The Masked Singer 2 Recap: Week 6 Results Live Blog (VIDEOS)

The Masked Singer is back to an hour format. Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke sit on the panel, while Nick Cannon hosts and is an executive producer.

This week, five celebrities compete, including Rottweiler, Tree, Fox, Flower and Ladybug. The hilarious Triumph the Insult Comic Dog aka Robert Smigel sits on the panel. ONE Singer will be eliminated by the end of the episode.

The Masked Singer: Watch Rottweiler Make Nicole Scherzinger Cry

Nick Cannon is the biggest thing in show business since Ryan Seacrest began saying no to things, says Triumph. Lol.


Clues: He’s had a 30 year career. Multiple Awards, and became a household name. He’s going to prove that he’s a superhero all in his own. He’s one in a million.

Performance: Every Little Step by Bobby Brown – Fox delivers a super smooth version of the song. He could be a boybander himself! Again, with the super cool dance moves. He’s a real entertainer. The judges go crazy. Ken calls him the biggest star of all. OMG Triumph: “Dogs and Foxes are natural enemies like Robin Thicke and any woman born before the year 2000.” Robin still thinks it’s AJ McLean. Triumph guesses Lou Dobbs. “He was in a boyband in 1983” OMG. Nicole guesses Sterling K Brown from This is Us. Or maybe Jamie Foxx. Fox’s revealing item is a mini boom box. “This gift from my father helped me find my voice and a few others.” Ken guesses Shawn Stockman from Boyz to Men. Nah. the Fox is probably Wayne Brady


Clues: She can feel her confidence growing. For years she convinced herself she was not good enough. She’s doing makeup and the dudes are wearing rainbow headbands. 

Performance: Youngblood by 5 seconds of Summer –  She’s not a great singer, which means she’s not a professional singer. Bur she knows her way around a melody. “You so full of energy and not the manufactured kind like Dr. Ken here,” says Triumph. He thinks it’s Nicki Minaj or the Olsen Twins. “If you gave me just one sniff in the butt I’d know who it is.” Nicole guesses Jamie Lynn Spears because of the family issues and clothes and makeup in the clues. Ken is sticking with Lindsay Lohan. Robin agrees. Ladybug doesn’t like that AT ALL. Jenny says Paris Jackson. Ladybug’s revealing item is a golf cart. “I wasn’t afraid to get a little mud on my tires.” Troubled family and makeup and clothes are key clues. But it’s not Lindsay Lohan. Consensus is Kelly Osbourne. Those Osbournes are ALMOST as crazy as the Lohans. And I think the guess legit insults her!


Clues: She alludes to “Dream Girls” She loves when it’s “Oh so Quiet”  She lies in “rapture” in her own “secret garden.” and “I Will Survive.” 

Performance: Amazed by Lonestar – Flower is for sure a singer, and seems mature. And why am I even beating around the bush. Flower is 100% Patti LaBelle. There is no mistaking that voice.  She hits a super high note that’s pure Patti. It’s like Gladys Knight last season. A beloved and iconic voice can’t be masked. Ken still thinks it’s Bjork. OMG. He’s ridic. It said “Oh So Quiet” in the package. That’s the producers funning with you, Ken. Robin is sticking with Patti Labelle. He’s right, of course. Jenny guesses Anita Baker. Triumph makes a Hangover 3 joke. Good Times. Flower’s revealing item is a deck of cards: “It’s not about the hand you’re dealt, it’s the way you play it honey.” Triumph guesses Jennifer Holliday. Serious for once!


Clues: I work really well with others. Beamed up into another dimension. “Strangers with Candy.” There are no more excuses. This tree can stand tall. 

Performance: No Excuses by Meghan Trainor – Tree is actually a really strong singer and could be a professional. Triumph drops his cigar! Heh. “She looks like the last thing Elton John sees before the Ambien kicks in,” says Triumph. Nicole still thinks it’s Amy Sedaris. Amy don’t sing like that. Jenny guesses Molly Shannon or Cheri Oteri from SNL. Uh. No.  Ken guesses Lauren Graham because she was in Bad Santa. These are bad guesses. Her voice is so soulful, I think she is probably black. Tree’s revealing item is a bowl of soup “If it wasn’t for soup, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.” Robin guesses  Rachael Rae


Clues: “I didn’t take the conventional route to stardom.” Chris won American Idol! “And while there were tough times. It’s the set of Married with Children.” We see Rottweiler in a toy strewn living room. Chris’s family struggles are well documented. “Maybe it’s David Faustino. I wouldn’t change a single moment.” He holds up a North Carolina flag. Chris is from North Carolina. We see Rottweiler approaching a crime scene. Chris had a gust spot on Criminal Minds. “I’m leaving my heart on the stage and sharing a side of myself I don’t normally share because I’m not ready to take this mask off any time soon.”.

Performance: Castle On A Hill by Ed Sheeran – We aren’t even pretending anymore, right guys? This is Chris Daughtry. Let’s enjoy the incredible performance! YaY. Just like on American Idol sometimes, Chris has the pimp spot. The judges call him a favorite. They are on their feet! Jenny calls it the best performance of the season. “I never thought I’d see you again after walking out on your mother. In my defence, you were an ugly baby,” quips Triumph.  Ken guesses Gavin Degraw. CLOSE but not quite. Nicole guesses Darren Criss. LMAO. NOOOOOOOOOO. His revealing item is a painting of Triumph.   “I love you so much I drew this for would sign this for a fellow pup…or your son.”   Jenny guesses James Franco. That’s a really bad guess.  Chris is an artist and has drawn comic book covers on the side…so.

RESULTS: The Ladybug is Eliminated I figured it would be either Ladybug or Tree. Ladybug is the weakest singer, so it makes sense. Last guesses: Jenny: Paris Jackson Ken: Lindsay Lohan Robin: Lindsay Lohan. Triumph: Lindsay Lohan. Nicole: Jamie Lynn Spears

AND THE LADYBUG IS KELLY OSBOURNE! All those clues about fashion and queens should have tipped everyone off. She faked a southern accent on purpose. Her British accent probably would have given her away! Kelly says every week she nearly sh** herself. Triumph says “There’s no shame in that!”

Clues explained:

  • The ham in Ladybug’s package is a nod to the famous ham tossing incident on The Osbournes.
  • The Best Host trophy in Ladybug’s package is a nod to Kelly’s successful TV hosting career
  • The baseball bat in Ladybug’s package refers to Kelly’s father, Ozzy Osbourne, famously biting the head off a live bat.
  • There were also nods to fashion and makeup. She was the host of “Fashion Police”
  • She said “queens” taught her everything she knows, which is nod to the LGBT community.
  • Additionally, there has been a ton of chaos in her family life, which was documented in her family reality show “The Osbournes” and elsewhere.
  • And she’s yet another Dancing with the Stars alum to appear on the show!


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