Big Brother 23 Eviction Results Week 11 Recap and Live Blog

A live eviction episode of Big Brother 23 airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

Head of Household Xavier won the Power of Veto in last night’s episode. He will get to decide who casts the sole vote to evict tonight. Xavier wants Kyland evicted, but will Derek F. agree to take the shot? Let’s find out.

Derek F. is torn on what to do. He has deals with both Kyland and Azah, and he does not want to go back on his word. Kyland is bothered by Derek F.’s demeanor. He says this is the first time Derek F. has had to make a decision since the other Cookout members have done most of the work throughout the season. Derek F. also shares his feeling of indecisiveness with Azah and Xavier. Azah tells Derek F. that she can make the decision herself if Derek F. doesn’t want to. If Xavier uses the Power of Veto on Azah, then she can cast the vote to evict Kyland. Derek F. is still torn, but Xavier says Kyland has to be evicted regardless. However, Derek F. gets annoyed with Azah. Derek F. tells Azah that he has carried her throughout the game, but this statement does not sit well with Azah. He doesn’t believe she has been carried throughout the game, but Derek F. says Azah has been an emotional burden on him. He claims she would not be in the Final 4 without him. Derek F. is even more torn on whom to evict between Azah and Kyland.

It’s time for a jury segment. The jury house is shocked when Tiffany joins them. They see the footage from the previous week. They seem unimpressed with Kyland’s game. Alyssa gives him credit for the competition wins, but Claire and Derek X. don’t believe he’s making the best moves for his individual game. After they see the footage, Tiffany tells them about The Cookout and her master plan with the duos. They jurors are very impressed when they hear about the master plan and how Tiffany created duos (Tiffany & Claire, Hannah & Derek X., Kyland & Sarah Beth, Xavier & Alyssa, and Britini & Azah). Derek X. says Tiffany would’ve won the game if she had made it to the Final 2. Afterwards, Hannah joins them in the jury house. They then watch the footage of the Double Eviction. Sarah Beth says Azah wasted her HoH win by not putting Kyland and Xavier on the block together. The jury seems to agree Xavier and Kyland are the top two contenders for the win. Derek X. says Xavier has played a great social game and Kyland has played a great competitive game. Tiffany says Xavier will position himself to have the best chance at winning the game.

It’s time for the Veto Meeting and eviction vote. Xavier has decided not to use the Power of Veto. Azah and Kyland will now give a plea to Derek F. before he casts the sole vote to evict. Azah first gives God all the glory and gives a shout-out to her loved ones back home. Azah tells Derek F. that she has found a true best friend, and she will respect whatever Derek F. decides. Kyland sends love to his loved ones back home too. Kyland says he is thankful for being in this game with all of them, and he tells Derek F. he would love to continue on and make it to finale night. He says it will mean the world to him if Derek F. keeps him in the game. Derek F. stands up to make his decision. He tells Azah and Kyland he loves them both on a personal level, but he doesn’t owe anyone anything. Derek F. votes to evict Kyland. Kyland is blindsided, and he asks for an explanation before walking out the door. Xavier says that’s how the game goes, and Derek F. tells Kyland that he would rather go against Azah. Kyland wants to know why they didn’t give him a heads up beforehand. The discussion gets heated when Kyland tells Xavier he isn’t a good role model for his nephew. Xavier gets visibly irritated, Azah tries to get in between them, and Julie tells Kyland he needs to leave the house.

Kyland sits down with Julie for his interview. She asks him if he’s shocked by Derek F.’s decision. He tells her that he prepared himself not to be shocked. Kyland says he wishes he talked to Derek F. more, but he doesn’t regret not lying about staying true to his Final 2 deal with him. Kyland admits he would have honored his Final 2 deal with Xavier. He wanted the first African American winner to win with honor instead of trying to win by any means necessary. That’s why he called Xavier a coward before walking out the house. Afterwards, the goodbye messages play. Azah wants to stay friends with Kyland after the season ends. Derek F. says he couldn’t trust Kyland after he stuttered about their Final 2 deal. Xavier says he convinced Derek F. to vote to evict Kyland, and he also prioritized his Final 2 deal with Derek F. At the end of his interview, Kyland tells Julie he would love to return and play Big Brother again.

Before the episode ends, Julie announces the prize for America’s Favorite Houseguest has been increased to $50,000.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Big Brother. Come back on Wednesday for the season finale of Big Brother 23.

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