The Masked Singer 6 Recap: Premier Night 2 Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

THE MASKED SINGER: Baby in the “Back To School” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Thursday, Sep. 23 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: FOX.

Tonight, season 6 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer continues premiere week on FOX.

The THREE remaining contestants from Group A will perform in crazy costumes tonight. TWO Wildcards joit the group! After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the audience and judges to guess who is behind the mask.

The Masked Singer 6 Preview: Meet 16 Masks, Watch First 2 Minutes

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel. Nick Cannon hosts.

We pick up where we left off last night. Mother Nature was eliminated. Tonight, we find out who she is. And MOTHER NATURE IS Vivica A. Fox!

At the top of the show, Nick introduces the “Take if Off Buzzer.” If a panelist is 100% certain of a contestant’s identity, they can say it. If they are correct, the contestant is unmasked and sent home. If they are wrong THEY WILL BE PUNISHED. The buzzer can be used by a panelist only once in Group A and Group B.

Hamster – WILDCARD

Clues: His body is actually shaped like a hamster. He’s the guy who jumps from one project to the next. Also, there is a poster of “alcatraz” the notorious former prison in San Francisco. “Arenas” is a clue. “I promise I’ll be the teacher’s pet.”

Performance: Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison – Hamster actually sounds like Roy Orbison. A cut-rate Roy Orbison, though. I don’t think Hamster is a professional singer. Hamster is not only naked, but also very hammy.  He’s probably a comedian or comic actor. Tonight’s extra clues are delivered in a school locker. A baseball bat is a clue. “It’s sunny, and I like to play baseball.” Nicole guesses Danny Devito. “I’m way taller” quips Hamster. Ken guesses Bill Murray or Brenden Frazier.  Nicole guesses a bunch of people including Jack Black and Andy Richter. Andy isn’t that corny. And Jack Black is  a better singer.

Prediction: Some on the internets are saying San Francisco native and SNL alum Rob Schneider is Hamster.  He starred in a baseball movie called The Benchwarmers in 2006, hence the baseball clues. Plus Nick announced that a contestant won a Razzie. Rob won in 2006 for his movie Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo. And it makes sense that he can kinda sing. His daughter is country music star, Ellie King.


Clues: School was always easy for her. She earned a Fulbright scholarship but unexpected news changed everything. She put her on dreams on hold for others. 

Performance: It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World by James Brown – Skunk is definitely an older diva. She’s not holding back tonight. Very soulful and powerful performance. Nick calls it one of the best Masked Singer performances yet. Robin is up on his desk, he’s so impressed. Skunk’s school bus clue: “Because of miseducation, I’m already ready for action.” Ken guesses Lauryn Hill. Robin mentions Jill Scott, Fantasia (NO on American Idol’s Fantasia. She wasn’t winning any Fulbright scholarships. And she doesn’t sound like that). Nicole guesses Janelle Monae.

Prediction: The internets say Skunk is singer, actress, reality star, Faith Evans. She left college, Fordham University, in her freshman year to have a daughter. 


Clues: She grew up very religious. She couldn’t do stuff other kids did. She scandalized her church with over-the-top outfits. 

Performance: Levitating by Dua Lipa – Puffer has a soft voice. She could be a pop star if she were pretty and a good dancer though. Her rap voice though sounds COMPLETELY different from her singing voice. It’s kind of freaky. NICK TOTALLY KNOWS WHO IT IS. He can’t believe the judges haven’t guessed who it is. Puffer was a spelling bee champion. Ken guesses MIA. Jenny guesses Nelly Furtado. Robin guesses Zoe Saldana. He thinks she’s disguising her voice. 


Clues: At school, he marched to the beat of his own drum. He felt comfortable in his garage, where he created his own shows…in his head.

Performance: What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts – He opens the song soaring into his high voice. It’s impressive. Bull delivers a passionate, tearful and soulful version of the country classic. He high fives audience members, too. Cheerleaders are in the Bull’s locker. Heh. “I’ve always been a fan of school spirit. Nothing makes me happier that the crowd.” Ken guesses Darren Criss or Justin Timberlake. Darren doesn’t sing like that. Robin is sure he’s never heard his voice before.He guesses Brandon Flowers or Rufus Wainwright. Jenny guesses Zac Efron. These are bad guesses.

Prediction: Everyone on the internets is convinced Bull is American Idol alum Todrick Hall.

Baby – Wildcard

Clues: Baby speaks with a British accent. Is it fake? He replaced Arnold in a film? 

Performance: You’re The First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White – OK this is a joke. Baby said he had hit records, and he can’t sing at all. AND I MEAN AT ALL. This is very ridiculous.  “This show is officially disturbing,” says Nicole. In the locker: He failed Drivers Ed. “He has the need for FEED.” Ken guesses Hugh Jackman. Jenny guesses Vin Diesel Robin guesses Chuck Norris. The clues point toward an action star. 


The singer with the least amount of votes is…Pufferfish! I was sure Baby would eat it. Nick says it’s going to be the biggest upset in Masked Singer history Robin guessed Jessica Alba. Jenny initially guessed Jennifer Lopez but changes to Nelly Furtado. Ken initially guessed Issa Rae but changed to Zoe Saldana. Nicole initially guessed Paula Abdul and changes to Monica.

And the Pufferfish is TONI BRAXTON! The internet knew it, tbh. Toni did her performances masked up underneath her costume because she suffers from Lupus. Apparently, that’s why her voice was unrecognizable. Toni Braxton is actually a good singer. Baby should have been eliminated.

Next week, we meet the Group B singers. 


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