The Masked Singer 7 Recap Week 2: Group A Finale

CR: Michael Becker / FOX. 

The Masked Singer season 7 continues, featuring panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger, and Nick Cannon as hosts. Fifteen contestants are divided up into 3 groups: The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly. 

The Group A FINALE airs this week. Four  contestants return for their third performances of the season, including: Thingamabob (Cuddly), Cyclops (Bad), and Firefly (Good). TWO WILL BE UNMASKED leaving ONE Group A celebrity to move on to the finale. 

The three contestants will also sing side by side in showdown performance.  


Clues: His family didn’t have much. But they had each other. He wanted his parents to approve his dream. But they rejected him at first. Thingy begged them to believe in him. But when they saw his success he finally gained their support

Performance: Classic by MKTO – Thingy has a nice voice. But he’s so tall and kind of clumsy on stage. Still think he’s some kind of sports figure. There’s so much more than meets the eye, says Thingy. He admits that he’s not a singer. Ken guesses Liam Hemsworth. WHAT? Thingy does seem to have an accent. Robin thinks it’s Jason Momoa. Nicole thinks it’s Dennis Rodman.


Clues: He shares a surreal moment “I was going through some stuff.” Podcast is a clue. His favorite musician wanted to feature him on his album. 

Performance: Flashdance (What a Feeling) by Irene Cara – A very weird song choice. He’s really off key this week. I think Cyclops wants to go home, and he will surely get his wish with this jokey performance. The audience throws stuffed animals on stage at the end. “Cyclops is my father. Call me Cy.” He’s probably a comedian. Ken guesses Dave Bautista. Jenny guesses Zac Brown. UH NOPPPEEEEE. Her reasoning is ridiculous. Robin guesses Dax Shepard, who has a popular podcast.


Clues: She’s never shied away from the spotlight. Her mom encouraged her to sing in front of the neighbors. One of them got her a real gig. “TNT” is a clue.

Performance: Attention by Charlie Puth – Firefly will be the contestant moving on to the finale. She’s the only professional singer of the three and is a polished performer. Ken still insists she’s Alicia Keys. Never in a million years. Jenny guesses Ciara. Robin guesses Keyshia Cole. Masked Singer and DWTS alum JoJo Siwa is Firefly’s friend. She sends her a good luck message!

Final Showdown

I Feel Good by James Brown – It’s a group song, and a time waster. All three sing. Firefly and Thingamabob are holding their own. Cyclops isn’t as terrible as his first performance. Confetti falls at the end. 


The first singer getting unmasked and going home tonight is…Cyclops. Final guesses: Robin – Kevin Smith (Dax is too tall, he says) Jenny: Zac Brown (ZAC CAN SING) Ken: David Bautista Nicole – Michael Keaton (Too big a star. Sorry). And Cyclops is…Jorge Garcia who starred in Lost. Jorge says he loves the show. This season’s celebrities are kinda lame. 

The second singer to get unmasked is…Thingamabob. Final guesses: Jenny – Michael Strahan. NOPE. Ken – Liam Hemsworth HELL NO. He’s too big a star. Nicole – Dennis Rodman. Robin – JJ Watt.And Thingamabob is…Jordan Mailata from the Philadelphia Eagles. He is a decent singer. He’s been singing all of his life, he says. He played Rugby in Australia. And his heritage is a Samoan.

Firefly advances to the FINALE

Group B kicks off next week.

That’s it. I’m now convinced the vote is rigged, which sounds kind of tin-hattish. But there are really no stakes, no prizes in this game, and the viewing public does not vote. I wouldn’t be surprised if the panel votes are weighted heavier than the studio audience. And who knows, the audience is cast and probably taking instructions from producers. 

It’s super-fishy that each of the final three are each from the “good,” “bad,” and “ugly” teams, for instance. Last week, FOX sports announcer Joe Buck was eliminated just in time to promote his appearance on Domino Masters. Also, it’s possible that celebrities sign contracts that stipulate the number of weeks they’re able/willing to do the show. Just think how fake the staging and the bits are. The show isn’t designed as a serious competition.

Also, Masked Singer has never been able to attract big stars to compete. But now they’re scraping the D list. I barely know any of the A Group celebrities unmasked so far–except for Jorge who starred in a very popular TV show, but 15 years ago. 


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