The Amazing Race 32 Recap – Week 6 Live Blog

A two-hour edition of The Amazing Race airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap here.

The episode begins with teams learning their next destination: Berlin, Germany. They must take a train from Paris to Berlin, and they will find their next clue at East Side Gallery, part of the Berlin Wall. All teams will be on the same train, meaning it will be an equalizer. Hung & Chee say they need to race hard and not make any mistakes. Will & James say they need to improve their driving abilities. DeAngelo & Gary note how everybody in their alliance (Will & James, Eswar & Aparna, Hung & Chee, and Riley & Maddison) is still in the game. Kaylynn & Haley arrive at the train station last, and the other teams are surprised to see them.

The teams arrive in Berlin, and they take taxis to East Side Gallery. Will & James are the first to find the suitcase with the clues inside, and the other teams scramble to collect their clues too. The teams learn their next task: they must drive a Trabant (which was the most common automobile of East Germany) to Teledisko. Teledisko is a mini-disco. DeAngelo & Gary are the first to arrive, and they step inside a booth with lights, music, and fog. They must dance around until the music stops and collect their picture. Afterwards, they will receive their next clue. DeAngelo & Gary complete the task first, and they learn they must proceed to Andel’s hotel. Right behind them are Will & James, Riley & Maddison, and Hung & Chee. Meanwhile, Eswar & Aparna and Leo & Alana are lost while Kaylynn & Haley are struggling driving the Trabant. Hung & Chee tell Will & James to follow them to the hotel, but Will is once again having trouble driving. They believe the clutch quit on them, so they decide to walk to the hotel instead. They leave the Trabant on the side of the road, ask a local for directions, and make their way to Andel’s hotel.

DeAngelo & Gary arrive at the hotel first. The choose not to use the Yield before reading their next clue. They learn there is a Roadblock to complete. One team member must face-forward rappel down the hotel. As they reach the bottom, they must solve a word puzzle too. DeAngelo chooses to do the Roadblock, and he makes his way upstairs to the rooftop of the hotel. Meanwhile, Hung & Chee and Riley & Maddison arrive. Maddison and Hung choose to do the Roadblock. DeAngelo reaches the bottom, but he didn’t notice the letters he had to unscramble. He must redo the Roadblock. As he climbs up the stairs with Hung, he makes her promise to tell him the answer too. Before Hung’s attempt, Maddison completes the Roadblock. However, he also did not notice the letters he must unscramble. He must redo the Roadblock too. Afterwards, Hung performs the Roadblock, and she correctly unscrambles the letters and gives the answer to the expert: sauerkraut. She and Chee get their next clue. They have a Detour to complete: Belt It Out or Belch It Out. The former requires teams to sing a German song called “I Wish I Were A Chicken” and the latter requires teams to learn beer yoga and teach the poses to a class. Hung gives the answer to DeAngelo, and the two teams wait for Maddison to finish the Roadblock too. They also give the answer to him. Riley & Maddison decide to wait for Will & James as Hung & Chee and DeAngelo & Gary depart for the Detour. The alliance is still working together. There is only one taxi in sight, and DeAngelo & Gary jump ahead of Hung & Chee and take the only available taxi. Hung feels slighted since she gave DeAngelo the answer to the Roadblock. She and Chee are now struggling to find a taxi that will take them to the Detour as Eswar & Aparna and Leo & Alana arrive at Andel’s hotel. Hung says DeAngelo & Gary benefit from the alliance without offering anything to the others. Hung & Chee finally find a taxi that will take them to the Detour.

DeAngelo & Gary chose the Belch It Out Detour, and they arrive at the yoga studio. They begin learning the four poses they must teach to a class. Meanwhile, Aparna and Leo are working on the Roadblock. Neither of them solved the word puzzle on their first attempt, and they agree to help each other. As they are discussing what the letters could be, Kaylynn & Haley arrive too. Leo figures out the letters unscramble to “sauerkraut,” and he shares this with Aparna. They both tell the expert the word without having to redo the Roadblock. As they depart, Haley asks Leo about the Roadblock. He tells her most people had to redo the Roadblock without telling her the answer. Haley notices Leo’s unwillingness to help, so she says she and Kaylynn won’t be helping Leo & Alana in the future.

