The Masked Singer 4 Recap: Week 8 Result and Predictions (Video)

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The Masked Singer continues tonight as the final four singers from “Group B” take the stage for their final chance at the Super Six. TWO celebrity masks will be eliminated tonight.

Celebrities perform in crazy costumes. After the contestants are presented, with clues, they will perform a song. Then, it’s up to the virtual audience to guess who is behind the mask.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer.

Performing tonight in Group B  is: Seahorse, Crocodile, Serpent and Whatchamacallit.

Actress Cheryl Hines from Curb Your Enthusiasm sits on the panel. 


Clues: Again, friends and family weigh in on the contestants. Seahorse’s clue giver is her spiritual advisor. There is Seahorse holding a guitar alongside a campfire. He describes her as a girl “with a backpack and a guitar ready to work.” A carton full of Nashville chicken and pickles? A Christmas wreath festooned with seahorses. And twin baby dolls “She’s just so unassuming, she doesn’t know how good she really is.”

Performance: Hit me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears – Seahorse is a way better singer than Britney Spears. Heh. Having said that, this song doesn’t give Seahorse much of a chance to show off her range. The clues will be delivered by a Mask they have a connection with. It’s Astronaut. Hunter Hayes.  The clue: Seahorse was never in a girl group. Jenny guesses Kesha because she recorded a Christian song. Cheryl guesses Kellie Pickler. NOT HER FOR SURE. She has a twang. BUT GETTING WARM. Ken guesses Sia because “Sia horse” OK then. 

Prediction: Pretty sure Seahorse is American Idol alum Tori Kelly. She released a Christian album, Hiding Place, with Kirk Franklin that topped the Christian charts and earned Grammy awards. She’s very devout. She covered Amy Grant’s “Baby, Baby” with the singer’s help. So there is your twin baby dolls clue. Tori released A Tori Kelly Christmas in October. 


Clues: One of Crocodile’s “closest friends” weighs in. His friend, who sits behind a DJ panel, says he’s worked for some of the biggest names in the biz, but Croc is his “ride or die.” He says “We’ve been all around the world together. Six continents in 100 hours.” Croc is a softy, and loves to play video games. There is a reference to “Step by step.” There is a Lucky Lizard scratch card.

Performance: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis – Crocodile is going smooth R&B this week. This is very emotional. I can’t imagine that Croc is going anywhere this week. Bee (Gladys Knight) is Croc’s Masked Singer connection and delivers this clue: Croc was in a huge cult classic movie. Ken guesses Jared Leto. Uh no. Nicole guesses Jordan Knight because of the name. Robin guesses Justin Guarini. NO that’s not him. 

Prediction: This is probably Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys. He wrote and starred in a cult movie called Dead 7 for Syfy. The “House of Cards” reference refers to Nick’s reality show “House of Carters.” Nick has a gaming channel. And “around the world” is a reference to a promo tour the band did to promote their 2000 album Black and Blue. Fans think the “friend” giving the clues is AJ McLean.


Clues: Watcha’s high school teacher and mentor drops some clues. His head is a whistle, indicating that maybe he’s a sports coach. There is a coffee pot filling with brew. He had a “good head on his shoulders” There is a pope looking crown, surrounded by Smarties candy. A tiny Queen’s guard bobs on a table. 

Performance: Lean Back – Oh boy. Not a good night to tunelessly rap. This is a BAD song choice. Watcha is in trouble for sure. It’s probably hard to move around in that costume. He’s pretty awkward up there. Jenny calls it his best performance? Sheesh. Ice Cream (professional gamer and streamer Ninja) delivers a Clue: Whatcha has already won a championship. Ken guesses Lonzo Ball because of the gamer clues. Nicole guesses Carmelo Anthony. Cheryl guesses JB Smoove


Clues: Serpent’s college roommate delivers the clues. College roomate: They were both “dirt poor” in a cheap apartment. Jars labeled “Good Peanut Butter” and “Good Mayo” Roommate says Serpent suffered through a million setbacks. Serpent wasn’t looking for fame. Fame found him. There is a bucket of soap and gloves. And a toy ambulance. “Imagine yourself in the super six.”

Performance: Cool by Jonas Brothers – Hm…Serpent has had better performances. I’m not sure about this song choice. Still, he’s at least on par with Crocodile. Serpent is connected to Eagle (Dr. Drew) The clue: “Has sung with one of you before” Ken guesses Jamie Foxx (for the millionth time). Cheryl guesses Donald Faison from Scrubs. Nicole guesses Dr. Elvis the Singing Doctor. Spoiler: Nicole is correct.


The Seahorse is SAFE! Crocodile is Safe!

The first celebrity to unmask is Whatchamacallit. First impression guesses: Ken guessed Damian Lillard. But now he thinks Lonzo Ball. Robin’s first impression was Tyler the Creator but now he thinks it’s Michael Strahan. Jenny’s first impression Winston Duke. But now she thinks it’s Devin Booker. Nicole’s first impression was Uncle It? Now she thinks it’s Carmelo Anthony Cheryl thinks it’s JB Smoove. And Whatchamacallit is Lonzo Ball! Ken is screaming like a little girl. Like he really is! 

The Serpent is eliminated: First impression guesses: Ken thought it was Usher. But now he thinks its Daveed Diggs. Nicole guessed Oak now she thinks it’s Dr. Elvis. Jenny guessed John Legend. But now she thinks its Taye Diggs. Robin guessed Wayne Morris. Now he thinks he’s Donald Faison. Cheryl also thinks it’s Donald. And the Serpent is Dr. Elvis Francois.  Oh. Ken’s crying. Although he went viral during the pandemic for his rendition of “Imagine” (one of the clues!), and appeared on several specials, he’s not really a celebrity. I’m betting NOBODY ANYWHERE GUESSED THAT. But he did appear on a bunch of Masked Singer After Shows last spring.

Dr. Elvis’ next logical step should have been America’s Got Talent, not the Masked Singer. The show needs to concentrate on casting actual celebrities.


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