David Archuleta: “We Need to Find You a Good Girl” Church Said

David Archuleta Faith Crisis Good Morning America

David Archuleta came out as LGBT in June 2021 and since then, the American Idol season 7 runner-up has shared his journey of self-discovery with fans. Over the months, as David came to wholeheartedly accept his attraction to men, he seemed stronger and more at peace than ever before.

But now that he’s reached self-acceptance as a gay man, the singer seems to be entering a faith crisis. David was raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons. His faith has meant everything to him. But after realizing that the church won’t accept him living his life as a queer man, he has said he’s stepping away from his faith. He recently shared about his faith struggle with Jennifer Hudson on her talk show. He also spoke to People magazine about stepping away from Mormonism for his own “sanity.”

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Now, in a new interview with Good Morning America, David describes the meeting he had with a church Apostle last fall that convinced him to separated himself from Mormonism at the beginning of this year.

A Mormon Apostle during a meeting said “we just need to find you a good girl”

“I’ve had a faith crisis this year,” David shared. “So now I’m like, I’ve had to deconstruct everything.” After his meeting with the Mormon elder, David decided that he was done with what he says are contradictions in the faith.

David Archuleta Shares About His Struggle to Come Out LGBTQ

“I think three times in that conversation he said well we just need to find you a good girl. Maybe you can find a good girl,” an incredulous David revealed. “And I’m like, that’s not the solution and I said, can you see why I’m thinking so much? Because I’m trying everything I can to find a way to still belong here, because this has meant so much to me.”

During a portion of the interview, which took place outside of a Mormon Temple in Utah, David was immediately approached by Mormon fans who wanted autographs and pictures. It illustrates why the church wants so badly to reel David back in to following the church’s strict interpretation of relationships–between a man and a woman only.

David had a boyfriend, broke up, and now hopes to marry a man some day

David insists the problems are with the “church structure” rather than the people in the church. “The people have been amazing,” he said.

In the past year, David actually met a boyfriend, but the two eventually broke up. He’s dating again and makes clear that he sees himself marrying a man some day. At one point, he viewed his attraction to men as Satan trying to “take over my soul,” which is why he once contemplated suicide.

David describes the church’s passive-aggressive and stern stance toward LGBT

“My church was an outright aggressive towards gay people, but it’s a very passive-aggressive stern stance that they have about it.” He further described the church’s attitude as a “rejection.” The Apostles want to keep meeting with David, the met with him on Thursday. Regardless David is not going to keep trying to become something he’s not, and that sometimes the healthiest thing a person can do is to walk away.

It has to be the church’s worst nightmare–their poster boy turns against them (for his own well being!) And he’s so popular, he could influence other LGBTQ church members to do the same (not a bad thing!). At some point, will the Mormon church push back against David’s criticisms?

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  1. I know, really. Take some girl and marry her to someone who is clear they are gay. All about optics.

  2. At this point in David’s life, if need be, he needs to completely break from his church to to experience life to the fullest. He already has suffered enough and wasted so many years he could have been enjoying dating and possibly falling in love with whomever his heart desired. I’m remembering when Adam talked about his young teen years, how he missed out on his first crush, first puppy love, first kiss. Magnify that by 100 that David missed, and well beyond his teen years. Hopefully David is talking to non-Mormons to help his journey. There are many out there. Some professionals, some just everyday gay men/women, like Adam.

  3. I am not religious so this is something I fail to understand – there are a ton of religions out there. Many claim to believe in God, or Christianity, if you will. So why is one church so damn important? If faith in the Lord is your thing, join a church that shares your beliefs in the other aspects of life. What difference does it make if they all share the same belief in God? He needs to stop meeting with “Apostles” (gah, I almost gagged typing that) and leave that dumpster fire for good.

  4. I know there are many couples who have married and then later one of them has realized he or she was gay (or maybe knew but wanted it not to be true).
    We had friends in that positon years ago. They had married in good faith, and they really cared for each other and their kids, and wanted to stay together, but it was really hard. But that’s one thing. The idea of the men in his church wanting him to marry a girl even though he is gay is really repulsive because it completely ignores what’s best for the girl.

  5. I had a good friend who married a guy who turned out to be gay. We were in our second year of college. They were both from prominent and affluent families and it was the wedding of the year in our town. It was a disaster for both. But that was a different time long ago and they were still kids. David is 31 and can decide not to go along with the church plans. He is certainly old enough to chart his own path and to hopefully make decisions about his own life and happiness. The churches are not going to change until and unless they want to. But you can decide not to let them rule your life. Many artists (even Mormans and other religious people) have done that. Thankfully, he seems to be moving in that direction and willing to save himself.

  6. Looking for permission from others (Apostles) is not the same or as important as being able to love yourself. You can talk to as many people as you want, gay/non-gay, but self acceptance is something you need to feel and not look so hard for others to give you permission to be okay.

  7. Yep and there’s Matthew Schuler ( about the same age as Archie ) who made that video on how he is “chosing Jesus over himself ” right when he started dating his now wife even though he claimed his family accepted him……….

  8. Oops. Read your comment wrong . Yes, I told Matt about all of that as he’s known me since I was 15. It’s just sad

  9. Exactly. And fans constantly recommending that Matthew talk/listen to Archie, Jeremiah, or some other LGBT Idol or Voice alums they picked out (they may have nothing in common besides sexuality) and it didn’t change his way of thinking. As an adult, he chose to listen or not to listen to his church or others and chose a path for himself. Don’t follow him but can only wish him happiness and good luck with his choices.

  10. Yep. That was JLH. His father is one of those super fundalmentalist Southern Baptist preachers. There was a whole thread on that back in 2019 on here . After Idol , Jer and his filmmaker cousin made a wonderful documentary on YouTube the Mirror Takes Us Home .He actually just wrote on IG yesterday he’s moving to Nashville and I told him that he should get in contact with Archie as they have very similar stories. I took a songwriting for beginners workshop with him on zoom last year and he’s a wonderful down to earth man. Got some of his art recently and he did a tarrot reading for me on IG a few weeks back ! He laughed hard when I told him on how pissed I was on Katy eliminating him?

  11. This is how I feel too, as a similarly irreligious person. I’ve had Christians of various denominations berate me over the years for “rejecting God” (meaning their specific church) but from the outside there is not a single religion that speaks to me or is able to offer any more concrete proof than the others. It’s all the same thing and, as such, what compelling reason is there to believe any single one? The sheer arrogance of it all astounds me. And the idea of a 30+ year old needing to ask permission for ANYTHING from a bunch of out-of-touch old men claiming to be the mouthpieces of God and calling themselves “apostles” is absolutely wild. It’s just Scientology-lite, hiding behind the more socially acceptable veneer of Christianity. I hope David is able to break away from the hold it still has over him but he’s so entangled in it. Just say no to these decrepit creeps!

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