As Haley gets started on the Roadblock, Will & James are working on the Belt It Out Detour and Riley & Maddison arrive at the Belch It Out Detour. Hung & Chee arrive at the Belch It Out Detour soon afterwards too. After her first attempt, Haley does not solve the word puzzle. She must redo the Roadblock. Meanwhile, DeAngelo & Gary complete the Belch It Out Detour on their second attempt. They receive their next clue and learn they must proceed to the Pit Stop: Neukolln. As they leave, Riley & Maddison are struggling with the yoga poses. Hung & Chee have more success, and they finish the Detour before them. However, Riley & Maddison manage to complete the Detour soon afterwards too.

DeAngelo & Gary arrive at the Pit Stop, and Phil gives them the good news. DeAngelo & Gary are Team #1! They each win $7,500.  As Will & James complete the Belt It Out Detour, Riley & Maddison check in as Team #2. They manage to surpass Hung & Chee since Hung & Chee got lost, but the married parents greet Phil as Team #3. He asks Hung & Chee about waiting around for other teams after having their clue. He tells them they gave up $15,000 today, but Hung says she gave her word to DeAngelo and did not want to break a promise. However, she and Chee agree it was a lesson learned today and they will have to be more mindful next time.

Haley still cannot solve the Roadblock after three attempts. She decides to go inside the hotel and ask assistance unscrambling the letters. A woman tells her it must be “sauerkraut,” and Haley gives the answer to the expert. She and Kaylynn can finally proceed to the Detour. Meanwhile, Will & James greet Phil as Team #4.

The last three teams all chose the Belt It Out Detour, and Eswar & Aparna and Leo & Alana complete the task successfully right before Kaylynn & Haley arrive. Eswar & Aparna and Leo & Alana check in at the Pit Stop at the same time, with the siblings taking fifth place and the dating couple taking sixth place. Kaylynn & Haley know they are in last place as they proceed to the Pit Stop. However, Phil gives them some good news. Once again, it’s a non-elimination leg. Kaylynn & Haley get another reprieve.


1st place: DeAngelo & Gary

2nd place: Riley & Maddison

3rd place: Hung & Chee

4th place: Will & James

5th place: Eswar & Aparna

6th place: Leo & Alana

7th place: Kaylynn & Haley

Eliminated: No one


The next leg begins, and the other teams are shocked to see Kaylynn & Haley have survived again. They call them the Blonde Bandits with nine lives. The teams learn their next destination: Almaty, Kazakhstan. Once they land, they must proceed to Kazakhfilm Studio. DeAngelo & Gary are the first team to leave, and they discuss how they want their five-team alliance to be the Final 5. However, Hung is still bothered how DeAngelo & Gary receive help without offering help in return. Will & James say in their confessional how they are still waiting for another team to use a Yield on another team. They want other teams in their alliance to get some blood on their hands. In addition, all teams are on the same flight to Almaty. Kaylynn & Haley are in good spirits, and they are determined to finish at the front of the pack this time.

There is a rush for taxis as the teams land in Kazakhstan. They all arrive at the film studio at the same time. A horseback rider on fire throws the clue down to the ground at their feet, as well as another package for Kaylynn & Haley’s Speed Bump. The teams open the packages and learn they have a Detour to complete: Great Khan Spy or Knock Out Guy. An Oscar nominated film about Gengis Khan was filmed at Kazakhstan. Great Khan Spy requires teams to walk around a film set with actors performing stunts in costume. They must then answer questions about what they watched. Knock Out Guy requires teams to learn a choreographed stunt routine. As for the Speed Bump, Kaylynn & Haley must apply prosthetic beards to each other. Leo & Alana and Hung & Chee choose Great Khan Spy while the other teams choose Knock Out Guy.

Leo & Alana and Hung & Chee get the answers incorrect, so they must try again. Kaylynn & Haley complete the Speed Bump. They want to do Knock Out Guy, but there is a limited amount of spots. They must go do Great Khan Spy. Riley & Maddison are the first to perform the stunt routine for Knock Out Guy. They complete it successfully on their first attempt, and they get their next clue. They learn they must proceed to Nomad Village, Karasay District. There is also a Yield up ahead. As Riley & Maddison leave, Gary is getting frustrated for DeAngelo taking too much time to learn the routine. He tells them that they are falling behind, and he has already learned the routine. “Well, good for you,” an annoyed DeAngelo tells Gary. “Congratulations. You learned something today.”

