eat my shoe. I WILL EAT MY SHOE. It’s country night on The Masked Singer, and the songs will all be country themed. Even Macaw’s body language is very Archie-esque! But that voice–especially on the high notes–cannot be denied!

More evidence: David had been mysteriously absent from social media lately. Now we probably know why! He doesn’t want to deal with a deluge of comments from this fans who are ALREADY excitedly posting about his appearance in the preview’s comments.

Fans will find out more tonight when a clue package airs ahead of the performance. But who needs a stinking clue package? C’MON.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesday (March 22) at 8 pm ET/PT on FOX.

UPDATE: Here is Macaw’s FULL PERFORMANCE including judges remarks and on stage clue! Spoiler alert! Macaw won the round and will now compete against California Roll aka Sing-Off winners Pentatonix in the Quarterfinals! Round three and Wildcard round winners will also compete in the round! (Read our Recap)

Watch McCaw’s clue package

Clues evidence that proves David Archuleta is behind the Macaw mask

  • “I’m so excited to become the Macaw because he’s everything I’m not: Flashy, confident, and he sings COUNTRY.” – David is an R&B singer, and famously shy and has spoken about his lack of confidence.
  • He started singing at a young age, but performing didn’t start out as a passion. His dad bribed him with quesadillas to sing at the local Mexican restaurant – David has shared about anxiety around singing at a young age. His dad managed him an was famously controlling.
  • He eventually spread his wings to perform on bigger stages. But the pressure to “always be the good son” brought him anxiety. – Again, David has shared about how traumatizing it was to compete on American Idol at only 17.
  • He learned to take breaks and reset to deal with his anxiety. – David has spoken frankly about how therapy helped him heal.
  • A thing he did to please his parents now “fills me with glee.” – Despite the trauma surrounding his early experiences, David is clear that he loves to sing and perform.
  • “This is the year I decided to be brave not only on stage, but in my own life. So this feels like the perfect opportunity to put my newfound courage on display.” – In 2021, David came out as LGBT and has shared honestly about struggling to reconcile his Mormon faith with living as a queer man.
  • The onstage clue: A silver medal – David finished American Idol season 7 in second place. and “It wasn’t until I left the next that I struck gold,” His father no longer manages him. Also, David left his home in Utah for Nashville Tennessee
  • His Macaw costume is a colorful throwback to his stint as Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

The Masked Singer loves casting FOX era American Idol alums

The Masked Singer has featured American Idol alums in the past, including Chris Daughtry, Tori Kelly, Todrick Hall and Katharine McPhee alongside her husband David Foster. Jordin Sparks appeared on The Masked Dancer.

At 17 years old, David Archuleta came in second place on American Idol season 7 back in 2008. Recently, he’s been in the press after coming out as LGBT in 2021. Since then, he’s been sharing his story honestly, including about his struggles reconciling his Mormon faith with his sexuality.

David Archuleta American Idol Great Idol Reunion
(ABC/Christopher Willard) DAVID ARCHULETA

Unfortunately, The Masked Singer has employed a new format the past two seasons that eliminates contestants as quickly as they are introduced. It’s the last week of the second round. Fairy is the reigning champion. Macaw will have to beat both her and another new celebrity, Axolotl in order to win the round and move on to the quarterfinals. The judges used their one and only save for the round in week one.

I’m gonna be real mad if Macaw is eliminated the same night he’s introduced.

What do you think? Is Macaw David Archuleta, or am I losing my mind?

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