The Masked Singer 5 Recap: Week 2 Results and Predictions (VIDEOS)

Tonight, season 5 of the wacky singing competition, The Masked Singer continues on to week 2 on FOX.

FIVE celebrities from Group B will perform in crazy costumes. ONE will be unmasked by audience vote before the  episode ends. After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the audience to guess who is behind the mask.

The Masked Singer 5 What to Expect: New Twists, Costume Photos

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel. Niecy Nash will host while Nick Cannon recovers from COVID-19.

Ten celebrities plus Wildcards are competing. We’ll meet the first five tonight, aka Group B, including Grandpa Monster, Black Swan, Chameleon, Phoenix, Piglet. Plus, clue mask, Cluedle-doo, who will be unmasked before the end of the season! 

It’s a special St. Patrick’s Day themed show!

Black Swan

Clues: Black Swan wanders in the snow past a “Wanted World’s Rarest Bird – Reward Voucher” sign hangs on a tree. “I was caught up,” says Black Swan, as security folks catch her in their net.” A red 5 on an old fashioned clock face swings in the foreground. She was hypnotized, caught up in a Hollywood deal that she couldn’t resist. A diamond ring and chess piece float in the foreground. She steps onto a red ex. It’s very America’s Got Talent/X Factor-ish. Her “faithful flock” flew to her rescue to set her free. Doves fly around her standing high atop a castle, holding a red card. 

Performance: Barracuda by Heart – Swan’s got a big voice! She also knows how to move on stage. She’s using a prop motorcycle. She’s an actress and/or singer, definitely. Each of the judges submit their “first impression” guesses. Swan says Masked Singer is out of her comfort zone. Ken thinks it’s Anya Taylor Joy, the Queen’s Gambit actress. Erm. No. Jenny guesses Camila Cabello. No. Doesn’t sound like her. Nicole thinks it’s Leona Lewis

Predictions: A bunch of fans think Black Swan is singer Jojo, which makes sense considering how a shady record deal kept her captive for years. But in the meantime, her fans stuck right by her side, through thick and thin. She’s free now, with a new major label contract. 

Grandpa Monster

Clues: He was a troublemaking fool as a youngster. A teacher helped him see his smarts. Grandpa in a classroom with a 6 written on a chalkboard using footballs x’s and o’s. A teacher pulled him aside and made him realize his smarts. He became a straight A student. The percentage 97% is written on a TMS test. A star crashes into a spider’s web. There’s a black bomb with 6.2 tons written on it. He’s still working on his “bad reputation.”

Performance: Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) by Lou Bega – Hm. Not a singer. There were football signs in the clues package, maybe a football player? Probably an athlete? Also, I don’t think Grandpa is actually old. Ha. Grandpa is twerking. Masked Singer is giving Grandpa an opportunity to start fresh. Robin guesses Johnny Manziel. Jenny guesses The Miz. Ken guesses Scott Disick


Clues: Chameleon rides a motorcycle with a “Camoflag” licence plate. He put the “tech” in technicolor. His father taught him to keep up with the times, which appears to be about keeping up with technology. Chameleon sits in front of what looks like a computer. or a DJ booth.  A book with “L.T.” and 007 on a screen. The tech looks kind of retro though? Pops encouraged him to tinker with every gizmo and gadget around.  A pink game controller with a green stick is a clue. When his career tanked his tech savvy skills from his childhood helped save his career. “Beware of Pit” sign as part of a retro game.

Performance: Ride with Me by Nelly – Chameleon can carry a tune more or less, but he’s boring. I can’t decide whether he’s in show business or not. He’s very TALL! He loves being around people, whether on stage or in your home. Maybe a basketball player. Ken guesses Dwight Howard. Robin guesses Redfoo from LMFAO. Nicole thinks its Nick Cannon. What? Wasn’t he totally infected with Covid 19? It would be very weird to blow off the show in order to troll the show. 

Prediction: A bunch of folks on the internets believe Chameleon is rapper Wiz Khalifa. Maybe, or maybe not.


Clues: Here’s the tea. Always a winner baby. They’ve graced the cover of many magazines,  but actually hid behind a mask for most of their life. A briefcase with “TiME Capsule” written on it. “Hopescope 81” is a clue. Their dad is a superhero.  They shot for the stars…and a car. Phoenix eventually became a “superhero.’ Oranges? The statue of liberty on top of a USA themed cake. A bunch of little Phoenixes surround them at the end of the clip. They never got to tell their dad their “truth.” And “This old bird still knows how to turn heads.”

Performance: Tik Tok by Kesha –  OK NOT A SINGER. But also, not a woman, which the clues intimated.(Whoops. Masculine voice. But definitely a woman) This mask is going home tonight, I bet. Phoenix says I fly all the time, I flew with one of you recently, but we never met. Nicole guesses Jonathan VanNess, Jenny guesses Caitlyn Jenner. Ken guesses RuPaul.

Prediction: Phoenix was unmasked tonight! See below.


Clues: Piglet hasn’t always been lucky in love. He’s a bit of a hopeless romantic. Cluedle-do stressed that the alarm clock set to 6 o’clock in the background is a VERY IMPORTANT clue. He’s guilty of dropping the “L” word on a second date, he says while staring at a bouncing pink question mark. “Sure I’ve given away a few roses,” he says, a yellow rose sitting Bachelor style on a table. “The world saw my heartbreak..I learned that some flowers have very sharp thorns.”  He shows a heart and ax tattoo on his forearm. “Will you accept this pile of mud.” 

Performance: Speechless by Dan + Shay – He sounds like a country singer, and one who can sing. So, more than likely Piglet is a recording artist. He only found out he was doing the show 4 days ago! Ken guesses Adam Lambert. NOPE NOPE NOPE. Not even close. Niecy is mocking him, and rightly so. Nicole guesses Charlie Puth

Predictions: A bunch of fans insist that Piglet is singer Nick Lachey. He starred in a reality show with his wife. Jessica Simpson. Their break up was extremely high profile. His fans would recognize his voice anywhere. The Bachelor clues could point to the Netflix reality dating show he co-hosts with his wife Vanessa called “Love is Blind.”


The first singer in Group B forced to Unmask is…Phoenix. Yup. Next, first impression and current guesses from the judges. Robin: Laverne Cox and he’s sticking with it. Nicole: Perez Hilton but now she thinks it’s Queer Eye’s Jonathan VanNess. Ken: Caitlyn Jenner but he’s changing to RuPaul. Jenny: Caitlyn Jenner and is sticking with it. And the Phoenix is…Caitlyn Jenner! 


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