Hung & Chee and Leo & Alana watch the second performance for their Detour task, and Hung & Chee are the first to answer the questions correctly. They can depart for Nomad Village, Karasay District. Leo & Alana, however, get the answers wrong again. They must watch the performances again, and Kaylynn & Haley will be able to view this performance. Meanwhile, Eswar & Aparna and Will & James are not successful in their first attempts for the fight routine. DeAngelo & Gary are given a chance to jump ahead, but the director yells cut as they are not correct either.

After the next performance for Great Khan Spy, Kaylynn & Haley get the answers wrong on their first attempt. They must watch the performance again, but so do Leo & Alana. They get the answers wrong yet again. Will & James are the next team to complete the Knock Out Guy Detour, making them the third team to depart for Nomad Village, Karasay District. And right behind them are DeAngelo & Gary and Eswar & Aparna as they complete Knock Out Guy too. As for Great Khan Spy, Kaylynn & Haley manage to answer the questions correctly. They are in sixth place as Leo & Alana are still struggling answering the questions. Leo & Alana are the only team working on a Detour as the other teams have departed for Nomad Village, Karasay District.

Hung & Chee and Riley & Maddison are the first teams to arrive at Nomad Village, Karasay District. They learn their next task is to decorate the interior of a yurt. As they get to work on that, Leo & Alana are still struggling with the Detour. They can’t correctly count the number of spears used in the performance. However, after their tenth attempt, they finally answer the questions correctly. As they depart, all the teams except for Kaylynn & Haley are already decorating their yurts. None of the teams have used their Yields yet, but Kaylynn & Haley arrive. They don’t plan to use their Yield, but James shouts at them to use the Yield. Riley and Eswar also advise them to use the Yield against Leo & Alana to give them a better chance at staying in the race. Kaylynn & Haley are torn what to do. Meanwhile, Leo & Alana are on their way, and they speculate Kaylynn & Haley will not use the Yield against them since they have a close friendship with them.

Kaylynn & Haley decide to use their Yield against Leo & Alana. When they arrive, Leo & Alana must wait 20 minutes before beginning the yurt decorating task. Will & James are the first team to finish decorating their yurt, and they receive their next clue. They must proceed to Zelenyi Bazaar. Riley & Maddison are the next to finish as Leo & Alana arrive. They begin waiting their 20 minutes as Kaylynn & Haley shout out apologies. “We only hate you a little!” Alana tells them. Meanwhile, Hung & Chee are the next to finish. Hung offers guidance to DeAngelo & Gary about remembering to add a lamb’s head to the yurt, and Hung regrets being helpful again once she and Chee are in their taxi to the bazaar. Chee admits he’s frustrated, and Hung tells him he only has 90 seconds to be frustrated. Afterwards, he must get over it.

Will & James arrive at the bazaar, and they find the clue box with the next clue. They learn they must proceed to the Pit Stop: First President’s Park. As they leave, Riley & Maddison arrive at the bazaar and search for the clue. Hung & Chee and DeAngelo and Gary arrive at the bazaar too while Eswar & Aparna, Kaylynn & Haley, and Leo & Alana are still working on their yurts.

Will & James are the first team to greet Phil at the Pit Stop, and he gives them the good news. Will & James are Team #1! They have won a trip to Las Vegas. Phil also tells them that the next leg is a Mega Leg. This means it will be double the Detours, double the Roadblocks, and double the distance.

Kaylynn & Haley are the next team to complete the yurt, but Eswar & Aparna and Leo & Alana finish decorating right afterwards. As they all depart for the bazaar, Hung & Chee and DeAngelo & Gary check in at the Pit Stop as Team #3 and Team #4 respectively. It is a very close race among the the last three teams as they make their way to the bazaar at the same time and struggle finding taxis to take them to the park. But which team will be the last to greet Phil?

Kaylynn & Haley greet Phil as Team #5. Eswar & Aparna greet Phil as Team #6. Leo & Alana are the last team to greet Phil. Phil gives them the bad news. Leo & Alana have been eliminated from the race. Alana is disappointed as she wasn’t ready for the race to be over. However, she and Leo are glad to have been able to do the race together.


1st place: Will & James

2nd place: Riley & Maddison

3rd place: Hung & Chee

4th place: DeAngelo & Gary

5th place: Kaylynn & Haley

6th place: Eswar & Aparna

Eliminated: Leo & Alana

And that wraps up tonight’s episodes of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, vote in the polls below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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